Reflections 05/02/2019



  Deaths this week: Lorraine R. McKee, Donald Lee Leap, Lynn G. Sample, Leslie Cook, Joanne L. Jenkins.

  Daniel Noel is hired as the new Principal of Switzerland County High School.

  Jefferson-Craig Elementary acting principal Darin Gullion — still officially the assistant superintendent of the Switzerland County School Corporation — has tendered his resignation.

  University of Evansville students Ashley Chase and Amanda Watson, both of Vevay, were named to UE’s Dean’s List for outstanding academic achievement during the fall of 2008 semester.

  At Monday night’s meeting of the Switzerland County School Board, the architectural firm of RQAW was selected by the board to develop plans for the contraction of a new administration building, which will be constructed on ground that the corporation already owns. 


  J.D. Mathews and Bethany Robinson were crowned as the King and Queen of the 199 Prom at Switzerland County high School last Saturday night.

  Switzerland County was treated to a visit from the Delta Queen riverboat Wednesday morning. The majestic riverboat docked at the Paul Ogle Riverfront Park at the foot of Ferry Street, and on board guests enjoyed some time wandering the streets of Vevay. The crew of the Delta Queen played the calliope for the throng of elementary students who came down to see the boat, and those on board were treated to music by the Switzerland County High School Band and choir.

  Switzerland County’s Stevie Fuerst, son of Steve and Angie Fuerst of near Fairview, has been modeling since he was two years old. To date, he had done an estimated 30 modeling jobs, from television commercials to magazine ads. 


  Scott Sullivan, son of Lowell and Rita Sullivan, was chosen as King of the Switzerland County High School Prom held Saturday, April 29th. Jennifer Weales, daughter of Rick and Cheri Weales, was chosen as Queen. Both are seniors at SCHS.

  Monday, May 8th, the Switzerland County Extension Office will be having an open house as a part of the national observance of the 75th birthday of the Cooperative Extension Service. The Extension Service came into being on May 8th, 1914, when President Woodrow Wilson signed the Smith-Lever Act, making the Extension Service the educational arm of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.


  Pat Tribbe of Switzerland County has been named the new director of the Community Mental Health Center. The CMHC serves Switzerland County as well as surrounding counties.

  Mr. and Mrs. Wayland Hartman of Vevay have been notified of the selection of their 14-year-old grandson, Werner Hartman, as Cadet of the Month at Pacific High School in San Bernardino, California. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hartman.

  Kathy Lee Konkle and Dennis James Brown were married Friday evening, March 30th, in a ceremony performed in the Brushy Fork Baptist Church. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Konkle and the groom’s parents are Mr. and Mrs. James Brown.


  A public meeting to discuss organizing and operating a Vevay life squad will be held at 7 p.m. Friday at Vevay Town Hall, it was announced by Floyd Canada, president of Vevay Volunteer Fire Department. Canada said the meeting will be open to the public and that a special appeal is being made to persons interested in joining the life squad force.

  Five students from Switzerland County have been singled out for special scholastic recognition at Indiana University’s annual Founders Day ceremonies May 7th by being named to Deans’ Lists one or both of the last two semesters. They are: Marilyn L. Armstrong, Gary Kemper, Galen Barnes, Donald R. Lueking, and Mary G. Peelman.

  U.S. Army S. Sgt. Chester E. Edwards, son of Mrs. Fannie Edwards has been assigned to the 125th Transportation Company in South Vietnam.

  Switzerland County is being represented in the annual posture queen contest by Miss Jackie Johnson, a senior at Switzerland County High School and 1968 Switzerland County 4-H Fair queen.

  The Indiana State Championship Horse Pulling Contest will be held this summer in Fairview for the fourth straight year with Switzerland County Saddle Club again host sponsor. The event is scheduled September 19th and 20th and is one of six major Saddle Club events scheduled this summer.


  The freak shift in the earth on the properties of two residents of near Florence, has developed into a gigantic crack, some 400 yards long, and varying in width from a few inches to 35 to 40 feet across. The property owners, Albert and Frances Jones and James Hart who live along road 156 just east of Florence, are plainly worried about the vast gap in the earth. Apparently, the earth shift was caused when construction equipment, engaged in widening that section of the road, cut into roadbank, below the houses.

  A record high temperature for May 5th was set Tuesday when the official thermometer at Dam 39 reached 94 degrees.

  Road and bridge building on State Road 156 in the Markland area is in full swing, hard on the heels of the good weather conditions. Full complements of men and equipment are engaged in the work by the two construction companies involved in the work.


  A 7 1/2 pound baby daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Joe B. McIntire at their home near Mount Sterling on Sunday, May 1st.

  Miss Julia L. Knox of Vevay has been notified by “Poet’s Corner, Inc.”, that she was awarded a first prize in a special division in a recent statewide poetry contest. Miss Knox’s entry was a sonnet, “God’s Covenant — The Rainbow” and she was urged to enter a national contest.

  John L. “Jack” Whitesell of Vevay and Miss Alberta Griffith of near Moorefield recently completed their courses at Indiana Central Business College in Indianapolis. Both qualified for certificates of proficiency. Mr. Whitesell majored in senior accounting and has accepted a position with the Downtown Ford Sales Company in Indianapolis. He is the son of Mrs. Faye Whitesell of Vevay. Miss Griffith is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chester Griffith and completed a private secretarial course. She is now employed as a stenographer with the Indiana State Gross Income Tax Division in Indianapolis.


  Charles J. Holler, former Councilman of Vevay, passed away at his home here Monday one hour after he had suffered a stroke of paralysis.

