Republicans sweep to big victories here


Republicans sweep to big victories here

  It was a Red Wave on Tuesday night in the Switzerland County general election, as the Republican party scored decisive victories in nearly every race.

  County wide, a total of 2,725 ballots were cast out of a possible number of 7,161 registered voters — so 38.05-percent of possible voters chose to go to the polls.

  Straight ticket voting was a tell tale sign of the night; as a total of 1,162 Republicans chose to vote straight ticket; while only 297 Democrats voted straight ticket. Also, there were 45 voters who voted straight ticket for the Libertarian candidates.

  The evening was so decisive that every contested race saw the Republican candidate win every precinct available.

  The lone contested win for the Democrats was when Carol Ann Sublett finished third in a field of five candidates for one of three spots on the Jefferson Township Advisory Board.

  County Assessor Stacey Mathews was re-elected, being unopposed in the general election.

  The sweep in Switzerland County was on track with the statewide races, as Republican candidates garnered statehouse posts; as well as Congressional seats in Washington.