Reflections of the Past for 10/5/06


News compiled by Ginny Leap from past issues of

Switzerland County newspapers


Sullivan’s Pharmacy – Vevay’s corner drug store for 77 years – has closed forever, and the town will never be the same. On Tuesday evening, Jack Sullivan closed the doors of his family’s drug store for the last time. They were opened for the first time – by Jack’s father – in 1919. For most of its long life, Sullivan’s Pharmacy has been the only drug store in town. Jack’s father ran it for 35 years, with Jack’s help in the last several of those years. Then Jack ran it for 32 years, with the help of his daughter Lisa toward the end. All of these Sullivans were born and raised in Vevay and lived most of their lives here. They have belonged to the community, and so has their store. It is a local community landmark, a living symbol of the personal, intimately-connected nature of life in this place.

A well-known Switzerland Countian, Louise Covington, was killed Friday in a head-on collision on the River Road. Mrs. Covington, 48, of Vevay, died at the scene of the accident, which occurred at approximately 3:30 p.m. during a rainy afternoon that made the hazardous River Road even more hazardous than usual.

A piece of Switzerland County history came down early this week when the steeple of the Switzerland Baptist Church in Vevay was taken down. The steeple was twisted and damaged in a severe storm in July of last year. Workers have now begun the process of working on the building. The church steeple – the highest structural point in Switzerland County – was damaged to the point that it had to be removed. It will be replaced by an identical steeple after the tower has been reinforced, Contractors expect the new steeple to be in place in January.


Army Reserve Private Michael D. Stamper has completed basic training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. He is the son of Tony and Juanita Stamper of route 2, Vevay.

The Patriot Town Council has decided to proceed with construction of a sanitary sewer system. The Town Council adopted an ordinance creating the sewer system at its meeting Wednesday night. The system will cost $601,540.

the Vevay office of the Switzerland County ASCS (Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service) and SCS (Soil Conservation Service) will move into their new offices on Monday and Tuesday of next week. The new office building, under construction for the past several weeks, is located at 105 East Pike Street, just east of the Western Auto store. SCS and ASCS will lease the building from its owner, People’s Trust Company.


Mrs. Colleen Lamson, route 3, Vevay, announces the approaching marriage of her daughter, Pamela G. Lamson, to Michael J. Miller, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Miller, Aurora. The wedding will take place on November 1st at the Switzerland Baptist Church in Vevay.

Jeff Otter, Rising Sun, won the third annual WSCH amateur singing talent show, adult division, at the Aurora Farmers’ Fair on Saturday, October 4th, sponsored by WSCH and Delta Airlines. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul V. Otter of Patriot.

The annual Bennington Homecoming was scheduled for last Saturday, October 4th, and has been rescheduled to this Saturday, October 11th, due to the weather.


A basketball-sized toadstool found by ‘Judge’ Paul Wiley of Vevay the other day was displayed by two of his grandsons, 5-year-old Paul Ray and his 3-year-old brother Eric. They’re the sons of Doug and Barbara Ray of near Vevay. The toadstool measured 33 inches in circumference.

Another entry in the annual Switzerland County Garden Sweepstakes, was Delores Tague’s giant green sweet pepper, and it’s a whopper. It grew along with some other almost-as-big peppers on the Tague place near Mount Sterling.

Switzerland County’s Counseling Service has a new counselor, and is expanding the services it is offering in the local community. Stuart Saul, 48, is the new counselor. He replaces Terry Grant who has taken on new duties as director of services for the inpatient clinic at the Lawrenceburg-based Community Mental Health Center, which operates the local counseling service.

The 50th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Higgins of Bennington was celebrated at the Bennington United Methodist Church on October 10th. Mrs. Higgins is the former Ethel Valentine.


George Boulton doesn’t fool around growing things small on his Green Valley farm. His giant sweet potato pushed the scales to 5 pounds, 12 1/2 ounces, while a gourd weighed no less than 41 pounds. George is remembered as the winner of Vevay Newspapers’ 50-mile hike in 1963.

