Reflections 11-29-12


News compiled by Ginny Leap from past

issues of

Switzerland County newspapers


Mike and Anita Danner of Vevay recently took a trip to the country of South Africa. The couple was gone from October 23rd to November 5th, and saw many sights of the country, from breathtaking scenery to wild animals in their native habitat.

Longtime Switzerland County residents Dwight and Christine McKenzie have sold their home in Vevay and have moved to a retirement community near Indianapolis.

Emerson and Marcella Cole of near Fairview recently celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary with a trip to Hawaii. They then stopped in San Francisco to visit their son, Randy Cole.

Florence and Arthur Holdcroft will celebrate their 66th wedding anniversary on December 19th. The couple met as high school sweethearts, and have been farming here in the county ever since. Florence Holdcroft has recently started a small business making homemade apple pies for people in the county.

Loren Lamson of Vevay has been battling back from a brain aneurysm since March of this year, and has made significant progress with the help of his family.

Air Force Master Sergeant Steven G. Hewitt has been named Senior Noncommissioned Officer of the Quarter for the 52nd Maintenance Group, Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany.


Dr. Robert Findley, president of the Switzerland County Chamber o Commerce, presented the Paul Ogle Community Service Award to Martha Cole at the annual meeting of the chamber last Thursday. Mrs. Cole has been active and continues to be active in many organizations throughout Switzerland county.

Recommendations for a new county-wide zoning plan for Switzerland County will be made at the December 28th meeting of the County Commissioners, according to William Miller, consultant for the county zoning study.

The possibility of repairing one of the emergency sirens in the town of Vevay was considered Monday as Vevay Town Council member Tom Conroy met with the County Commissioners.


Switzerland County’s Emergency Medical Technicians are currently recruiting possible candidates to join their crew in 1983. But the response is not too good, according to Carol Sublett, a full-time EMT. And that is a bit distressing. From January 1st, 1982 to the present the combined runs from the area EMT units total 405. They have logged in over 24,000 miles with the units. People need to get interested in this thing because the current crew is wearing down fast.

In light of the recent fire in a Biloxi, Mississippi, jailhouse in which 27 prisoners died the surrounding county jail houses have come under some close scrutiny by inspectors. Sheriff Garry Forwood says his jail is kept as clean as possible, but smoke alarms or detectors are not part of the safety measures used. Forwood said the building is constructed in such a way that smoke alarms would be useless in the event of a fire. The jail is equipped with C02 (canister type) fire extinguishers. Forwood said inspectors and fire marshals have cited the jail for several deficiencies, but Forwood claims there isn’t enough money in the county to refurbish the jail to meet all the specifications handed out by the inspectors.


A fire that spread lightning like from the kitchen grill to the roof destroyed a major part of the Dairy Queen restaurant on Vevay’s east edge Sunday evening. The roof, dining area and much of the kitchen equipment were ruined by the blaze. Owner Dave Gurley said he will begin rebuilding immediately and will be back in business “as soon as is humanly possible.”

Tobacco prices began to sat slightly on the markets at Carrollton and Madison and throughout the Burley Belt as the season moved into it third week this week. For the season as of Monday, Carrollton’s average was $80.07 while Madison’s was $79.05.

Diane Konkle was crowned Homecoming Queen Saturday night at the SCHS-Austin basketball game. The Queen’s court consisted of Diana Rucker, Barbara Brown, Jeni Ricketts, and Nancy Owings.

Mrs. Flora W. Humphrey, 77, of Vevay, passed away Saturday at King’s Daughters’ Hospital in Madison. She was Switzerland County librarian for 27 years.


One of Vevay’s best known, and most popular, four-legged friends died Friday morning as “Old Spot” was found dead near Switzerland County Jail. The dog, formerly owned by the late Emory Peters, his inseparable friend, had been in the care of sheriff Abbie Rosenberger since Peters’ death. Spot would have been 15 years old had he lived until spring.

What the world needs is a better mouse trap. The owner of a local supermarket can testify to that. Recently a woman walked into the store and protested that a mouse-trap she had bought there was no good. She had used it for 10 straight nights without result. She wanted her money back and handed over the trap. It still contained a piece of cheese! The proprietor, stricken dumb, reached into the cash register and handed the woman a dime.

