Reflections 08/08/2019



  Deaths this week: Tommy Earl, Joyce Hart, Karen Kinnett, Gladys Phillips.

  Pauline Hall of Lamb Drive near Vevay will celebrate her 99th birthday on Saturday, August 22nd.

  Kara Heady of Madison and Larry Haggard Jr. of Moorefield have announced their engagement and approaching wedding.

  Maizen Wainscott was born on Wednesday, July 1st, at Dearborn County Hospital. She is the daughter of Joey and Andi Wainscott of Fairview.

  The 2009 school year will begin on August 14th.

  Megan McCarty, 13-year old homeschooler, is one of the first people to discover in Indiana the “Hystrichophora loricana,” a moth that hasn’t been seen in over 100 years.

  The O’Donnell family stops by Vevay, Indiana during their ride across the country to raise awareness for diabetes research. The family had traveled over 3,000 miles when they pulled into Vevay. 


  Harry Lamson, Switzerland County’s oldest veteran, passed away Tuesday night at the King’s Daughters’ Hospital in maidens. He was 99 years old — the oldest man in Switzerland County. Harry lamson ran a men’s clothing store on Main Street in Vevay for many years. He and His wife, Lucille “Sis” Lamson, would have celebrated their 74th wedding anniversary on August 27th. Harry Mason was born on March 28th, 1900, and resided nearly all of his life here in Switzerland Country. He enlisted in World War I when he was only 18 years old, and was assigned to cut at the University of Cincinnati because of his young age.

  This year marks the 25th anniversary of the cast and crew of the movie “A Girl Named Sooner”  coming to Switzerland County to film, and organizers of the Swiss Wine Festival have announced that this year’s festival will be visited by two of the film’s celebrities. Susan Deer, who played the title role in the film, has confirmed that she will be in attendance for this year’s Grand Festival Parade, which will be held on Saturday morning, August 28th. Suzanne Clauser, who wrote the book “A Girl named Sooner” and the screenplay that became the movie, has also confirmed that she will be here for the festival. She now lives in Yellow Springs, Ohio. 


  William Rentschler has been named by the school board as the new superintendent of the Switzerland County School Corporation. Already on the job, Rentschler brings 16 years of school system experience with him to Switzerland County. Most recently, Rentschler served as the principal of North Miami High School.

  The Grand Marshal for the 1989 Swiss Wine Festival Parade will be Bob Alan, a weather forecaster with Cincinnati television station WCPO.

  On August 17th, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Furnish of Vevay will quietly celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary.


  Agnes Wolf and son Richard were out for a motorcycle ride in the merry, merry, hot month of August. Agnes said she first learned to love motorcycle riding with her late husband Roy, many years ago and is pleased when her son Richard gives her a twirl over the hills and dales of lush Switzerland County. She was not sure about the gasoline one of these “bikes” is supposed to save but was of the opinion the savings in gasoline was considerable. She spent most of her life around the Caledonia church area.


  Two Switzerland County youngsters, Cynthia Fry of route 3, Madison and David Peelman of Vevay, will represent the county at the regional Special Olympics in Akron, Ohio, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

  Citizens of Switzerland County will raise their cups and glasses on high this weekend to toast visitors and each other during their second annual Swiss Wine Festival in Vevay. The three-day celebration honors the community’s heritage as the town was originally settled some 160 years ago by French-Swiss migrating from Vevey, Switzerland, to “New Switzerland” on Ohio River valley slopes in what was to become southeastern Indiana.

  TV accordionist, Lou Prohut, seen often on Lawrence Welk’s television show will be a featured performer at this weekend’s Swiss Wine Festival. Prohut and his family will provide accordion music plus polkas and other folk dances in the festival’s entertainment garden at 9 p.m. Friday.


  The showboat “Majestic” will again ply the Ohio River next summer according to announcement from Point Pleasant, West Virginia that Captain T. J. Reynolds, owner, has sold the boat to Indiana University for use by drama students. The towboat “Attaboy”, was included in the deal. The reported price was $30,000.

  The Scholle real estate agency of Lawrenceburg has announced that Elbert Lock has joined the firm as a salesman. Mr. Lock who resided on route 4, Vevay, is also a rural mail carrier.

  A daughter, Patty Jo, was born Sunday evening to Mr. and Mrs. Russell E. Smith of Rising Sun in Dearborn County Hospital. The father is the son of County Highway Supervisor and Mrs. Russell Smith and the mother is the former Miss Kay Poling of Canaan.