Marine Private Floyd W. Bond, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bond of rural route 1, Patriot, was graduated from eight weeks of recruit training at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego, California.

An infant and children’s wear shop to be operated by Mrs. Evalena “Hap” Hatch, will open soon at 303 Ferry Street, Vevay. Located in the Sieglitz Building, the shop was formerly occupied by Furnish Footwear.

Henry “Jim” Reed has been named to replace the resigning Abbie Rosenberger as Switzerland County sheriff, and to complete the remaining two months of Rosenberger’s unexpired term.


Mr. and Mrs. Leland Chase, Florence route one, announce the engagement of their daughter, Pansy Parker, to Mr. Gordon Stoneking, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Stoneking, Lawrenceburg route one.

Miss Mary Higgins, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Higgins of Bennington and William Lee Roberts, older son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Roberts of Vevay, wee united in marriage Friday evening in the Bennington Methodist Church.

James H. Sieglitz of Vevay recently won an award certificate in a weekly fishing rodeo at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. His catch was a 6 pound drum, landed from a pier at the resort. Mr. and Mrs. Sieglitz have spent their fall vacations at Myrtle Beach for the past six years, and have won other fishing trophies there.

Carroll Holdcroft served as a judge for the Marion County field trials Sunday at Versailles State Park. Mr. Holdcroft and Mr. Brooks Johnson of Anderson were judges for the finished shooting dog division.

Private Bernard Bray has completed his basic training at Fort Knox, Kentucky, and is spending a 14-day furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Bray, in Craig Township.


John M. Harris of Waban, Massachusetts, a certified aviation instructor and former service man, arrived in Vevay last Saturday and assumed his duties as employee at the Vevay airport.

Lewis Ellsworth Kelly and Miss Virginia Lee Romans, both of near Quercus Grove, were married Saturday, October 12th, at the home of Reverend R.C. McNeely in Patriot.

Mitchell Detraz, aged 73 years, died suddenly while seated in a chair at his home near Vevay on Friday.

Mrs. Fannie E. Uhlmansiek, aged 84 years, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Cliva Schroeder, of Egypt Bottom, Sunday night, October 13th, after an illness of only a few days.


The Carrollton and Lamb ferry privilege has been leased by George Monroe, former sheriff of Jefferson County, and Jesse Singer, operator of the packet, New Hanover.

Milo Gaudin, Vevay hardware dealer, was drowned in the Ohio River Sunday evening when the small skiff in which he was riding capsized. Mr. Gaudin, in company with Robert Banta, was attempting to raise a fish trap owned by him when the accident occurred, Mr. Banta clung to the boat and was rescued by Albert Walters.

Born, a son, David Cecil, to Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Hankins of Bennington.

Miss Alice M. Hand and Karl N. Gulledge, both of Dayton, Ohio, were married in Vevay Saturday afternoon by the grandfather of the bride, Reverend J. Elmer Knotts.

Miss Rachel Ryan and Floyd Davis of Pleasant were married Saturday morning at the Presbyterian parsonage in Moorefield by Reverend Vallenga.

Born, a daughter, Betty Elline, to Mr. and Mrs. David Romans.

Born, a son to Mr. and Mrs. Armand Day.


The home of David Allen and family of near Fairview was ransacked and robbed last Thursday afternoon. The house had the appearance of having been struck by a cyclone and $27 in cash and a watch were taken.

Captain Graham Bondurant, lockmaster at Dam 39, left Tuesday for Maysville to begin an inspection of all dams in this district for the government.

Clemets and Potter of Carrollton have leased the Gaudin and Sieglitz bakery.

The third incendiary fire in Switzerland County occurred Wednesday night when a barn on the Mrs. Lucevia Orem farm near Bennington burned. Destroyed were farming implements, grain, hay and many other articles. Raymond Rose, who lives on the farm, telephoned for blood hounds in Loveland, Ohio, which arrived the next morning. After taking up the scent at the fire they traveled in a wide circle finally returning to the scene indicating that the person who fired the barn returned to watch it burn. The stores of H. W. Sample and Charles Seymour are also thought to have been of incendiary origin.

