Reflections 07/18/2019



  Deaths this week: Deborah Griffin, Joan Franks, Melonie Wind, Mary Lou Smith, Eric Deaton, Thelma White, Vincent Robinson, Ronnie Wiesmann, Bernice Suit, Jim Bear, Jimmy LaPine.

  Casper Stow had the Grand Champion Steer at this year’s Switzerland County 4-H Fair. His steer was sold to Belterra Casino Resort and Spa for $3,150.

  Sometime this spring, there should be a new administration building for the Switzerland County School corporation. The school board on Monday night voted 6-1 to accept the architect’s cost estimate for the building and to solicit bids for the project.

  Braden Burk is going to the 2009 USATF National Junior Olympic Track and Field Championships, and will be participating next week in the event at Greensboro, North Carolina.


  The Indiana Department of Transportation will make improvements to State Road 129 beginning in the summer of 2003. Lyle Sadler, project manager assigned by the state to the Highway 129 project, said that right now the improvements are in the design phase, and that a public hearing on it should occur sometime in late fall this year. The project will run from State Road 250 down to State Road 56,  and is expected to cost approximately $7 1/2 million. When finished, the road will have two 12-foot travel lanes with a four-foot shoulder on each side.

  Lucille Perin of Main Street in Vevay is having a bumper crop of tomatoes this summer. She reports that the single plant was given to her by friend Mary Alice Hermsdorfer, and that she planted the tomato plant in her back yard along with her rose bushes. The rose bushes can’t be seen now for all the tomatoes that fill the plant, and Lucille Perin is at a loss for how it got so big. “I guess I’ve just got a green thumb or something,” she said. “But it sure looks like I’m going to have lots of tomatoes this year!”

  Deputy Brian L. Morton of the Switzerland County Sheriff’s Department will graduate from Basic training course of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in Plainfield, Indiana, tomorrow (Friday, July 23rd).

  Switzerland County resident and long time businessman Bob Tinker was honored  during the tractor pull at this year’s Switzerland County 4-H Fair for his years of service and dedication to the 4-H program. 


  Rachel, Harrison, Krista Harrison, and the Reverend Kenneth Harrison were killed in a two-car accident Friday, July 21st, when the car they were driving was struck by a drunk driver one mile west of Ghent, Kentucky.

  A reported funnel cloud passed over a Switzerland County farm Sunday, July 23rd, damaging property and buildings on the farm property. According to Leroy Brammer, manager of the 2,200 acre North Bend Farm, located approximately two miles south of Patriot, a funnel cloud passed over the farm just before 6 p.m. Sunday.

  Bonnie Fancher, a science teacher at Switzerland County High School, has been named to be a member of a technical advisory committee recently formed by Indiana Superintendent for Public Instruction H. Dean Evans. She was named to the committee in acknowledgment for being selected as a 1987 Teacher of the Year finalist.


  Mr. and Mrs. Howard Wiesmann of Bear Branch would like to announce the engagement of their daughter, Deborah Kay, to Dennis Keith Alford, son of Mr. and Mrs. Eslie Alford of Fairview.

  An open house is planned Sunday, July 22nd, at the Swiss Valley Pizza on East Main Street, Vevay in honor of the 60th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Roberts, route 1, Vevay.


  Now that the 4-H Fair 1969 is history it behooves everyone to assess the results and endeavor to improve on the product. Larry Kinman, a director on the Fair Board, said the members of the 4-H Board were more than pleased with the results of the Fair. Almost everyone agrees this was the best Fair held for many years.

  When Mrs. Glen Smith of Moorefield starts a family sewing project she goes all the way! Our photographer caught her and her six daughters wearing identical dresses which she made in a week and one day in preparation for a trip to the fair. The girls are Glenda, Della, Kim, Lisa, Greta and Jennifer.

  The crewmen for Apollo 11, first Moon landing mission were: Neil A. Armstrong, Commander; Michael Collins, Command Module Pilot; and Edwin E. Aldrin Jr., Lunar Module Pilot. Armstrong was the first man to set foot on the Moon. He and Aldrin collected samples of the lunar surface, set out instruments and then rejoined Collins who remained in the command module orbiting the moon. They joined Collins late Tuesday and started for earth, and will arrive 400 miles off Hawaii today at approximately 12:51 p.m. EDT.


  Miss Sundra Penick was chosen “Miss Switzerland County” and the Queen of the 1959 Switzerland County 4-H Fair, in the beauty contest held Wednesday night at the local gym. Miss Marsha Ricketts was selected as alternate.

  Jerry Boggs, who has been attending Cincinnati University Cooperative school has been employed by the Vevay Deposit Bank as a clerk. The young man is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Boggs of route 4, Vevay, and has been studying to become a certified public accountant. He graduated from Vevay High School in 1955 and also attended Indiana University.

  A full military funeral was accorded T/Sgt. Marion C. Ackerman who lost his life last week in an airplane accident, in services held Tuesday afternoon. He was the son of John Ackerman of near Vevay and the late Alice B. Straub Ackerman.


  Persons driving along State Road 56 between Vevay and Madison have been greatly interested in watching the construction of the Texas natural gas transmission line near Brooksburg which will enter Switzerland County near Moorefield.

  W. R. “Jackie” Houze, Jr., of Vevay, has accepted a position as teacher in the high school at Dillsboro for the coming year. Mr. Houze, a graduate of Franklin College in June of this year, will teach history, social studies and physical education.