  It has been announced that State Highway 56 from Vevay to Madison will be resurfaced with asphalt this summer.

  The automobile of Dr. Jack King was stolen late Saturday evening from in front of the Swiss Inn and was later found by Marshal Sullivan and Game Warden Ollie Kegerice abandoned on State Road 129 near Indian Creek bridge.

  A son, Raymond Elmer, was born April 25th to Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Slack of Greenwood.

  A son Jerry was born April 26th to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Scott.

  All dams in the Cincinnati district will go into operation the last of the week. The dam was lowered January 6th and has not been in operation since. During the month of April the precipitation amounted to 8.58, the most rain ever recorded for that month.


  Mrs. A. V. Danner, president of the Switzerland County Historical Society, has been notified of her appointment as county chairman of the Indiana Federation of Art Clubs as the result of the splendid work she did recently in making an art survey of the county for the organization. Her survey covered architecture of homes and public buildings, historical crafts, such as coverlets and quilts, etc. It also included biographies of George Harry Kyle native Vevay architect who designed the Baptist Church, Schenck homes, Thiebaud house, and the Phoenix Hotel building and also of Will H. Stevens, Vevay artist, who has been nationally famous.

  John Tilley has brought to this office a copy of the Vevay Reveille dated April 12th, 1883 which contains a list of marriages performed during the year 1825 and we are reproducing them in this issue. The paper was given to Mr. Tilley by John Henry of near Vevay.

  The district library convention was held in Vevay Thursday with 14 county libraries represented.

  Fire, believed to have been caused by a blow torch being used by painters to remove paint, caused damage estimated at $2,000 at the home of Dr. and Mrs. L. H. Bear Monday.

  Miss Nellie Scott, Evart Mayfield and George Malek have resigned from the faculty of Vevay schools. Miss Scott’s vacancy has not been filled but Harold Benedict and Ellis Walker will replace the other two.

  An operette, “In Old Louisiana”, under the direction of Miss Ramona Norris was given at the Vevay school Wednesday. The leads were taken by Miss Theo Bakes and Harold Benedict and comedy roles by Miss Mary Ellen Ferguson and George Conway.

  Miss Gertrude Wahl, a teacher at Goshen, was recently voted the best sponsor of the Sunshine Girls Society at the state convention for the second year.


  Practically the entire crop of cherries, peaches, plums and pears in the county was killed by heavy freeze Thursday night.

  Miss Florence Cunningham, 26, prominent Patriot girl, died in a Cincinnati hospital Sunday following surgery for a sudden attack of stomach trouble.

  Jeff Webb of Warsaw has bought a truck which he will use to haul ice from Vevay to patrons at Warsaw. He will be able to handle the ice much better than by the old way of horse and wagon.

  A daughter was born Tuesday to Mr. and Mrs. Marion Sigmon of Bennington.

  Little Marie Smith of Vevay fell Saturday while at play and ran the blunt end of a pencil about an inch into her left cheek.

  A Welcome Home in honor of the 150th Field Artillery, Indiana’s own regiment of heroes in the World War, will be held at Indianapolis next week. Each county will furnish transportation for any service men who wish to attend.


  Visits of the Stork: a daughter, Dorothy May, April 18th to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Stoops; a daughter Hazel Aldine, April 10th to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cochran; a daughter, Gertrude Ellen, April 16th, to Mr. and Mrs. Albert Keith; a daughter,       Olive Jay, April 6th, to Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Bliss; a son, William Clifford, April 10th to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Land; a son, Melvin LeRoy April 12th to Mr. and Mrs. William O’Connell; a son, Carroll Fred, April 8th to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Clements; a son Lawrence, April 8th to Mr. and Mrs. John Thomas; a daughter Beatrice, March 31st to Mr. and Mrs. John Stewart.

  The Nickelo is now running two new reels of pictures each night and on Saturday night three reels.

  Miss Janette Tandy, a student at Wellesley, Massachusetts, was seriously injured when a rope fire escape upon which she was about to make a practice descent suddenly snapped and she fell about 30 feet striking her head and back.

  Jim Petit of Craig Township gave a free concert on the bank corner Saturday night.

  The new bank building and Woodman Hall being constructed in East Enterprise is rapidly nearing completion.

  William Tague’s team ran away last week and he sustained several bad bruises. He lives at Allensville.

  Born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schroeder of Patriot April 20th, a daughter.


  New Postmasters: Charles E. Foster, Patriot; J. M. W. Langsdale, Florence; W. H. Oatman, Bear Branch; Samuel H. Smith, Osgood; George Shook, Versailles; Hezekiah Daily, Brooksburg; Lincoln Lee, Canaan; Michael McGuire, Rising Sun.


  The closing exercises of “A Class” of the Vevay High School were held Friday night at the courthouse. The essays and declamations were good and the following persons composed the graduating class: Mary A. Norisez, Mary A. Calhoun, Alice B. Shaw, Annie S. Miller, Charles C. Shaw, T. W. Northcott, C. D. Thiebaud, C. E. Golay and W. R. Protsman.

  During the past week Messrs. Owens and Davies of this city shipped 667 bales of hay to Cincinnati besides a large amount of barreled freight.

  Captain F. L. Grisard has been appointed one of the school trustees of Vevay to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of F. J. Waldo.

  A board walk is being built on Liberty Street.

  Superintendent R. F. Brewington reports that 510 pupils were enrolled in the graded schools this year, being about 200 more than last year.


  We are informed that the Trustees of Vevay at their meeting Monday night decided to charge $50 for a license to sell liquors. This is the maximum fee.

  One morning last week after the Forest Queen landed at Cincinnati burglars stole several hundred dollars from state rooms.