Reflections 06/27/2019



  Deaths this week: Isabella Dailey, James Williams, Kim Ritchie.

  Rachel Lynn Gurley was crowned as the 2009 Queen of the Switzerland County 4-H Fair.

  H1N1 virus has now been confirmed in Switzerland County; caution is urged. 

  Carrie Best and Torrey Curry, both of Fort Wayne, wish to announce their engagement and approaching marriage. They will be married on July 11th at Christ’s Hope Ministries and Church in Fort Wayne.

  Mackenzie Hale earned a spot on the President’s Honors List at Northern Kentucky University.

  Urban James Hayden Briner was born on Friday, June 5th. 2009. He is the son of Allison Sinkhorn and Russel Briner of Madison. 

  Tom Demaree of The Ridge Winery earned a bronze medal from the judges recently at the prestigious Indy International Wine Competition. 


  John Keeton, the extension educator for the Purdue Cooperative Extension Service here for the past 22 years retired Wednesday, June 30th.

  Nancy and David Petty of Lamb have been the foster family for “Gwen”, a Capuccin monkey who is part of the Helping Hands Monkeys program. When these monkeys are about six weeks old volunteer foster families take the chimps into their homes and raise them until they reach the age of four or five. At that point the monkeys return to Boston where Helping Hands trains each monkey to perform specific tasks that are unique to the person who will be paired with the animal. With a life expectancy of more than 30 years, the monkeys are more than a servant for the person — they quickly become a close friend. 

  A piece of machinery that overheated at the Nine West factory in Vevay Saturday night resulted in a lot of water damage to machines and products inside the plant. The sprinkler system was activated by the fire and by the time Jeff-Craig fire Department the fire was almost extinguished by the water. There were a lot of shoes lost or damaged due to water damage but cleanup began immediately to get ready for Monday’s shift of work.

  The Annual Community Wide Yard Sales were again a huge success in Vevay and surrounding Switzerland County last Saturday. 


   A 50-year-old Woman was killed in one of three automobile accidents that occurred in Switzerland County over the span of less than two hours Sunday, July 2nd. Mary Curlin of route 3, Vevay was killed in a head on collision Sunday.

  The Fairview Grocery was extensively damaged by a fire Tuesday, July 4th. The threat of fire reaching the gas tanks in the front of the building was of great concern to area residents and firefighters, but the East Enterprise Volunteer Fire Department with the aid of forces from Bear Branch V.F.D. managed to control and subdue the blaze before it neared the tanks.

  Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Tucker of Vevay celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary Wednesday, July 5th.


  A group of 60 to 70 concerned residents of Switzerland County crowded the board room of the school administration building Tuesday night to share views and voice opinions on the proposed power plant to be constructed near Patriot. Joe Ricketts, instigated the meeting by sending about 37 letters, he said, to residents inviting them to attend a meeting and show support for the coal-fired units to be built by the Indianapolis Power and Light Company (IPALCO). Word spread and both those who favored and those who opposed the plant, came to the meeting. With information compiled by Purdue University, Ricketts voiced his concern about the lack of industry in the area and reasoned that the power plant would bring the much-needed tax dollar to Switzerland County.

  The children and grandchildren of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Coates were reunited for the first time in seven or eight months at their parents’ home. The occasion was the 25th wedding anniversary of Robert and Opal Coates Monday.


  Swiss Wine Festival planners will kick off the six-week home stretch of preparations for this year’s August 15th, 16th, and 17th festival with a “get-in-the-mood” public meeting Tuesday night. The 8 p.m. “pep rally” will be conducted at the 4-H Community Building on 4-H Club Fairgrounds in Vevay and contestants for the Festival’s Edelweiss Princess contest will be introduced to committee members and the public.

  James F. Detmer, executive vice president of East Enterprise State Bank, completed his last day of work at the bank Monday and retired after 25 years of employment with the bank. In recognition of Detmer’s service, fellow bank personnel and many personal friends of the East Enterprise community joined in staging a surprise supper for Detmer last Tuesday evening at Brown’s Restaurant in East Enterprise.

  The Gross Brothers of East Enterprise will appear on a country music show immediately following the Madison Regatta parade today. Headlining the show will be Grandpa Jones and Merle Travis from Nashville, Tennessee.


  A son was born Wednesday morning in the Madison hospital to Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Johnson of Vevay. The baby weighed 7 pounds and has been named Eddie Joe.

  A son was born Tuesday afternoon in the Madison hospital to Mr. and Mrs. Everett Hayes of Vevay.

  Dr. L. H. Bear of Vevay attained his 91st birthday on July 2nd. Due to ill health no formal observance of the event was held but relatives visited him during the day. Dr. Bear was a physician in Vevay and Switzerland County for 63 years before he retired from medical practice.

