Reflections 02/20/2020



  Deaths this week: Lewis E. Kelly, Sr., Larry Lock, Dale Dixon, Sr., Jack Courtney, Orville L. Wilson, James E. Brown. 

  Leon and Esther Berner of Cross Plains will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. 

  Just about the time that most Switzerland County residents were dug out from last week’s winter storm, another wave of heavy snow and wind ripped through the county on Sunday night and all day on Monday bringing the county to a halt.

  Preparations for Vevay’s 2013 Bicentennial celebration has began.

  Meghan Peters of near Vevay has been informed that she has earned inclusion on the honor’s list for the fall semester at the University of Southern Indiana. 


  The Belterra Resort and Casino, which is constructing a riverboat casino complex near Florence in Switzerland County, has presented the Switzerland County Commissioners with the first portion of the company’s 1.2 million commitment to support the building of a Medical Center for Switzerland County.

  The issue of the continuance of all day every day Kindergarten here in Switzerland County is a hot topic with the financial problems that the school corporates is experiencing. At Monday night’s meeting of the Switzerland County School Board, kindergarten and first grade teachers from both elementary schools made a presentation tot he School board on the value of the program.

  Sullivan College in Lexington, Kentucky, has announced that Eric Crabtree has earned a place on the college’s Dean’s list for the fall semester. Eric Crabtree is a computer science major at Sullivan and is a 1999 graduate of Switzerland County High School. He is the son of Steve and Mona Crabtree of near Mount Sterling.

  Chrissy Turner of near Patriot was crowned as the 2000 “Queen of Hearts” Saturday night at the Switzerland County High School cafeteria, Jamie Gregg was name Miss Congeniality Amanda Ridener was first runner-up, Danielle McCartney was second runner-up; Tiffany Wiechering was third runner-up; and Amanda Pike was fourth runner-up. 


  Tina Sue McClellan of Tapps Ridge is on the honor roll at Georgetown College in Georgetown College in Georgetown, Kentucky. A graduate of Switzerland County High School, Tina is the daughter of Rick and Carolyn McClellan.

  Jessie R. Curtis, a former resident of Switzerland County, recently was awarded an advanced degree by Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina. He is the son of Gladys J. Kincaid of Vevay.

  Robert McAllister Banta of Switzerland County was awarded a plaque by the U.S. Navy commemorating his participation in the commissioning of the Navy’s newest ship, the USS Abraham Lincoln. He is the son of Casey and Barbara Banta of Moorefield. Their son Casey is also in the armed forces, serving with the U.S. Air Force at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

  Verlie Griffin and Saundra Adams were recently presented Diamond Service Award pins by the People’s Trust Company of Vevay, part of the bank’s 75th anniversary observance. Verlie Griffin has worked at the bank for 15 years, Saundra Adams for five years.


  “Open that register and give me the money or I’ll kill you.” Those words were addressed to Bob Aldred, proprietor of Bob’s Carry Out on Main Street, Vevay, shortly after 8:30 Tuesday night by a man in his 20’s carrying a .22 caliber rifle. Bob Aldred was behind the counter at the time, talking to Vevay resident Joe Seaver when the man about five feet, eight inches tall, 180-185 pounds, wearing a pillow case over his head, entered the store, pointed the rifle at the liquor store owner, and made his demand. The robber made off with the money from the cash register, Bob Aldred’s wallet, and the wallet of Joe Seaver who was in the store at the time. The robber made his escape in a car parked down the street.


  1st Lt. Shirley Pickett, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tilley Pickett of Vevay, is now stationed with the U.S. Air Force at Perrin Air Force Base, Texas.


  Virgil Imel, son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Imel, route 4, Vevay, made the dean’s list for the third consecutive semester at Hanover College.

  Miss Carolyn Danner of Vevay, freshman student at Indiana University, has been accepted as a member of the Hoosier Queens, who with the Singing Hoosiers, compose a choral touring group of 85 I.U. students.

  Joseph Krummel of Vevay is recovering in the Madison hospital from head injuries which he sustained Friday in a truck accident. Nearly 60 stitches were required to close scalp cuts and he received body bruises. The accident occurred near Pleasant when Mr. Krummel is believed to have lost control of his truck after he suffered an attack of dizziness. The car struck a ditch and Mr. Krummel was thrown out of the door, striking his head.


  Coal oil which was poured into a heating stove to kindle a fire Saturday morning resulted in an explosion at the home of Norman Earls on Main Cross Street. Stove pipes in the apartments of Mr. and Mrs. Earls and of Mrs. Etta Peters, who owns the house, were knocked down and resulted in damage from falling soot.

