Reflections of the Past for 1/12/2006


News compiled by Ginny Leap from past issues of Switzerland County newspapers


The entire Switzerland County community was shocked and saddened this past Monday as news circulated about the first near Lake Geneva that claimed the lives of a local man and three of his children. Cheyenne Girod, age 39, and children Janie, 15, Justin, 11, and Jaynene Girod, age 7, were all killed when fire swept through their rented mobile home at approximately 3 a.m. Monday. Mother Lisa Girod, 36, and three other children, Jennifer McLean, age 14, Jacinda McLean, 12, and Jeremy Girod, age 8, all escaped the blaze, and were taken to King’s Daughters’ Hospital in Madison for treatment before being released later in the day.

The forecasts told everyone that it was coming, but the force of the winter storm that struck Switzerland County and the rest of the Midwest over the weekend was something that few people could prepare for. Old man winter dropped over 12 inches of snow on Switzerland County, and a driving wind drifted the snow over most of the county and state roads. Last Sunday, Switzerland County Sheriff John Johnson declared a snow emergency, forcing everyone off of all roads unless they were on emergency business.


Tobacco prices rose after the holiday break at markets in both Carrollton and Madison, with crops bringing as much as $2 to $3 per hundredweight more than pre-Christmas averages. Over in Carrollton, the price per hundredweight averaged $76.99 with a total of 1,658,361 pounds sold. The Madison market averaged slightly higher, with the day’s sales bringing $177.03 per hundredweight.

the Vevay Water Plant was the site of some excitement New Year’s Eve Day. According to Vevay Town Councilman Pete Furnish, Wayne Howell was opening the chlorine cylinder valve to add the gas chlorine to the water supply, when the gas leaked from around a packing nut on top of the cylinder. Howell breathed in some of the gas and was taken to King’s Daughters’ Hospital where they apparently found no damage to his lungs.

High water and the threat of severe flooding plagued residents and businesses alike last week along the county’s Ohio River shoreline following rapid melt-off of the previous week’s heavy snowfall, although actual damages seemed to be held to a minimum.


Three fires struck Switzerland County over the weekend, one leaving a family homeless and the other two being put out before more serious damage could be done. The Lewis Woodruff residence near Lamb was completely destroyed by fire on Monday morning. The second fire occurred n Saturday night on Vernon Ridge. The unoccupied house was owned by Gene Demaree and was totally engulfed in flames by the time firefighters arrived on the scene. The third fire over the weekend occurred Sunday afternoon on the Donnie Konkle farm. A shed caught fire and was totally destroyed.

Kenny Roberts of Vevay has been named to the dean’s list for the fall term at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. Kenny, the son of Bill and Virginia Roberts of route 3, Vevay, was among 419 undergraduate students who earned at least a 3.3 grade joint average on a 4.0 scale, according to Dr. Jess R. Lucas, vice president for student affairs.

Angie Mishler, daughter of Basil and Carol Armstrong of Patriot, and John and Betty Mishler of Canton, Michigan, has accepted a position on the Governor’s Task Force to Reduce Drunk Driving Student Advisory Board. Angie was selected to represent Switzerland County High School and its SADD chapter, based on its outstanding efforts in the area of drunk driving prevention.


The long-awaited, much-anticipated bridge over Markland Dam should become a reality by April, 1977 — if not before. Construction contract bids for the bridge will be opened on January 30th, the U.S. Corps of Engineers announced this week. By March 30th, and possibly before that date, the contract will be awarded, the Corps said, and within 10 days, construction will begin.

“You ever heard of pansies in the wintertime?” asked Eleanor Curry, as the brought her “Around the Town” news into the Vevay Newspapers’ office Monday. “Well, this one did.” The cold blast that swept in over the weekend finally did this unusual flower in. Mrs. Curry says she figures the flower survived because of the relatively mild winter we’ve had — but still, it had to withstand plenty of killing frosts. It was one of two pansies in Mrs. Curry’s flower bed that lasted well into the New Year.