Vevay’s Warriors, riding the crest of a two-game win streak, go for three straight Saturday night as they play host to a tough Batesville five. Vevay holds its win streak by virtue of a 79074 win over Dillsboro here Friday night and a 76-67 rough-and-tumble Tueday night win at Southwestern.


J. B. Tilley left last week to accept a position with the Studebaker Corporation in South Bend. Mr. Tilley was recently discharged from military service after serving overseas in Germany.

Americus V. Danner, 85, dean of Vevay businessmen, pased away at his home on East Pike Street early Tueday morning. He had evidently died in his sleep.

Construction of the world’s largest steam electric generating plant just west of Madison began Friday morning, as Governor Henry F. Schricker officially started the earth-moving work by operating one of the giant grading machines of the employed construction company.

Pvt. Elmer T. Johnson, husband of Naomi Johnson, of Ferry Street, Vevay, recently graduated from a 43rd infantry division non-commissioned officers leader school in southern Germany , according to the army. Pvt. Johnson, son of Mrs. Susie Johnson, of Florence, is an automatic rifleman in the 102nd regiment.


Mrs. Mort Kuhlman, living near East Enterpise, is in critical condition in Good Samaritan Hospital, Cincinnati, suffering from tularemia, which she is belieed to have contracted while dressing quail.

Mrs. Florence Bennett has resigned her position as clerk in the Vevay Post Office to accept the job as Deputy under County Auditor-elect, Goebel Brown. Miss Ruth McKay will fill the vacancy in the post office.

Mrs. Margaret H. Madary, wife of George Madary, died suddenly at her home in Vevay Monday morning from the effects of a heart attack.

Reverend Homer Welch has resigned his position as pastor of the Holiness Tabernacle here and has gone to Indianapolis where he will enter evangelistic work.


Mr. John Harper, Spanish American War veteran, and a resident of Canaan, died at the Madison hospital Monday morning. Mr. Harper was severely injured last week when his arm was torn almost off in a corn shredder and his death was atributed to this accident.

The 58th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Gray and the 25th wedding anniversary of their daughter, Mrs. Abel Stout and Mr. Stout was celebrated with a dinner at the Stout home near Moorefield Sunday.

Miss Mary B. Mullet, native of Vevay and former managing editor of American Magazine, passed away November 22nd at the home of her sister, Mrs. Arthur W. Blant, of Clinton, Iowa.


O. S. Johnson, prominent Vevay businessman, was married last week to Miss Anna M. Buman of Madison.

J. W. Hayes, who resides on the Curt Lawton farm near Mount Sterling, had one of his horses shot in the temple Friday by a hunter and as a result he has posted his farm against hunters and trespassers.

The Ku Klux Klan made its appearance in Switzerland County on Tuesday night of last week when a huge fiery cross appeared on the hill back of Vevay.


Lewis Walston of Craig Township was accidentally shot Thanksgiving afternoon by his neighbor, John Shaw, while they were hunting together. Mr. Walston was not seriously hurt and will soon be able to be about again.

After an illness dating back over a period of three years, John K. Lewis, Vevay dry goods merchant, died at his home here Friday, November 29th.

The steamer Hatie Brown after being laid for repairs, is making her regular trips again.

The three-month-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Lockwood of East Enterprise died of pneumonia Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. James Hickman celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary Thursday at their home on Goose Creek.


Eugene Sheftal has a full blooded St. Bernard pup which promises to develop into a fine and intelligent dog.

There has been and is considerable diphtheria in the lower part of Craig Township.

Over 500 signed the temperance pledge at Patriot and a Murphy league has been organized.


The Masons of Moorefield have contracted with James Stewart and Cornelius Ouderdonk for the erection of a hall. It will be two stories hgh, 30 feet wide and 50 feet long. It will be completed by next March and will cost $3,000.

F. W. Baxter died November 29th at his home in Montague, Michigan. He was a former resident of Vevay where he was engaged in the drug business. During the war he was a member of Company A, 3rd Indiana Cavalry.

David Danner, aged 62 years, died December 2nd at his home in Vevay.


Turnips are selling at $1.50 per bushel.

The government has completed, or is in the process of construction, 51 iron clad monsters. They carry 258 guns. They vary from 300 to 4,000 tons burden. The average being about 1,000 tons.

The 50th Indiana with Colonel Dunham left Indianapolis on Saturday for the field.