Reflections of the Past week of 1/11/07


News compiled by Ginny Leap from past issues of

Switzerland County newspapers



Marine Corporal Scott Sublett of Switzerland County has been presented the Air Medal by U.S. Vice President Dan Quayle for “meritorious achievement” while on duty with the Marines during Operation Desert Storm in Iraq and Kuwait, January-March 1991. The son of Carol Ann Otter of Vevay, Corporal Sublett is stationed with the Marine Corps at Jacksonville, North Carolina, where he serves as crew chief and crew chief instructor on Heavy Marine helicopters. Recently he was honored as “crew chief of the month” and has been nominated for crew chief of the year.

Bobby Bovard will serve as president of the Switzerland County Commissioners in 1992. He was elected president by his fellow Commissioners, Gary Scott and Raymond Clifton.


Attorney G. Edward James, a native of southern Indiana who was born in Madison but reared and educated in the Vevay school system, has returned to this area after a five year leave to practice law in Eastern Kentucky. He is a former Superior Court judge for Switzerland and Ohio counties in the late 1970s and is now a full member of the Carrollton law firm of Berry and Floyd, P.S.C. He will work out of their New Castle law office.

Tobacco prices have been averaging about $1.57 to $1.58 per pound this year. About 80 percent of the tobacco grown in Switzerland County has already been marketed.

Vevay Newspapers is happy to announce the addition of a Cross Plains news reporter. Mrs. William (Virginia) Mathews will be our new community correspondent. Welcome Mrs. Mathews!


The oldest weekly newspaper in Indiana with this issue enters its 151st year of publication following 150 prosperous years of journalistic trailblazing in the Hoosier state. Since its 1816 founding as The Vevay Register, the publication now known as The Vevay Reveille-Enterprise has been the voice of Switzerland County and a guiding force in forming the community’s conscience. As “The Reveille”, as it is best known by its readers, passes its sesquicentennial year, it is accompanied by its sister publication “The Switzerland Democrat” which now enters its 99th year of publication.

What is so rare as a day in June? Perhaps, a Republican holding office in Switzerland County Courthouse. That’s what happened Tuesday as Wilbur G. Allen took office after being elected county auditor in the November 8th, 1966, general election. Dallas Althoff is Allen’s new deputy auditor and Mrs. Martha Keith is the office’s new clerk-typist.

Jacqueline Sue Peters, 410 West Main Street, Vevay, is among 190 Indiana University freshmen enrolled on the Bloomington campus who have indicated they intend to follow nursing as a career.


Dr. Noel S. Graves, Vevay physician, has been named Switzerland County Health Officer. Dr. Graves has been appointed by the state to fill the unexpired term of Dr. L. H. Bear and will serve until the end of 1957.

Miss Rose Marie Couch, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert couch; and Robert Brown, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Brown, all of Patriot were married Saturday afternoon in the Patriot Baptist Church.

Miss Flora Jean Bunger, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fenton Bunger of Quercus Grove became the bride of Private James B. Jones, son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Jones of Florence at 7:00 p.m. December 24th in the Quercus Grove Methodist Church.

Mr. and Mrs. George Krummel quietly celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary December 26th at their home on Ferry Street where they have lived for nearly 50 years. They were married in the Christian Church, now the Museum, by Reverend James Murray Taylor.


Reverend Oscar William Bowman, retired minister and former pastor of several Baptist churches in this county, died December 19th in Kokomo, Indiana, at the age of 81 years.

On Sunday, December 29th, Mrs. Emma Powell of near Quercus Grove, reached the 103rd anniversary of her birth, the event being celebrated with a family dinner.

The marriage of Miss Hazel L. Keith and Norman Knaus was solemnized Christmas Eve at the home of the officiating minister, Reverend L.S. Courtney.

William F. Fletcher, 97, the oldest man in Switzerland County and the oldest Mason in Indiana, passed away at his home in Patriot on December 21st.

Miss Nelrose Louise Scott of route 2, Vevay and Martin Tandy Armstrong of Sanders, Kentucky, were married Saturday, December 28th, at the home of the officiating minister, Reverend S.E. Wells in Vevay.

Miss Loleta Saunders, now of Charlestown, Indiana, has been employed by the County Commissioners to serve Switzerland County as Public Health Nurse.

Born Friday, December 27th, a daughter, Belinda Lee, to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rosenberger.

Born, December 18th, a daughter, Emily Jane, to Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Gullion.


Switzerland County relatives were notified during the holidays of the tragic death of Edward and Frances Pierce Brown of Aurora, both of whom passed away in Christ Hospital, Cincinnati, after a brief illness of pneumonia. Their four-month-old son, William Edward Brown, who was stricken with the disease at the same time is still a patient in Children’s Hospital, Cincinnati.

Miss Betty Hardin of Florence was united in marriage to Sam Meadows of Dayton, Ohio, at that place on December 19th.

Miss Ruth Osborn of Vevay and Robert Jackson of Carrollton, Kentucky were married Christmas morning at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Burger of Hanover by Reverend Burger.

Miss Ruby Sullivan of Vevay and James Robinson of Shelbyville, Indiana, were united in marriage December 23rd at the Baptist Church in Vevay, by Reverend W. A. Badgett.


David Furnish, 13, and his brother Creighton, 11, sons of Mrs. Rollie Furnish of Florence were drowned in the back waters of Turtle Creek Friday morning. The boys, with a companion, Leonard Chase, has been coasting down a hill north of Florence, their sled sliding onto the ice which covered the backwater. On one of their trips down the hill, the ice broke. The Chase lad succeeded in pulling himself out of the water and ran for help but both boys were dead when taken from the water.