Robert “Petey” Browning, son of Mrs. Mary L. Browning of route 1, Florence, was recently promoted by the U.S. Army to the rank of sergeant and will leave next month for a tour of duty in Germany.

The wedding of Miss Martha Werner and Richard Blodgett, both of Vevay, took place December 21st at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Olean, Indiana.


Two Vevay High School graduates are starting their first winter term at Hanover College this month. They are Pat Collier, grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pratt of 304 Walnut Street, Vevay, and Lynn Lamson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Lamson of rural route 4, Vevay.

Judith Peters of Vevay and Delberta Scudder of Patriot have been named 1965 Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow of their respective high schools.

Members of the Methodist Church choir entertained Sunday evening with a pitch-in farewell supper at the home of their director, Mrs. Herman Fox, in honor of Dr. and Mrs. W. R. Hatton who are moving to Aurora. Dr. Hatton has had an office in that city for several years and they now plan to reside there.

Switzerland County dug from under over 2 1/2 inches of snow this week in the wake of a near blizzard which swept the Midwest, clogging traffic and communications throughout the area.


Mr. and Mrs. Norman Brown of Moorefield are the proud parents of a son born December 23rd at the King’s Daughters’ Hospital in Madison. He weighed 8 pounds and was named Gerald Norman.

Willie’s Store on Ferry Street is closing out its business this week and the owner, Willie Trennepohl will return to Lawrenceburg where he conducts a similar men’s clothing store.

Charles Otter, proprietor of the Otter’s Dry Good Store, on the opposite side of Ferry Street, has rented the store room to be vacated by Trennepohl and expects to move his stock of goods there about February 1st.

Despite failure of U.S. Army Engineers top recommend immediate construction of a new lock and dam at Markland, congressmen in this area have renewed the fight to have necessary funds appropriated by Congress. Instead the engineers recommended that an additional $125,000 be allowed for planning. this action will keep the issue alive until further action can be taken. Last year Congress voted $40,000 for planning.


Mrs. Eliza Markland Clevenger, a native of Markland, passed away at the home of her son, Herbert Clevenger, in Hutchinson, Kansas on January 2nd.

Lieutenant Robert N. Torrance, 24, son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Torrance of East Enterprise, has been listed as missing in action over Germany since November 30th.

Born January 4th, a son, Michael Ray, to Sergeant and Mrs. Orville Leap.

Born a son, John Scott, January 13th, to Lieutenant and Mrs. Edward C. Wakefield.

Four more Switzerland County youths have been reported killed in action. Lawrence Donald Turner was drowned in Belgium on Christmas Day. Lawrence Hudson, former Vevay boy, was killed in action December 23rd in Luxembourg with the fighting forces. Pfc. Oliver Smith of Patriot was killed in action in Belgium on December 24th. Private Leon LeClerc of Jefferson Township, was reported killed in action in Belgium on December 23rd.


The condition of John Henry who is being cared for at the home of Mrs. Josephine Henry remains about the same.

Harry Lamson is ill with influenza.

The Vevay Music Club will meet Monday night at the home of Mrs. Earl Sullivan.

A. V. Danner returned Friday from a visit of several weeks in Washington, D.C., Florida and the East.

Miss Jeanette Tandy of Ghent has come to spend the remainder of the winter with her mother, Mrs. C. S. Tandy and sister Julia.

Mr. and Mrs. John Heady and son George and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Trinkle and son Billy Jo left Monday to spend several weeks in LaFeria, Texas.

Mrs. Tom Clements remains seriously ill at her home here.

Carl Mathews will hold a public sale at his home near Pleasant on Thursday, January 24th.


Mack Tucker, principal of the Vevay High School, and Miss Jessie Gill of Eckerty, Indiana were married Christmas Eve.

James Aldred and family are enjoying their new Super Heterodyne radio immensely.

Miss Lula Cutter and Roy Osborn were married in Vevay Saturday by Reverend F.E. Hammel.

