Republican caucus elects Joe Spilman to Vevay Town Council seat


From the time he moved here after serving in the military, Joe Spilman knew that he wanted to make Vevay his home, and he knew that he wanted to serve his community and its residents.

He now has that chance, as he was elected unanimously at a caucus of the Republican party last Thursday night to the Vevay Town Council.

The post became available when Josh South was elected at a caucus earlier in the month to fill the vacancy on the Switzerland County Commissioners after John Haskell resigned. Joe Spilman’s term begins today (Thursday, May 29th), and he will be eligible to run for reelection in 2016.

Thursday’s caucus involved two Republican Precinct Committeemen: Kirk Works from Jefferson I Precinct and Jeannette Andrew from Jefferson II Precinct. Since those are the only two precincts that are eligible to vote in Town of Vevay elections, they were the only two voters.

There were three candidates for the post: Jeremiah Haynes, Judy Martin, and Joe Spilman. Each candidate was given three minutes to speak to the precinct committeemen as well as the other members of the party who were in attendance.

Joe Spilman received both votes on the first ballot, and was elected.

“I’ve lived in this community for about four years,” Joe Spilman said in his remarks. “I moved here in March of 2010 when I got out of the Army. I have lifelong roots here. My mother has lived here for 20+ years, my sisters were raised here. I think the biggest thing that I realized when I got out of the Army and moved here as a single parent is, this is a place where I want to raise my kids. I saw a sense of community here that I haven’t seen anywhere. During my six years on active duty in the Army, I got to see many different communities; and this was a community that I saw that really comes together.”

That sense of community is what drew him to the opening on the town council.

“When I saw that I had the opportunity to serve my community when Josh moved on to be a commissioner, I thought that I’d put my name in the hat,” Joe Spilman continued. “I think I can do a good job to serve my community, and I will do it with the same honor and integrity that I did in the Army.”