Reflections of the Past for 12/8/2005


News compiled by Ginny Leap from past issues of

Switzerland County newspapers


Amy May Belle Rush, daughter of James and Debra Rush of Patriot, has been accepted for the fall semester at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Indiana. She will major in elementary education.

This Monday is a day that many of the employees of the Randall-Textron plant in Vevay hoped would never come. After nearly 30 years here, the Randall plant will close December 11th. The plant will not be completely shutdown on Monday, according to Randall president Jane Warner, but most of the company’s 125 employees will lose their jobs after Monday’s shift.

It took most of the day on Wednesday, but the outcome of the recount in the town of Vevay ended just as the original election did — with all three incumbents retaining their positions. They are Pete Furnish, Catherine Deems, and Hilbert Scudder.

Switzerland County’s newspapers, The Vevay Reveille-Enterprise and The Switzerland Democrat, won four major honors in the 1995 journalism awards competition sponsored by the Hoosier State Press Association (HSPA).


The Madison-Ohio Valley Chorus and Orchestra performed “The Messiah” by George Frederic Handel in the Switzerland County High School Gymnasium. Local residents performing in the concert included Lois Rosenberger, Lisa Rosenberger, and Sundra Penick.

Bruce and Lucille Hutcherson of Patriot celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a reception given by their children; Bruce and Jill Hutcherson, and Carol Ann and Basil Armstrong.

The work force at the Randall-Textron plant in Vevay was down 32 percent due to layoffs resulting from company sales being down 45 percent, according to Vevay plant manager Woodie Reeves.


Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Levell celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with an open house at the Vevay Community Building.

The engagement of Kaulene Furnish and Joey Green was announced by her parents, Pete and Janice Furnish. The prospective groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Galen Green.


A baby girl was born November 22nd to Douglas and Barbara Ray of near Vevay, Named Stacie Kay Ray, the infant arrived at the King’s Daughters’ Hospital in Madison.

Oscar and Bea Cook of Mount Sterling grew some large turnips this year. Two of the largest weighed in at three pounds, eight ounces.


Mr. and Mrs. Ora Gullion will mark their 50th wedding anniversary on Saturday, and will celebrate with an open house Sunday at their home on route 4, Vevay.


Mrs. Harry Lamson of Vevay sustained a badly cut right ear and severe bruises when the automobile which her husband was driving skidded on an icy stretch of road near Charlestown and turned over down an embankment Thursday night.

Burley tobacco price averages in Kentucky were 11 cents lower Tuesday than Monday’s all time high average of $60.05. On Tuesday, 14,971,549 pounds sold for $59.94 per hundred pounds.


Born Saturday, December 1st, a daughter, Rebecca Eileen, to Mr. and Mrs. Orville Strautman.

Miss Mabel Scudder, formerly of this county, now a teacher at Anderson, Indiana, and C.D. Love, of Los Angeles, California, were united in marriage Wednesday, November 21st, at the Roberts Park Memorial Church in Indianapolis, Dr. Summer L. Martin officiating.


The new fire system recently purchased by the Vevay Town Board and installed on the courthouse roof will be put into official operation at noon today.

Elbert Gray, town clerk-treasurer elect, has served his connection with the Vevay Auto Company to accept a position with the Ogle Hardware Company. Mr. Gray will open on office for the collection of light and water rents in the Ogle store.

Miss Genola Gullion of Pleasant township and William Duvall of near Center Square were married by Reverend R.C. McNeely at Patriot on Thanksgiving Day.

Born, November 25th, a son, Paul Vernon, to Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Hayes of Allensville.

Born Wednesday, November 27th, a daughter to Herbert Scranton and wife of Allensville.

Born Saturday, November 30th, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy McCreary of Allensville.

Born December 1st, a son to Mr. and Mrs. Brack Jones of Patriot.

Born Thursday, a son, John Robert, to Mr. and Mrs. James Brown.

Miss Edith Gunnion and Dwight Kern were united in marriage Thanksgiving evening at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Gunnion of Jefferson County, by Reverend Vallenga.


Miss Mayme Snipes has tendered her resignation as Vevay librarian and the library trustees have unwillingly accepted it.

