Representative Bischoff honored as ‘Legislator of the Year’ by IVFA


The Indiana Volunteer Firefighters Association has named State Representative Bob Bischoff as its “Legislator of the Year”. It is the first time that the organization has presented the award.

To honor Bob Bischoff, who represents Switzerland County as well as Ohio, Dearborn, and parts of Franklin counties; IVFA Board Chairman Larry Ketchem and Association Vice President ‘Buz’ Koehler toured the district last week to visit volunteer fire departments and to present Bob Bischoff with the award.

Here in Switzerland County, the group visited the Patriot firehouse and the East Enterprise firehouse.

At Patriot, Bob Bischoff told the firefighters: “I’ve always been a strong supporter of volunteer firefighters. You’re each giving up a lot of your time to do this, and it’s appreciated.”

The representative also spoke about the benefits of the riverboat gaming revenues on local volunteer fire departments, and how those funds have allowed departments to have up to date equipment without individual firefighters having to sacrifice their own money to get it.

Larry Ketchem said that the reason that the IVFA chose Bob Bischoff as it’s very first recipient was two important pieces of legislation that Representative Bischoff wrote and got passed in the last legislative session that helped firefighters.

One is a worker’s protection bill that helps protect the jobs of firefighters when they are called away from their jobs to help fight a fire. The other was an indemnity bill for firefighters, which provides for cost of living raises in benefits for firefighters who are injured while on duty.

“You’re very special people to do what you’re doing,” Bob Bischoff said. “We need to make sure we do everything we can to protect you and your families.”