Reflections of the past week of 01-17-08


News compiled by Ginny Leap from past issues of

Switzerland County newspapers


Nearly 100 Switzerland County residents turned out Monday night for a meeting that could be the beginning of planning for the future of Switzerland County. Organized by John Keeton of the Purdue Cooperative Extension office, the meeting was the first of two that could form the basis of putting together a plan that would organize efforts into a group of small, workable goals that could be reached through local efforts.

Nathan Jones, a senior at Switzerland County High School and the son of Lary and Elizabeth Jones of Vevay, has been nominated to attend the U.S. Military Academy at West Point by Congressman Lee Hamilton. Nathan Jones is among 20 Indiana High School seniors that were nominated by Lee Hamilton. Seven students received nominations to West Point. If accepted he will receive a tuition-free undergraduate education at the academy, and will then be commissioned as an officer in the military after graduation.

Amanda Springer of Vevay, a 1997 graduate of Switzerland County High School and a freshman at Vincennes University, is serving as a member of the college’s Student Senate. She is majoring in secretarial programs with a medical option. Amanda Springer is the daughter of Tim Springer of near Vevay and Kathy Robins of Warsaw, Kentucky.


Sharon Ray of near Vevay purchased the first Elvis stamp at the Vevay Post Office from Postmaster Gerri Lynn Dickerson at one minute past noon Friday. The Vevay Post Office received 1,600 Elvis stamps and sold out of all of them by late Friday afternoon.

Gary Wayne Scott, Manford “Buck” Smith, and John Jester were fired from their jobs by Switzerland County Commissioners. All three men say they are victims of “political discrimination”, and they say they will sue the County Commissioners if they do not get their jobs back.

Molli Bovard of Vevay is the winner of the 1993 American Dream Calendar Girl Challenge, a pageant competition held Saturday at the Convention Center in Cincinnati, sponsored by English Leather. Among other prizes Molli won a trip to the Bahamas, where she will compete in the American Dream Girl Festival Challenge.


The physician’s group of the Madison Clinic has announced the opening of an office in Vevay. Dr. William Estes, who has been with the Madison Clinic since July 1987, will begin seeing patients on Friday, January 22nd.

A fire early last Thursday morning destroyed the home of Terry Wagner in the Patriot Land Development. The fire broke out around 3:15 a.m. and Posey Township firemen suspect it was caused by a wood stove used to heat the house trailer.

Even though Switzerland Countians don’t rely on the Ohio River as a source of drinking water, some concern has been expressed by county residents over the recent oil spill on the Mononoghela River. The spill, which occurred Saturday, January 2nd, is being monitored by ORSANCO (Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission).


Pfc. Allen Edwards is stationed with the U.S. Army in Vietnam for an 11-month tour of duty in that combat zone. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Edwards of route 2, Vevay, and is a 1967 graduate of Vevay High School.

Wendell Waltz has been elected to a second one-year term as president of Switzerland County National Farmers Organization as the national organization expects to initiate an all-commodity holding action in the near future.

Raymond Roberts has filed a petition for contest of election after a recount decision of the November 7th, 1967, Vevay Town Board election resulted in a three-man recount commission awarding the post to Tommie O’Neal. Roberts, a Republican and incumbent Third Ward trustee, lost the election recount by one vote, 400 to 399, to Democrat O’Neal after the election night count ended in a 413-all tie. The tie was broken by a flip of a coin won by Roberts. O’Neal immediately asked for a recount and was declared the winner. Pending a ruling on Roberts’ petition, O’Neal will serve as the trustee.


A daughter was born on December 21st at the Milan hospital to Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Turner. She weighed 7 pounds, 15 ounces, and has been named Brenda Kay.

A daughter was born December 23rd to Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Hastings of Canaan. She has been named Wanda June. Her grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Tevis of near Vevay and Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Ziegler of Greensburg.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Leep of West Lafayette spent the weekend as the guests of the former’s sister, Mrs. James Dickerson and family in Vevay. Mr. Leep’s friends here will be interested to learn that at a recent meeting of the West Lafayette board of school trustees he was employed as principal of Burtsfield school there, effective August 1st, 1958.