A daughter, Marjorie, was born to Mr. and Mrs. John F. Butters on December 26th.

Miss Isabell Tardy of Vevay and Harold Chittenden of Markland were married in Waldron, Indiana last week.

Miss Mabel Jester and Orville Jackson, both of near Moorefield, were married in Vevay December 29th by Reverend Arthur Jean.

Miss Hester Wallick and Raymond Clifton, both of Ohio County, were married in Vevay December 22nd by Reverend Arthur Jean.

Miss Alma Dorrell and Paul J. Search, both of Rising Sun, were married December 22nd by Reverend W.S. Lowe.

Miss Helen Hall and Haskell McClellan, both of Rising Sun, were married December 23rd, by Reverend F.E. Hammel.

Miss Blanche Reed and Raymond Scott, both of near Florence, were married December 24th by Reverend F.E. Hammel.


Joe Valentine and Miss Laura Gardner, both of Pleasant Township, were married Wednesday by Reverend Joseph Lindsay.

George Sturgeon and Miss Myrtle Tindle, both of St. Mary’s, were married in Vevay Monday by Reverend Frank Hammel.

Born, a daughter, Norma Elizabeth, to Mr. and Mrs. William Brown of Patriot.

Born December 18th, a daughter, Rachel Mary, to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Works of Cotton Township.

A daughter, Avis, was born December 30th, to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hall of Craig Township.


Married at Mount Sterling on December 16th, Gretchen Hall and Cogley G. Cole by Reverend C.W. Lee.

Married in Vevay December 16th Miss Edith Weaver and George Williams by Reverend Langley.

Married in Vevay December 16th, Miss Anna Paugh and Mr. Buchanan by Reverend Lee.

Married December 20th by Reverend Lee, Miss Elsie Laswell and Cecil Brooks.

Married in Champaign, Illinois, on December 11th, Wesley M. Campbell, formerly of Mount Sterling, to Miss Nettie M. Davis.

A daughter was born December 15th to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schroeder of Egypt Bottom.

A daughter was born December 14th to Mr. and Mrs. Freely Sullivan of Center Square.

Miss Lillian Tinker and Raymond Jarvis were married December 24th by Reverend Lee.

Married in Craig Township December 25th, Miss Gertrude Banta and Bruce Clements.

Married in Vevay December 22nd by Reverend Lee, Miss Ruth Pettit and Harold Farrell.

Married in Vevay December 24th by Reverend Lee, Miss Susie Krall and Amie Oak.

Married in Vevay December 21st, Miss Viola Peelman and John Lamunyon.

Married in Vevay by Reverend Langley December 23rd, Miss Sparta O’Neal and Charles Reed.

Married December 25th by Squire R. N. Smith, Miss Nola Buchanan and Frank Pavy.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Fish on December 14th, a son.

Born December 13th to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Slack, a son.

Born December 13th to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Holdcroft, twin sons.


Charles Buschmann is very ill at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Ed Riggs.

Elder G. M. Anderson, pastor of the Christian Church has been called to preach one Sunday each month at Braytown.

George Pleasants and Hedden Baird furnished the music at Driskell’s holiday opening in Ghent last Thursday.

Fred Tardy, printer with the Times, has gone to Wilmington, Ohio, to visit his sister, Mrs. John Luckens.

Irvin O’Neal is the name of the little stranger who came to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Siebert last week.


A gun club is being organized at Moorefield.

Harry Culbertson has gone to Lebanon, Ohio to attend the university.

L.B. Slawson and Scott Welch of Bennington took in the festival at Moorefield Thursday evening.

Hiram Corns, the enterprising ice merchant is filling several ice houses.

Jack Shadday of Pleasant Township has received a pension with over $4,000 back pay.

Fire caused by a cigar stub in a spit box filled with sawdust caused a small loss at C.O. Potter’s store at East Enterprise last Thursday night.

F.M. Griffith has moved his law office to the second floor of the First National building.

Frank N. Kirkpatrick and Miss Fannie Nelson were married in Vevay on January 5th.

Vevay markets: Butter 15 cents; corn 35 cents; cattle 2 cents; calves 4 cents; old chickens $3.00 per dozen; young chickens $2.00 to $1.50 per dozen; eggs 20 cents; honey 12 cents to 15 cents; hay $7.00 per ton; hogs 2 1/2 on foot; potatoes 35 cents; straw $3.00 per ton; tobacco, best 6 cents ranging down to 2 cents; wheat 65 cents.


Thomas Delaney’s saloon on Ferry Street was destroyed by fire at 1 o’clock Saturday morning. The fire was discovered by night watchman, William Woodruff and T. M. Danglade. Bells were rung and in a short time hundreds of people were in the streets. Neal’s hotel a few feet away was saved by keeping water sprinkled on the roof.

Mrs. Tague has returned from taking the Union Furniture Company flat boat down the river.

Albert Welch has returned to his home in Pleasant Township after an absence of seven years, most of which were spent in the army.


Married on December 30th by Reverend J.J. Pye, Morton D. Fuget and Miss Sarah Ann Waltz.

It is said that the new Catholic Church to be built in Vevay next spring will cost $15,000.

L.W. Gordon and M.W. Tague have associated themselves together in the grocery and produce business.

Last Tuesday afternoon the stockholders of the First National Bank elected the following directors: U.P. Schenck, F.L. Grisard, S.E. Pleasants, David Armstrong and James B. Tandy.


Married December 17th by Thomas Poston, Esquire, Mr. Marin Graham and Miss Elizabeth Harrel.

Married November 16th, C. P. Means and Mary Stevenson.