A daughter, Mary Jane, was born October 5th to Mr. and Mrs. Seaver Sheldon of Patriot.


Married in Posey Township October 15th, Miss Jennie Grace Harris to William G. Klein, Jr.

Married in Vevay October 18th, Miss Mary Herick and Silas C. Hickman.

Marriage license has been issued to Edith C. Howard and Harry Brooks.

Born, a daughter, Dorothy Marie, to Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Gridley.

A daughter, Ruth Irene, was born October 13th to Mr. and Mrs. Elmer McKay of near Vevay.

A daughter was born on October 16th to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Anderson.

Carpenters have been at work for several days building an extension to the Royal Theatre.

Harry Brooks of Cross Plains and Mrs. Edith Howard of Moorefield were married at the Clerk’s office in Vevay Saturday afternoon.

The Vevay Creamery, which has been closed down since June 1st, will assume operation about the first of November. M.T. Creech of Aurora has leased the plant from John B. Andrew and will take charge October 20th.


Married on October 10th, Miss Clara LeClerc to Bert McCabe.

R. F. Grisard is having a sale of his household goods and poultry.

Jacob Bruner of Patriot celebrated his 94th birthday on October 15th.


Licensed to marry: Roger Boaz and Reney Davis; Buckner Dawson and Birdie Wilson; Irvin H. Jones and Alice E. Carver; Thomas Lakin and Lyda Jackson; Albert E. Haigh and Carrie Agnes Myer; August J. Barkhau and Betty Tiele; James H. Heming and Gertrude Fay; E. E. Scudder and Blanche Marsh; Jonathan Brinson and Susan Rodgers.

Captain H. D. Banta and wife of Lamb celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary recently.

A daughter was born last week to county clerk Everett Kelso and wife.

Aunt Lucy Detraz, Vevay’s oldest citizen, celebrated her 90th birthday Sunday, October 11th, with a family dinner at which 42 were present. Aunt Lucy is remarkably active for one her age. She can still read her Bible and do embroidery and fine needlework independent of glasses.

Born, Sunday, October 11th, a son to Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Lester of Mount Sterling.


Married at the bride’s home near Moorefield October 4th by Reverend J. E. Taylor of Madison, Miss Mary C. Taylor and Frank McKay.

The Union Furniture Company has a flatboat loaded with furniture ready to start south Saturday.

Adkinson and Ward have moved their law office into the front room above Thiebaud and Teats Shoe store.

Times are getting better. All kinds of farm produce have advanced in price, and merchants feel that goods have reached the “bottom” and are stocking up heavily. All manufacturing establishments in Vevay are running full time and there is more work for mechanics and laboring men than formerly.

At a meeting of township trustees held here this week Robert Northcott was elected county school superintendent and vice C. J. Robenstein, was promoted to county treasurer.

William and Lawrence Cain, John and Tob. Banta and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cotton have gone to Alameda, California. Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Brown have been there for six months.


F.L. Grisard, Jr., has completed his handsome two story frame residence on the corner of Walnut and Market streets.

Isaac Stevens had associated his son Edward M. Stevens with him in the drug business.

Last Tuesday evening a tornado visited Franklin, Indiana, blowing down the depot and killing about 40 persons.

James Harwood has been replaced in the post office by George C. Patton.


Married on October 12th by Reverend B. F. Foster, Miss Charlotte Singer and James K. Pleasants, both of Vevay.

Married October 12th by Reverend Foster, Miss Frank Cole and Mr. Jesse Stepleton of Vevay.

Mrs. Julia L. Dumont resumed her select school. Her terms are as follows: writing, history, geography, arithmetic, grammar and bookkeeping, $4.00; algebra or Latin, $5.00. No deduction for absence except for protracted illness.

Daniel Cole of Mount Sterling is advertising the fact that he is prepared to trim carriages and buggies on short notice. He also keeps on hand buggy harness, saddles, bridles, whips, etc.