Edward Louis Robinson, 22, of near Canaan is reported in “fair condition” at King’s Daughters’ Hospital in Madison where he is undergoing treatment for injuries received in an automobile accident early Sunday morning.


A baby daughter was born Wednesday, December 31st, to Mr. and Mrs. Leland Wiley of near Vevay at Whitlatch Hospital in Madison. She weighed 8 pounds and has been named Carolyn Anne.

A baby daughter was born Sunday, January 4th, to Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Andrew of near Madison at King’s Daughters’ Hospital in Madison.


Fire of unknown origin caused considerable damage at the Birdie S. Curry store on Main Street last week. The fire was discovered about 8:30 p.m. in merchandise on shelves and had gained considerable headway when discovered.

The Moorefield Fire Company has voted to buy a new fire truck to replace one badly damaged on December 20th when it slid off the road near Clapboard Corner while being driven to a fire at the Thorhill school.

An 8 1/2 pound son was born Monday to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ackerman of Vevay. He has been named Ronnie Robert.

County Superintendent, Charles B. Noble, has announced that the Switzerland County Schools, in the semester tests just finished, have made the best showing they have ever made in comparison to the rest of the state.

James S. Wright was elected President of the Switzerland County Library Board at a meeting held Tuesday evening. Other officers were Mrs. Olive Trafelet, vice president; and Miss Evelyn Craig, secretary.


Roy C. Johnson purchased the dry goods store of his father, O. S. Johnson, last Thursday and took possession of the business immediately.

A barn belonging to Forrest Darbro on Popcorn Ridge was destroyed by fire early Wednesday morning. A lantern exploded while he was milking cows in the barn. The cows were saved but 2,000 pounds of tobacco, hay, and implements were lost.

Hugh Manford, 63, received fatal injuries Tuesday when he fell from the roof of a new barn on the John Hines farm where he was employed as a carpenter.

The New Year in Switzerland County was ushered in on the wings of a blizzard with the temperature 2 degrees below zero. The river is full of ice and navigation has been suspended.

Reverend Albert Ogle, 88, native of Switzerland County, died last week at his home in Indianapolis. He was a Civil War veteran.

At the convention of the National Association of Teachers of Speech held in Cincinnati last week A. Craig Baird of the University of Iowa led the discussion on “Argumentation and Debate”. He is a native of and former resident of Vevay.

John Anderson of near Fairview had one of his legs amputated in the Madison hospital last week because of blood poisoning.


Vevay schools have been closed for three weeks because of several cases of scarlet fever. So far the disease is in mild form but it is hoped that an epidemic will be prevented. Five cases have been reported as follows: Miss Elizabeth Brockschlager, teacher of the second grade, Dilver and Mildred Pangburn, Maude Martin and Helen Murray.

Mrs. Mary Rous, 100 years old, died January 3rd at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Benjamin N. David near Fairview. She was the county’s oldest resident.

The new city council was sworn in at the meeting Monday night. New members are Albert Morrison, E. T. Coleman and Everett O’Neal. Sam Smith, Marshal; William Burton, night policeman; William Swango, custodian of the market house; Jacob Detraz, Superintendent of the light plant; and Frank Rosenberger, Jr., Superintendent of cemetery. All succeed themselves.

There is practically no change in the condition of the frozen river and teams hauling as much as two tons are crossing at Vevay.

The showboat Cotton Blossom sank at Mt. Vernon Monday. It is owned by Captain Otto Hitner.

Harold Curry has entered officers’ training school at Camp Taylor.

A daughter was born January 4th to Alfred and Helen Farrell of Bennington.

Miss Beatrice Babcock who returned to Indiana University last week is in the hospital at Bloomington, Illinois with scarlet fever.

A son was born January 3rd to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Orr of Patriot.

Miss Elizabeth Tandy has been named state social worker for the Robert W. Long Hospital in Indianapolis. She recently completed a Red Cross course for civilian relief.

Miss Carolina Thunemann, for many years a clerk in the Wahl store, has gone to Indianapolis to make her home.


