Reflections of the past week of 8-27-09


News compiled by Ginny Leap from past issues of

Switzerland County newspapers


The Switzerland County Sheriff’s office has increased its ability to investigate crimes here with the appointment of the county’s first full time detective. Sheriff Wayne Browning appointed deputy Noel Kinney as the county’s first ever detective as of August 1st of this year.

The 1999 Swiss Wine Festival gets underway tonight, and the highlight of the opening evening will be the crowning of the new Edelweiss Teen Princess. This year’s Edelweiss Princess, Misty Wegman, was crowned during a pageant that was held on August 14th, and the teen pageant is a contest for younger girls that is in its third year.

Anyone appearing in the movie “A Girl Names Sooner” who would like to participate in the Grand Festival Parade on Saturday, August 28th, is invited to do so. This year’s Swiss Wine Festival is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the making of the film here.


On September 1st, Vera S. McSwain will be retiring after 25 years as the manager of the Switzerland County ASCS office. She started as an office clerk for the ASCS in Dearborn County and later transferred to Switzerland County in 1963. She is very positive about the opportunity her job has afforded her over the past 32 years, 10 months, and one day.

Linda L. McDole of Vevay was among the 21 students who graduated Friday night, August 25th, from the Licensed Practical Nursing School at Ivy Tech in Madison.


Parker Smith, of Patriot, a former Patriot Town Board member has rejoined the group by appointment. He was appointed to join the three member Town Board to replace the ailing Robert Couch, formerly of Patriot. The two members he joins are Glenn Wells and Mary Jones.

Walter McCreary and Ward Scott are two Switzerland County gardeners who have been blessed with a very nice crop this year. The two men came into the newspaper office this week, carrying part of their crops with them. Mr. McCreary had grown a 3-pound tomato in his garden in Pleasant. Mr. Scott grew his Irish Cobbler potatoes in his garden in Vevay. The vines were about 8 foot in length and the potatoes weighed about 2 pounds.


Sergeant Kenneth W. Owings, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward William Owings of route 1, Vevay, is now serving with the U.S. Army in Vietnam, serving with the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment as a track commander near Bien Hoa.

A motorist recently banged into the south wall of the little house behind the Courthouse but Switzerland County Commissioners plan to have the brick structure repaired within the immediate future. Once a public accommodation with a capacity of six the unique structure is now used as a tool shed. However, it might offer one solution to the Swiss Wine Festival’s problem of a lack of such conveniences for festival visitors.

The interior of the new Switzerland County High School building has been inspected and approved. It and all county schools will open their doors Tuesday for the start of the 1969-70 school year. Following the inspection James T. Lee and Associates of Indianapolis was to make an inspection of the building’s electrical wiring. However, the building “is ready to be turned over to the school corporation,” Delbert Wright, superintendent of schools said.


Two new sections of land have been taken into the corporate limits of Vevay, as announced by the Town Board and approved officially by the County Commissioners. The sections, officially known as the Dupraz additions one and two, lie on the western boundary of the town. In time, town utilities will be extended to the new sections, which are slated for subdivision by their owners.

The advance section of military personnel to command the new Army Nike base near Dillsboro has arrived there and set up headquarters. The base will become “operational” in late November. The Dillsboro base will be equipped for both Nike-Ajax and Nike-Hercules missiles.

Candidates for the Patriot Town election, the community’s first in 20 years, have been certified to Town Clerk-Treasurer Joy Gregory by Republican and Democrat parties. Election day will be November 3rd.

Lawrence Nelson Brown, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Brown of Vevay, left Wednesday for induction into military service. The young man volunteered for induction under the jurisdiction of the Switzerland County Selective Service Board.


A baby daughter weighing 8 pounds was born to Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Brown, formerly of this county, now of Indianapolis at the Methodist Hospital on August 27th. The little lady has been named Rita Lynn.

