Reflections of the past week of 7-22-10


News compiled by Ginny Leap from past issues of

Switzerland County newspapers


A Switzerland County woman was the victim of a savage beating in the yard of her home on Upper Goose Creek Road Monday night as her accused attacker sits in jail under 10 different charges. Kimberly Hutcherson, 32, was beaten with a hammer in the front yard of her house at approximately 10:30 p.m. (slow time) Monday evening. Her boyfriend, Justin Anderson, 27, of Patriot, was also assaulted, but escaped and summoned help. Eddie Joe Lowe, Jr., of Markland has been arrested for the attempted murder. Prosecutor Nancy Jacobs said she plans to file 10 counts against Eddie Joe Lowe.

Darin Gullion has been named as the new principal of Jefferson-Craig Elementary School. He will officially begin his duties on August 3rd. He replaces Ron Redmon, who retired at the end of this past school year.

Darrell Hansel has been a fixture in the Switzerland County School Corporation for more than 20 years. During that time he has accepted all types of assignments, from teaching to coaching. Now, he has a new assignment. He was named as the new principal of Switzerland County High School and will replace Joan Keller, who resigned earlier this month to accept the principal’s job at North Knox High School.


A prominent educator and tobacco man, Colonel Edward S. Furnish, 94, of Vevay, passed away Friday, July 13th, at his residence after an extended illness.

A reception was held on July 15th at the Ogle Haus in honor of the 60th wedding anniversary of Morris and Lorraine McKee of Vevay.

Reverend and Mrs. Russell Meek of Crothersville will observe their 50th wedding anniversary with an open house at the Senior Citizens Building in Crothersville on August 4th.


We visited Dr. Don Roney, M.D. in his office Tuesday on Liberty Street. With the help of a nurse we stretched Roney out on a doctor’s couch bare chest and all. The nurse reached into a fibre glass container full of exotic TV screens, wires, buttons, green and red lights and attached three diodes to the doctor’s chest. Then expertly she flipped on a switch and the TV screen lighted with a green-blue line that jumped up and down like lightning for a moment. Then the green-blue line quit showing mountains and valleys and flattened out. This told us the “doc” was in pretty good shape according to the nurse. This machine is a portable defibrillator and is mainly used to start a stopped heart. The machine is also used to put your heart back in rhythm. Dr. Roney plans to hold classes for all members of the Switzerland Country Emergency Unit and any other interested citizens.

The new 4-H Fair Queen is Cathi Denise Bear. First runner-up is Nicki Nixon, and second runner-up is Jill Demaree.


Margaret Ann Varble of Switzerland County High School has been selected by the school’s junior historical society to receive an expense paid fellowship to participate in a major three state study project on the Lincoln Heritage Trail.

Pat Watkins, a graduate of Carthage High School in Rush County, has been named principal of Switzerland County Junior High School to succeed William Roberts, now Switzerland County High School principal.

Switzerland County High School’s marching band in back-to-back parades has added back-to-back gold to its trophy case, winning two trophies in as many parades.

The Melvin Flood family of near East Enterprise has been named district winner in competition for Farmers Home Administration farm family of the year. The Switzerland County family was selected from 10 local office winners representing 30 southern Indiana counties. Melvin and Linda Flood own and operate a 211-acre dairy-tobacco farm and rent an additional 60 acres. They have two sons, Danny, 10, and Mark, 7.

Teresa Furnish, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Furnish of route 3, Vevay, was crowned queen of the 4-H Fair Monday evening at the 4-H Community Building in Vevay. Runner up was Dinah Lock.


It looks like there’ll be a lot of old-fashioned costumes in evidence during the Vevay merchants’ “Old Fashioned Bargain Days” sales promotion to be held here Thursday, Friday and Saturday, July 28th, 29th, and 30th.

The 111th annual session of the Long Run Baptist Association will be held at the Markland Baptist Church Tuesday night and Wednesday, August 2nd and 3rd. “The Things That Make For Peace” will be the theme of the two day convention and the public is invited to attend. A highlight of the concluding session on Wednesday night will be an address by Reverend Lena A. Keans, retired American Baptist Missionary to India.

The possibility that a full-scale recreation center may result from the planned raising of the river level above Markland Dam was revealed this week. A spokesman for the Ohio Valley Improvement Association told reporters that his group is currently interested in the possibility of piling sand from Big Bone Island, about 2 1/2 miles upriver from Patriot, onto the beach on the Indiana side, thus forming a natural beach that could be used for recreational purposes.


George E. Baker, a young farmer living on the old Cunningham farm near Quercus Grove was in Vevay Tuesday displaying the carcass of a dog like animal that had several characteristics of a wolf. He stated that he had killed the animal after it had attacked and killed a lamb which, he stated, was one of 16 that this animal and other similar ones had destroyed. The slim body had long fangs similar to a wolf and stood nearly 36 inches high. The legs were extra long and the ears were pointed to the rear.

Announcement was made Wednesday by Governor Henry Schricker of the appointment of Mrs. Gretchen Cole of Vevay as a member of the board of the Indiana Women’s Prison.

The Thompson-Glass dairy company of Madison, has begun the daily delivery of its products to Vevay patrons. Floyd Whitesell, Vevay disabled veteran, has been placed in charge of the Vevay business and Donald Flinn will continue to manage the county wide distribution and collection of milk.


Fourteen employees of the W. P. A. began work on Vevay’s new sewage disposal plant Wednesday morning.

Mrs. Clara B. Thiebaud died at her home in Vevay Monday morning from a complication of ailments.