Roy Brown and wife have moved to Vevay and are occupying the residence formerly occupied by A.V. Banta.

Ira Babcock of Paris, Kentucky spent the weekend here with his daughter, Mrs. James H. Sieglitz.

Mrs. T. D. Calvert is confined to her home in Brooksburg with injuries resulting from a fall Saturday.


A stock company is being formed to take over the City Roller Mills.

Harold Littlefield of East Enterprise is very sick.

Cleve Gulley of near Steeles Corner was bitten by a mad dog.

The Senior class presented the high school with a book case.

John Miller was elected Noble Grand of the Patriot I.O.O.F. Lodge.

Miss Jane Corrans has returned to Vevay from Scotland.

Mrs. J. H. Barker is ill at Center Square.


The Heddon Brothers Department Store at New Albany was destroyed by fire with a loss of about $60,000.

The ferry boat “Eva-Everett” has been laid up here for two weeks on account of the ice.

The remains of Mrs. Sol Wright were brought from Ghent to Vevay in a skiff.

The Star Mail route from Dillsboro was discontinued also from Vevay to Aaron.


Lewis F. Mills has entered the firm of U. P. Schenck and Sons as a partner.

John Pattie is Republican County Chairman.

Licensed to marry: Uly G. Sigmon and Miss Inez G. Griswold; William Henry Wise and Miss Betty L. Green.

Matt Hardin moved from Patriot to Petersburg, Kentucky to open a barber shop.

M. F. Gardner whose home was recently burned at Aurora is erecting a temporary dwelling.

Forty people died in Vevay in 1894.

Henry Rabb’s store at Patriot was destroyed by fire.

Charles Pate of Patriot has accepted a position in New Orleans.

Born to Fred and Anna slack of East Enterprise, a 12-pound boy.

Married near Antioch, December 26th, by Reverend Johnson of Patriot, George Dibble and Miss Lydia Powell.

F. P. Brockschlager was elected Noble Grand of the Phoenix Odd Fellows and John Kiesel was elected head of the Indiana lodge. Mrs. Lou Kiesel heads the D. of R. in Vevay.


John H. Wright, formerly of Vevay, has started a newspaper at Carrollton, called “The Independent.”

Bolden and Bakes are grinding buck wheat at their mill on Indian Creek.

The new steam freight packed “U. P. Schenck”, has arrived at Vevay. The boat is 250 feet long, 41 feet wide and cost about $42,000.

The bridge alignment of the Grants Creek bridge in Posey Township is being repaired because of the flood damage.

The three meat dealers in Vevay have decided to sell for cash only.

Married in Craig Township, January 9th, Edith Denning and Edward M. Gilbert.

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Harris celebrated their golden wedding anniversary near Quercus Grove, both pioneer citizens.

Nathan Walden was elected master of the Shiloh Grange.

Isaac Stevens is selling out his grocery business here and will enter the drug and stationery business.

The Vevay, Mount Sterling and Versailles Turnpike Company is giving stockholders a dividend of 2 percent.

Volney Peelman has built a new grocery boat. It is 16×70 feet.

Thiebaud and Teats are offering the new “box toed” shoes for sale.


The steamer C. T. Dumont is still plying as a packet between Madison and Cincinnati. Our fellow townsman John Hamilton is her Captain.

As has been for some time so confidently anticipated by both the north and south, Savannah has fallen into the hands of General Sherman. Unfortunately the capture is greatly lessened in value by the circumstances that the rebel garrison had made its escape.

About 450 rebel prisoners captured at Vicksburg 17 months ago and who have been in Camp Morton ever since have taken the oath and been released.

Those of Company E, 50 Indiana, who have reenlisted as veterans arrived home last night.

A movement is on foot in Ohio to present General Sherman with a homestead in that state.


The river is closed with ice.

John Dumont will speak on “Temperance” at the Methodist Church here on January 12th.

F. L. Grisard entered into a partnership with his son Rodolph.

Flour is selling in Vevay for $5.50 per barrel and chickens at $1.50 per dozen.