To the Editor:

To the students of Switzerland County High School:

A few weeks back, my wife and I attended the last regular season girls’ basketball game between Switzerland County and Shawe. Friday, March 3rd, we attended the boys’ sectional semifinal game between Switzerland County and Southwestern. At both contests I was able to talk with a number of my former students.

Throughout both contests I was very proud of the good sportsmanship, spirit and encouragement of one another exhibited by the players, cheerleaders and student body.

But especially important to me were the personal communications I had with students. I wish I had been able to speak withy many more of you. All through my teaching career I tried and hope I made a difference in your lives. You certainly made a difference in mine. the handshakes, hugs, smiles and kind words you shared with me were a special blessing for an old retired teacher. Thanks.

E. Leon Hostetler

SCHS, Retired