Rep. Frye reports on investigation


As information swirls around the community with regard to the television report last week about possible improprieties with CPR training here in Switzerland County, State Representative Randy Frye contact the Vevay Media Group offices on Tuesday morning to update the community on his request at the state level.

“In early June, I was contacted by Josh South, Switzerland County Commissioner, concerning some concerns some constituents he had, we have, over CPR certifications there at the Switzerland County EMS,” Representative Frye said. “On Josh’s behalf, I contact State Fire Marshal Jim Greeson, and asked him to do an investigation. Josh had relayed to me that there had been a previous investigation, and some of the folks weren’t real comfortable with it, so I requested that Marshall Greeson escalate the investigation higher up.”

Representative Frye said that he requested that a supervisor or someone higher up than the previous investigator be in charge of the new investigation. Marshal Greeson told the Representative that he would handle the investigation.

“I contacted him (Marshal Greeson) this morning (Tuesday, July 7th) for an update, and the investigation is ongoing, so they haven’t made a determination yet. That is the entirety of my involvement. I don’t have any specifics about what is alleged other than what I’ve told you, and I don’t have any knowledge of the investigation, nor have I talked to anyone about it since. Other than today to check on it.”