The gasoline boat, Vevay, owned by Lee Wright sank in the creek above town Monday night during a storm. The boat was raised Tuesday.

A 12-pound son was born December 28th to Mr. and Mrs. George Williams.

A son was born last week to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lewis of East Enterprise.

A daughter was born December 26th to Mr. and Mrs. Clements of Moorefield.

A son was born December 24th to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nay of Parks Ridge.

A crack has appeared in the new Plum Creek bridge which was recently completed, indicating that cement used in the construction of that part of the wing froze before drying. A member of the contracting firm inspected it Monday and made repairs.

Tom Jones broke his arm Monday when he fell while unloading coal at the Culbertson coal float.

Edward C. Shull has bought full control of the Vevay wharfboat from his partner, James H. Curry. William Benedict will continue as manager of the boat.

Mrs. Gabe Robinson, 58, fell at her home in Vevay Monday and broke her left hip.

After deducting $512 from the purchase price of the new dynamo, bought from the Hill Electric Company of Cincinnati the Vevay city council accepted the motor. A typing error in the specifications by the company resulted in a different size from the one ordered.


The McLean Chair, Crib and Furniture factory was sold at public auction Tuesday. Only one bid of $4,000 was made for Mrs. W. D. Ward. A deficit of $2,000 remains.

Charles Markland and Dempsey Gullion of Markland who recently went to New Orleans on the steamer Golden Rule with a lot of potatoes and hay returned home Tuesday.

The steamers Fleetwood and City of Madison have resumed navigation notwithstanding heavy ice.

Edward Barker, clerk on the Fleetwood; John G. Long, clerk, Charles Bettens, pilot, and Lum Stepleton, mate, of the City of Vevay are home for a few days.

Mrs. Julius N. E. Murret, residing a short distance above Vevay, fell on the icy doorway at her home and sprained an ankle.

Mr. Murret will observe his 72nd birthday on the 13th. He is among the few persons of his age born in this county still living.

A committee composed of A. F. Douglas, A. S. Hickman and D. V. Seaver has been appointed to buy an organ for Independence M. E. Church near Patriot.

C. Demann, superintendent of the Union Furniture factory, fell last Saturday and broke a bone in his left leg.

The home of Theodore Scott of Florence caught fire one day last week while the family was absent and nearly everything was burned.

An attempt was made to burn Levi Orem’s store at Bennington last week. The fire was discovered and extinguished before much damage was done.


A bold highway robbery occurred Wednesday morning a short distance above the Woolen Factory. Jackson Shadday was on a horse, carrying the mail, when a man suddenly caught hold of him and pulled him from the horse, robbing him of $3.00. He did not recognize the man.

Last week while George Abdon of Center Square was in the act of firing a gun, it bursted, terribly lacerating his left hand.

The post office at Cross Plains was recently robbed.


There is plenty of coal for sale in Vevay at 22 cents per bushel.

John Jennings of near Pleasant is 104 years old, probably the oldest man in Indiana.

Amie Morerod has purchased a dwelling on Main Street and is permanently located here.

Charles C. Scott, formerly publisher of the News in Vevay is now publishing a paper in Plattsburg, Missouri.

The proceeds of the festival given by the ladies of the Baptist Church was $255.44 which will be used to buy an organ for the Sunday School.

Messrs. Lindenschmidt and Company have sold their woolen mill factory here to Mr. Schofield of Madison for $11,000. He will continue the business here.

The following men are in attendance as delegates to the Democratic State Convention at Indianapolis: W. T. Pate, David Henry, E. M. LeClerc, H. A. Downey, J. D. Adkinson, Samuel Porter, Dillard Drake, Thomas Armstrong, Charles Schmeid, S. Q. Howe and George H. Kyle.

Dr. D. A. Morse, a professor in Charity Hospital, Medical College of Cleveland, Ohio, will spend the coming summer in Vevay where he will be associated with Dr. J. W. Thompson.


We notice a change of officers on the Madison packet, Kate French. Captain Robinson has resigned in favor of Silas Q. Howe of Patriot. Sylvester Noble is now mate. DeKalb Craig is the pilot.