  The 90th birthday of J. H. Barker was quietly observed with a family dinner Sunday at his home on Liberty Street.

  Switzerland County was blessed with a crop saving rain over the weekend which totaled 4.04 inches.

  Mr. and Mrs. Neeley Scudder, Jr., of Bennington are the proud parents of a son born at King’s Daughters’ Hospital in Madison on August 12th. The young man weighed 7 1/2 pounds and has been named Dennis Wayne.

  Vevay friends of Miss Mary Esther Haskell of Austin, Texas, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Haskell, were again interested in finding her photograph in the August issue of the magazine “Mademoiselle.”

  An extensive remodeling job on the elementary school building at Patriot is nearing completion. Jacob Stuber of Lawrenceburg, the contractor for the heating, plumbing and ventilation has about two more weeks of work and the electrical work is near completion under the direction of George Graham.


  Many protests have been made over the change made by President Roosevelt in connection with the date of Thanksgiving which he recently proclaimed to be one week earlier than the time honored date of the last Thursday in November.

  The new East Enterprise fire truck received by the local company there last week represents one of the most modern fire fighting vehicles now in rural service.

  Born to Mr. and Mrs. Graham Little of Milton Township, a daughter, Patricia Ann.

  Born to Mr. and Mrs. James Bruce, a daughter Ramona Eileen.

  A nine-pound girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Furnish, Jr., of near Bennington Wednesday morning.


  Edward Rosenberger had the first finger and the end of the finger next to it cut off Thursday evening when his right hand was caught in a saw at the Rosenberger saw mill. Some years ago Mr. Rosenberger lost a thumb and portion of finger on his left hand in a similar accident.

  Dr. and Mrs. R. M. Copeland are moving into their newly remodeled home on Main Street which they purchased from Charles B. Lamson.

  A 10-pound son was born Monday to Mr. and Mrs. Ethol Brown of near Moorefield.


  The Vevay wharf boat was sold today by the owner E. P. Anshutz of Banning, California, to E. T. Coleman of Vevay and Frank Sanders of Sanders, Kentucky.

  Mr. Burney Bovard bought two truck loads of lumber from Carrollton, Kentucky for the Tabernacle at Enterprise last week.

  The Fifth Annual Chautauqua held in Vevay came to a close Sunday night after a very successful week. However no musical program was enjoyed more than the numbers presented by our own Professor J. K. Pleasants at the piano and Mr. Rowe of Cincinnati on the violin on Sunday.


  John Waldenmaier has resigned his position as Superintendent of the City Light and Water plant to accept a position of Chief Engineer in the government building at Macon, Georgia.

  The Dupraz Brothers Dairy which has been in operation 45 years has announced the sale of its 25 head of dairy cattle and the suspension of business after September 1st.

  R. W. Whitlock of Rising Sun passed Vevay Tuesday in his racing boat, “Hoosier Boy” enroute to Peoria, Illinois, where he will enter it in competition. Later he will go by way of Chicago and the lakes to New York where he will enter his craft in a race against ‘The Dixie’ — supposed to be the fastest boat in the world.

  Born to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stepleton Wednesday, a son.

  Born August 6th to Mr. and Mrs. Bert Hyde of Humphrey’s Corner, a son.

  Born to Scott Mauser and wife of Tapps Ridge August 3rd, a son.

  Born to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bowman of East Enterprise, a son.


  Born to John S. Bowen and wife Sunday, a son.

  Born to Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Leap of Craig Township Saturday, a baby girl.

  The new saw mill of Shuff and Waldo commenced operation Monday.

  Five brass bands bid to play at the East Enterprise Fair, Vevay’s bid being the lowest at $20 per day.

  Hired girls do as much work for $1.50 per week as men do for $6.00. But the girls don’t need as much money for they don’t have to buy tobacco and beer and pay for billiards.


  One evening last week someone entered the hall of Fairview lodge of I. O. of G. T. and stole the regalia and all other property except the furniture.

  The dwelling of James Rochat near Bennington was destroyed by fire of unknown origin Monday. A portion of the contents also burned.

  Switzerland County is now entitled to send two students to the state university, free, if recommended by the county commissioners.

  The cultivation of grapes is an important industry in the Ohio Valley. More than 400,000 gallons of wine are made annually within 20 miles of Cincinnati.

  The county poor farm is again for lease.