Citizens of York Township are not only determined to build their school but to make it one of the best small units along the river and this was exemplified during the past few days when the citizens up there individually subscribed about a thousand dollars toward providing a proper heating system and on September 7th, in the evening, they will give one of the famous old-fashioned Florence lawn fetes in the Christian Church with ice cream and cake and all the trimmings. This particular money – if they make any, will go for play ground equipment for the school yard, and like the heating system fund, will be another gesture toward a new, clean and healthful place for the kids to have their all important primary education.

A downpour of rain which began about 2 o’clock Saturday afternoon practically ruined the 86th Moorefield Celebration but in spite of this handicap a fair sized crowd was on hand to renew friendships.

A large barn at Lamb, the property of Mrs. Viola Osborn, was completely destroyed by fire early Sunday morning.


Enos Osterman, resident of Vevay and mail carrier on the Florence Route, died suddenly at his home there Wednesday morning.

John W. Otter, Spanish American War veteran for many years a resident of Vevay died suddenly at his home near Brooksburg Sunday.

A son, Don Waldon, was born last week to Mr. and Mrs. J. Waldon Jones (nee Evelyn Schroeder of Egypt Bottom) at their home in Montana.


Clyde Culbertson is recovering from painful and serious burns which he received last week when a gasoline stove exploded while on a camping trip.

Fire destroyed the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Furnish on Main Cross Street Wednesday afternoon.

Little Billy Burton, 13, was seriously injured Thursday while dragging wood from the hill on the farm of his grandfather, William Palton in Craig Township. A horse which he was riding fell upon him, injuring his leg.

Jule Teats fell from the roof at his home Wednesday and was badly bruised.

Norma, little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Bowen, suffered the loss of a nail and the tip of her finger Saturday when the member was mashed in the door of her father’s truck.

A baby daughter, Joy, was born Thursday to Mr. and Mrs. Louis Teats at the home of Mrs. Teats’ parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Scott in Rising Sun.

William Louis Buschmann severely cut his hand Wednesday when he broke a pane of glass in a window at the Furnish fire.


Mrs. M. A. Robinstein of Lamb has entered into a contract with the Vevay School Board to act as matron for a girls’ dormitory to be fitted up on the second floor of the building owned by Sieglitz and Gaudin. Preparations are being made to care for 25 or 30 girls.

The new steel grain bin for the Vevay Flour Mills has arrived and is under construction.

Mr. and Mrs. Minor Bakes and two children and Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Lawton of near Mount Sterling left Sunday for Loveland, Colorado, for an indefinite stay.

Miss Jeanette Tandy has returned from Columbia University where she attended summer school.

A daughter was born Tuesday to Mr. and Mrs. Everett Scott at Florence.


Mrs. Julia B. McKay has moved her millinery store into the rooms formerly occupied by the Graham sisters.

Mrs. Lou Cole arrived in Vevay the first of the week and has reopened her millinery store for the fall and winter seasons.

A party of tourists here from Indianapolis ran into a buggy driven by Mrs. William Armstrong and sister and took a wheel off of the vehicle. Neither of the women were injured and the occupants of the car brought them to Vevay with the damaged buggy and had the necessary repairs made to the vehicle.

Born to James Tinker and wife, July 28th, a daughter Mary Elizabeth.

Born to Wess Bradley and wife of Bascom August 22nd, a 12-pound boy.

Born to Graham Miller and wife of Patriot August 18th, a son.


Last Monday the big steamer, Commonwealth, at Cincinnati, ran into the little tow boat Lame Duck, sunk her, drowned three men, and then went ashore, tied up, became ashamed of her self and burned up.

A magic lantern show was held in the school house at Sugar Branch this week and took quite a number of dimes from our vicinity.

Henry Pavey and wife of Sugar Branch are rejoicing over their third little daughter born August 20th.


The 8th annual fair of the Switzerland and Ohio counties agriculture society will be held at the East Enterprise fairgrounds, September 20th to 23rd.

The house of Harvey Myers in Craig Township was destroyed by fire August 20th with a loss of $1,000.

The state fair will be held at New Albany this year from September 26th to October 1st.

The corporation trustees of Vevay have recently had Washington and Ferry streets repaired.