Earl Washmuth of this county and Miss Alma Avery were married Thanksgiving Day at the home of the bride in Big Bone, Kentucky. The ceremony was performed by the bride’s father, Reverend C.J. Avery.

Miss Dorothy Campbell was united in marriage Thanksgiving night to Mr. Earl Peak of Rising Sun, in a ceremony performed at the home of her parents in Vevay, by Reverend John Asher.

Born, a son, James Donald, to Mr. and Mrs. James Flinn, Vevay route 2.


William Phelps and Mrs. Phoebe Larison were married in Vevay last Thursday at the home of Reverend F.E. Hammel.

Born, November 22nd, a son to Mr. and Mrs. Claud Gullion of Moorefield. Harold Heath of near Moorefield and Miss Elsie Haskell of Center Square were married in Madison Thursday.

Born, a son, to Mr. and Mrs. George Cook of Goose Creek. Jefferson Simpson of Vevay and Mrs. Helen Golay of Cincinnati were married at the Pickett Hotel in Vevay Tuesday night. The ceremony was performed by Major Campbell. Miss Agnes Carnine and Mrs. Minnie Long and son Estal took a coon hunt this week and returned with one “Mistah” Possum.

Harry Shaw of Craig township and Mitchell Detraz of this city are raising funds to build a mile of highway in Craig township leading from the river road toward Spring Branch Church.


Jennie Moody was released on $1,000 bail in the shooting of Stanley Ryan.

The U.S. snag boat Woodruff exploded a lot of dynamite in the river here to remove a sunken coal barge belonging to the C.S. Culbertson Coal Company here.

Reverend C.W. Lee of Sugar Branch underwent a medical examination in Cincinnati for an injured knee.

Born November 25th to Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Brindley of Long Run, a girl.

M. Richeson of Allensville is building a new barn.

Charles Francis and wife gave a phonograph entertainment at St. Marys.


A violent wind storm hit this locality Monday night and Tuesday morning. In Vevay, several chimneys were blown down. While at the river watching for the boats, the Delany House bus was upset and badly damaged. As one farmer said, “It rained fence rails, corn shucks, and tree limbs.”

Licensed to Marry: Philander J. Riley and Lucretia Saberton; William G. Thornton and Mary E. Anderson.

Born last Saturday, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Riley Land.

During the storm Monday night a shanty family boat sunk at the Vevay Island. The inmates barely escaped with their lives, taking refuge in the willows where they were seen Tuesday morning.

The coal house of the Concord School House in Egypt Bottom was set on fire by a tramp Saturday night, and it was totally destroyed. It contained about 175 bushels of coal.

Eli S. Richmond, a native of the East Enterprise community, died November 17th at his home there. He served in the Mexican war, volunteering at the age of 16, and in the “War of Rebellion” was a member of the 4th Indiana Volunteer Cavalry.

Born, a daughter, to Isaac Richards and wife of Mount Sterling.


Colonel W.D. Ward will build a fine residence on East Main Street here next year.

William Jain has completed his new residence on Silver Street.

Apples are selling here at $2.50 per bushel, hay at $20 per ton, cattle at 3 1/2 cents per pound, hogs at 6 cents, and sheep at 5 cents.

Belden and Bakes are grinding buckwheat at the “Indian Creek Mills”.

Married November 30th in Cincinnati, Miss Lydia A. Fletcher, late of Vevay, and Dr. James G. Webster of Kansas.

Married in Florence on November 25th, Miss Willemera Naze and Mr. Lonnie Baatz.

Married in Vevay November 28th by Reverend Beagle, Miss Lizzie Jones and Lewis N. Brown.

John Schofield and son, owners of the Vevay Woolen Miss, are advertising for 150,000 pounds of wool.


Colonel Ebenezer Dumont of Vevay was presented with a Bible by the Ladies Temperance League of Lawrenceburg.

Four feet, six inches of water in the channel at Pittsburgh.

Married here December 1st by Reverend F.D. Bland, Miss Caroline Collins and William Hastie.

Married by Esquire Land, Margaret Pickett and Thomas Rayl.

Married by Esquire McCullough, Miss Cynthia Scott to William Huston.

Married November 27th, Hanna Franklin and Victor Lewis Schenaud.