  The County Commissioners, in session Monday, hired Gus Bumen as custodian of the courthouse to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of George Bliss.


  The county jail here was crowded far beyond its official capacity Saturday evening when 12 citizens in some kind of pre-celebration of our national anniversary of freedom, lost their own by various violations of the law.

  Harry Monroe, who recently bought the beautiful farm home of Mrs. Beryl Malcomson near Lamb, is a patient in King’s Daughters’ Hospital in Madison where he is receiving medical care for injuries which he sustained Friday afternoon when he fell from a hay loft. He suffered a broken vertebrae near the waist.

  A baby daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Lock (nee Marianne Dickason) at King’s Daughters’ Hospital in Madison on Wednesday morning, July 6th. The little lady has been named Marcia Ann and tipped the scales at 8 pounds, 13 ounces.


  Dr. Catheryn Jackson of Logansport, Indiana, has located in Patriot and will practice medicine there.

  Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ivan D. Allen of Center Square, a daughter.

  Born to Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Curry of Center Square, a daughter.

  Joseph M. Cravens, nationally known philanthropist and politician died at his home near Madison Thursday evening as the result of a heart attack.


  The first game of the recently organized Vevay baseball club will be played with the Cincinnati White Sox at the Brindley ball park. The following men compose the team: Raymond DeHart, Merle North, James Humphrey, Robert Slawson, William Dickason, Tilley Pickett, Stacy Cole, Grover Thompson, Joe Dickason, Claude Brindley, Seaver Sheldon, Robert Bunger, Pete Belt and Ed Wiesickle. Manager is E. R. Ferguson, Joe Dickason is secretary-treasurer and H. N. Humphrey, business manager. The team will be known as the Vevay Merchants.

  Billie Fletcher of Patriot celebrated his 80th birthday recently.

  Several of the 15 deputy sheriffs of Switzerland County who act as special guards for the county banks, met at the rifle range near Schenck’s pond Wednesday for a shooting match. Highest points made by Olin Eakin of near Patriot and Cal Curran of Vevay. Also members are Arthur Dunn, Richard Carver, Artie Chase, Henry Peters, D. D. Stow, Merle Allen, Jacob Smith, Richard Henry, Forrest Brown, Joe Dickason, Elbert Gray and Elbert Brown.

  A 10-pound son was born Tuesday to Mr. and Mrs. James S. Rook of Vevay.


  Otto Ricketts, 21, of Craig Township, died in a Cincinnati hospital Thursday following an operation for tuberculosis of the stomach. He leaves a wife and little daughter.

  Professor Earl R. Glenn, who is on the staff of Columbia University in New York is visiting his mother at Moorefield.

  The body of Thomas White who was killed by an electric wire in Hamilton, Ohio was brought to Liberty Cemetery for burial Thursday.

  Clarence Protsman of near Fairview was painfully bruised this week when a clap of thunder frightened a team of horses while he was binding wheat and they ran away throwing him from the binder.


  The Culbertson Brothers warehouse under construction is now giving employment to more than 20 men.

  Elza Courtney, formerly in the employ of Culbertson Brothers was overcome by the heat a few days ago and is in serious condition.

  Born to Albert Conner and wife of East Enterprise, a boy.

  Grandma Keith of Quercus Grove celebrated her 90th birthday Saturday with a mammoth dinner at which were seated 90 persons each year of her age being represented by the presence of a guest.

  Born to Howard Gurley and wife of Patriot June 24th, a son.


  The crop of strawberries and raspberries in Switzerland County is abundant.

  Charles McVey, Trustee of Jefferson Township, on Saturday, July 27th, will receive bids for building a new school house in District 5.


  W. S. Kincaid has opened a store in the LeClerc house. His stock consists of books, newspapers and stationery.

  The Catholic picnic held Monday was well attended.

  During the month of June a total of 19,200 cigars were made in Vevay.

  Rice Stivers who has been teaching in Edinburgh, Indiana, is home.

  Will M. Smith has returned from a trip in the West and Robert Morton is back from a trip through Kansas and Missouri.

  The new and elegant U.S. Mail steamer, Benjamin Franklin, passed Tuesday on her way to Cincinnati where she will be fitted out for the trade between Cincinnati and Louisville.

  J. M. Dufour of the firm of O’Neal and Dufour, of Washington is here on a visit to his old home.


  The cannon was fired on July 4th between 3 and 4 p.m. J. M. Gilbert made up a subscription and bought enough powder to shoot five times.

  The first of the new wheat of the season was brought to Vevay Thursday.

  “Old Jenny”, the family horse of U. P. Schenck is dead. She was one of our oldest inhabitants and had served her owner long and faithfully. She walked into the river and was drowned.

  There were two celebrations in the county on July 4th one on the fairgrounds at East Enterprise and the other near Graham’s mill.