  The last vacancy on the Vevay High School faculty was filled this week when a contract was signed by Miss Shirley J. Heath of Lexington, Kentucky, to teach home economics.

  If money and willingness on the part of its owners can make the Hoosier Theater a place of comfort for its patrons it will become or is now, an accomplished fact. On a trip down there Wednesday morning we discovered a costly and ingenious cooling device that uses cold well water to throw waves of cool air over the people who are watching the picture.

  A baby daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Slack, Jr., of Vevay, at King’s Daughters’ Hospital, Madison, on Sunday, July 24th. She weighed 7 pounds, 15 ounces and has been named Sharon Lee.

  A baby daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sullender of Vevay at King’s Daughters’ Hospital, Madison, Saturday evening, July 23rd.


  Born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Detraz Wednesday, July 26th, an eight-pound baby girl.

  Born July 22nd, to Mr. and Mrs. Louie McDermott of Mount Sterling, a daughter Mary Sue.

  A 10 1/2 pound son was born Thursday to Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Steele of Bennington.


  James, 13-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kinnet of Moorefield, received a flesh wound in the leg Monday afternoon when he accidentally discharged a pistol. He was preparing to go frog hunting and was taken to the Madison hospital where the bullet was removed.

  Bobby Jaynes, one of twin sons of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Jaynes, narrowly escaped injury Sunday when he fell from his father’s automobile when the door came open. The accident occurred at the foot of Michigan Hill near Madison and the little fellow just missed being struck by a car following.

  Mrs. Ruth Bryan Owen, daughter of William Jennings Bryan, will be the headliner for Vevay Chautauqua which opens August 3rd.

  The following Switzerland County students are registered at Indiana University this summer: Susan E. Orem, Georgia L. Bondurant, Mabel V. Scudder (biological station at Winona Lake), Guy S. Harris, Pearl Schroeder and Lola Snyder (at nurses’ training school in Indianapolis), William H. McNeely, Irene T. Lacy and Clyde G. Culbertson, (medical school in Indianapolis).

  A son was born July 21st to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Patterson of Florence.


  The mystery surrounding the fate of Uly Ricketts, Switzerland County boy who has been reported missing in action was solved last week when a telegram from the War Department was received by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Ricketts who now live in Madison, stating that he had been killed on July 21st, 1918.

  Emerson Loomis, a former Vevay boy who recently returned from service with the Rainbow Division, is visiting relatives here. He brought back the details of the death of his father, Dr. Charles Loomis, who died in Coblenz, Germany while serving as a Y.M.C.A. secretary. Father and son were stationed within a few miles of each other and when the son became ill the father was permitted to nurse him back to health. Shortly after Dr. Loomis was stricken with an unknown disease which resulted in his death. He was buried in a cemetery overlooking the Rhine.

  A daughter was born July 17th to Mr. and Mrs. Casper Clendenning.

  William Barker has sold his meat market in East Enterprise to Perry Conner.

  A son was born July 18th to Mr. and Mrs. Louis Searcy of Patriot.

  Scott Carter of Los Angeles, California, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Carter formerly of Vevay is visiting relatives and friends in his old home town.


  William O. Protsman has been recommended by Senator Beveridge to the appointment of Director of Census of the Fourth Congressional District.

  James O. Truitt, well known farmer living on Tapps Ridge, fell on an old-fashioned wood revolving hay rake Saturday evening and his body was pierced by one of the prongs on the rake, causing his death a few hours later.

  Miss Sallie Pickett has opened a bake shop in the store room in the Dufour block which was recently occupied by Nat M. Fallis, grocery.

  Phil Miller and Dick Ridgeway have formed a partnership in the fishing business.

  At a meeting of the City Council Monday night Walton Schoonover was appointed Chief of the Fire Department, succeeding Jacob Wahl, who resigned.

  Born to Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Forbes, Monday, July 19th, a 10-pound son.

  Allan Myers left the first of the week with the race horse, Royal Reward, for Lawrenceburg, where he will train the animal for several weeks.

  Mart Rayl resigned his position at the Stepleton’s confectionery on Saturday night and has been succeeded by Clarence Cole.


  Born to Mr. and Mrs. James Gray, a daughter.

  Henry Trafelet has returned from Oklahoma and has purchased the livery stable of James S. Knox.

  W. Scott Kincaid has sold his meat market to Nick Hirtz and Ephriam Williamson.

  The Vevay Band went to Madison on the Steamer Dale Tuesday morning and returned on the mail boat that night. They presented a handsome appearance in their new uniforms and tickled the ears of the Madisonians with best music.

  There’s an abundance of peaches here in Switzerland County.

  Born to Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sedam of Center Square, a baby girl.

  Forty-two stars are on the flag now.


  The committee on the appraisement of real estate has increased the values raising it 10 percent in Switzerland County.

  Reverend F. Moro closed his two years service with Vevay Baptist Church last Sunday. During that time he received 94 members into church.

  The Vevay ball club played Rising Sun there Sunday and won 95 to 33.

  Blackberries are plentiful, selling for 15 cents per gallon.

  The new mail boat, ‘United States’, passed down yesterday at noon.

  The College Society of Vevay elected a board of trustees last Saturday. A movement has been launched by them to found a college in Vevay.

  On Monday evening our town was in a heat of excitement owing to the fact that Robert A. Knox brought to his place a huge rattlesnake killed near Vevay. It was 4 1/2 feet long, 6 inches in circumference and had eight rattles.