The power plant of the Southern Indiana Light and Power Company located near Markland was almost totally destroyed by fire Sunday evening. The Vevay Town Board has agreed to attempt to supply electric current from the Vevay plant, until repairs can be made.

On Sunday, 92 guests assembled to help Aunt Sarah Bright of Avonburg celebrate her 79th birthday.

A son, Howard Jr., was born to Mr. and Mrs. Howard Mallory of Egypt Bottom Thursday.

Relatives here have been notified of the death of John Weales, which occurred at his home in San Francisco, California.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Lucian Koons of Markland July 16th, a baby daughter.


Nat M. Fallis, aged 83 years, a former merchant of Vevay was fatally injured by a speeding automobile near his home in Chicago Thursday.

Jesse Lee Green, aged 38 years, died at his home in Craig Township July 9th, after an illness of nearly two years.

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh E. Cole have purchased the Star restaurant from Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kincaid and have been in charge of the business since Tuesday.

Mrs. Ann Lester, wife of Eugene Lester, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Eliza Peak in Rising Sun, on July 9th.

Clinton Manford, former resident, died in Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis July 7th, after an illness of several weeks.

Edgar Elder, the invalid son of the late Mr. and Mrs. James Elder, was found dead in bed at the home of his brother, Will Elder, Thursday morning.

Born July 10th, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Forrest DuVall of Mount Sterling.

Born Thursday a son to Mr. and Mrs. Kirby Furnish of Long Run.


L. E. Matthews, 56, a farmer living south of Versailles was murdered in cold blood Saturday afternoon by John Hallet, 60, also a farmer, who later ended his own life by taking strychnine.

The Vevay baseball team defeated the Clover Athletic Association team from Cincinnati Sunday, the final tally standing at 7 to 3.

The Lauer Tailoring Company of Cincinnati will establish a branch of its factory in Vevay, having rented the second floor of the Reveille building on Pike Street.

After a year of hiding and pursuit, James Mall, 28, has been brought to justice to answer to the charge of robbing Joseph E. Tracy of $225 while both were working at Dam 39. Mall was arrested at Marion, Indiana, and was brought here where he will be tried at the next term of court.

Born, twins, a boy and a girl, to Mr. and Mrs. William Mitchell July 19th.

The Edwin C. Danner Post of the American Legion have formulated plans for a street fair to be held about the first week in September.

Robert Oakley sustained head and shoulder injuries while at work at the Griffith and Richard’s coal yard. A swinging crane knocked him from a well.

Married in Vevay July by Reverend H.. B. Farrell, Miss Margaret Jennings and Joe Skidmore, both of Madison.

Married at Fort Gaines, Georgia on July 15th, Miss Ruth Credille and Hiram Bakes, Jr.

Miss Laura Bromwell, formerly of Florence, now an aviatrix of New York City, and her companion, James McShain of Philadelphia were forced to make an emergency landing in New Jersey while attempting to make a nonstop flight to Atlantic City from Roosevelt Field at Mineola, Long Island. The plane caught fire at an altitude of 1,500 feet. After Miss Bromwell brought it down it crashed into a fence and both passengers were thrown out but not injured. She has been giving aviation exhibitions at Atlantic City. Before taking up flying she was a swimmer and high diver of note, having dived from an Ohio River bridge in Cincinnati.


Hannibal Farrell died at his home near Moorefield July 11th, at the age of 68 years.

James Tait, a former resident of the Scotch Settlement neighborhood, died at his home in Kansas last week.

Switzerland County was visited Sunday morning by one of the most severe rain storms which has fallen in the county in 20 years. Crops were ruined and heavy damage was done to property.

F. P. Dupraz took the following people on a trip up the Kentucky River Sunday in his pleasure boat the “Doris,” Mr. and Mrs. Frank Riley, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Tyler, Misses Carrie Haskell and Lela Porter and John Danglade. Unfortunately the party was caught in a severe storm and in jumping from the boat Miss Porter had the misfortune to sprain her ankle.


Captain Hugh Espy of Rising Sun has contracted for a monument to be presented to the citizens of that city. It will be placed in the cemetery there. Captain Espy commanded the second Indiana Battery in the Civil War.

Licensed to marry: Rodis Coy and Amanda Scudder.

Died in Vevay July 15th, Nicholas Hertz.

Died in Vevay July 13th, Tracy M. Siebenthal, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Siebenthal.

Married July 11th by Reverend E. G. Seymour, Jackson J. Pate and Mary O. Richardson.


On Tuesday a horse owned by Joseph H. Scoopmire and attached to a spring wagon, ran away. A barrel of sugar and other supplies on the wagon were well distributed when it was upset.

Amount collected for tolls on the Vevay-Mount Sterling Pike at the gate near Vevay was $404.34 for May and $227.73 for June.


The light steamer Superior and Moses McLellan have taken the place of Jacob Strader and Telegraph.

A Universalist Church was organized in Vevay Sunday by Reverend H. F. Miller, pastor of the society here with 17 joiners.

James D. Parker has retired as clerk of the steamer Forest Queen and William C. Blanker has taken charge of the office.

Switzerland County delegates, Oliver Ormsby, Benjamin L. Robinson, E. M. Cheever, Samuel R. Walker, David H. Blumk and Hugh Adkinson went to Rising Sun Thursday to attend a district convention to nominate candidates for judge and prosecuting attorney.

Last Monday a severe hail storm visited Posey Township with great damage to the crops.

Oliver Ormsby gave the 4th of July address at Center Square.

F. L. Grisard and son have been appointed agents for the Rising Sun Iron Foundry.