  Raymond Cole, principal of the Vevay High School, was greatly improved Wednesday from a severe heart attack which he suffered Monday morning as he was preparing to drive to Vevay.

  A large barn on the farm of Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Sheldon on the east fork of Log Lick creek near Florence, was totally destroyed by fire of unknown origin about 10 o’clock last Thursday morning. Many valuable items were lost in the blaze and included about 200 bales of hay, some baled straw, about 100 bushels of corn, and other things.


  A 7 1/2 pound son was born February 7th to Mr. and Mrs. Tony Courtney and has been named Gerald Richard.

  Mrs. Mary Armstrong, wife of George Armstrong, passed away at her home in Allensville last Thursday following a long period of ill health.

  Mrs. Everett Peters died at her home on the Markland-Enterprise Pike Saturday evening following a stroke suffered only a short time before.

  Mrs. Linnie Turner Patton, widow of Joshua Patton, died at her home Monday morning at the age of 62 years.

  Mrs. Letta M. Martin died at her home near Spring Branch Sunday afternoon after an illness of several years.

  Mrs. Frieda Wiechert passed away at her home in Florence Friday at the age of 84 years.

  Mrs. Mary Ellen White and Leslie McKenzie were married Saturday.


  Mrs. Bertha Ellis living near Bear Branch reports the birth of what is thought to be the smallest living calf. The calf was born on the Ellis farm February 2nd and weighed only 14 3/4 pounds after its first feeding. A normal calf of no particular breed will weigh around 50 pounds.

  Joe Lamson and Harry Monroe delivered a load of tobacco to Madison one day last week and received an average price of 21 cents.

  Miss Genevieve Bakes has in her possession an interesting historical document found in the personal effects of the late Hiram Bakes. It is a U.S. land grant to William Cotton of the Indiana Territory dated April 20th, 1812, and signed by James Madison, President, and James Monroe, Secretary of State.

  Mrs. Mary D. Means, widow of the late David H. Means, died Thursday at her home in North Madison. Mrs. Means who was a former resident of Canaan was 81 years of age.


  The Market House on the town square was sold this week to Bruce Banta of Vevay and J. Y. Dean of Cincinnati by Edward Stevens, owner. They will continue to sell poultry, etc.

  Bessie, three-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Davis died Friday of measles and complications at their home in Vevay.

  Clyde Christman of Pleasant and Miss Mary Jackson of near Bennington were married at Madison February 14th.

  Robert Blodgett sustained a sprained wrist Monday as the result of a fall while he and a cousin, Ralph Blodgett, were having a friendly scuffle during the noon hour at school.

  Robert Kincaid, nine-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Kincaid who moved to Louisville from Vevay recently, was one of 12 children chosen from Louisville schools to attend the School of Opportunity. To qualify for the school of advanced instruction the children were given rigid tests and Robert’s score was almost perfect.


  Vevay is in the throes of a coal famine, both coal yards being entirely out of lump and nut coal, a little slack being the only type of fuel remaining in the yards. The coal companies promise no relief as long as the river remains full of ice.

  Born February 11th to Walter Kelley and wife of Florence, a girl.

  Mary Thelma, a daughter was born February 9th, to Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Melick of East Enterprise.

  Born Tuesday, February 8th, to Dr. and Mrs. Hall of East Enterprise, a son.

  After selling over 50 barrels of flour in less than three months, Gockel and Son, Patriot, are receiving this week a car of 205 barrels.


  The County Treasurer last Monday sold 15 pieces of real estate for delinquent taxes.

  A mad dog was shot and killed in Brooksburg last week.

  Born to Mr. and Mrs. Roda Grisard Friday, a son.

  Died in Vevay Monday, February 10th, Ira Malin Taylor, aged 37 years.

  Died at his home near Moorefield Monday, February 10th, Samuel Scott, aged about 68 years.

  Died in Vevay February 8th, Mary Ann Whitaker, (colored), about 49 years ago.

  The commissioners have contracted for a new bridge over Plum Creek.

  One of the wharf boats at Vevay owned by Mr. Dupraz sank last week.

  The Ku Klux Klan is active in Trimble County, Kentucky. One family has been ordered to leave the county. A one-armed veteran Union soldier received a similar message and another man was tied to a tree and almost beaten to death.


  Judge Hay has sold the Rising Sun Visitor to J. S. Rabb.

  The British steamer, Pluto, recently captured the Barque Orlin of New York with 1,023 slaves on board, 152 of whom had died. The steamer was placed in charge of the U.S.S. Mystic and the captain has been imprisoned at Helena.

  Died February 4th, Mrs. Elizabeth J. Know, 70 years old.

  Died in Vevay February 4th Edgar C., two-year-old son of Edgar and Maggie E. Kellogg.