Reflections 01/02/2020



  Deaths this week: Bill Wainscott, Hobart E. Wiley, Debra L. Case, Willis Hastings.

  Emma Johnson and Karoline Park joined more than 400 juniors from around the state who attended the 33rd annual Richard G. Lugar Symposium for Tomorrow’s Leaders.


  Irene Curry of Switzer Square celebrated her 102nd birthday on August 13th of this year. As the end of the 20th Century nears, her granddaughter Rita Sullivan of Vevay, wrote about her grandmother and some of the changes that she had seen in her lifetime. Having been born in August of 1897, Irene Curry will achieve this milestone on January 1st, 2000. She will have lived in the 1800s, 1900s, and in 2000. When Irene Curry was born there were no automobiles, you traveled by horse and buggy or walked. Babies were all born at home and families were very late. Families grew almost everything they ate in the backyard, Vegetables were all canned and fruits was stored in pits in the ground for the winter. Clothes were all handmade and washed out on washboards — usually down by the creek. Families visited each other, and you didn’’t have to be invited to supper — you just showed up. Families didn’t go separate ways — to movies, parties, spend countless hours on the Internet in a room away form everyone else.

  Russell Hon 74, formerly of Switzerland County and now of Harrison, Ohio recently participated in a World War II reunion of his crewmates from the Destroyer Escort USS Corbesier. The reunion was held at the Stonehenge Lodge in Bedford, Indiana, and veterans came from as far away as Vermont, California, Oregon and Florida to participate. During the war, the USS Corbesier had a crew of more than 200 sailors who served in the Pacific. 


  Buses were the topic of conversation between the members of the Switzerland County School Board and the members of the public who attended the board’s meeting in the high school Tuesday, January 2nd.

  An electric stove that had been left turned on has been cited as the cause of the fire in Vevay that Arlie Baer died in Wednesday, December 27th. Mr. Baer died of smoke inhalation in the fire according to Switzerland County Coroner Carol Ann Sublett.


  Sergeant Richard W. Denning, son of Marie Clements Denning and grandson of Mrs. Leora Clements of Vevay, has been transferred from Altus Air Force Base, Oklahoma to Barksdale Air Force Base at Shreveport, Louisiana.

  John Rederick, route 1, Florence, has been named by an order of appointment signed by Judge Hensley December 26th to fill the seat on the Switzerland County Board of Parks and Recreation vacated by the recent resignation of board member Jan Schirmer.

  Mrs. Jewell Dickerson was sworn in as Postmaster of the Patriot Post Office December 19th. She replaces Mrs. Ada Smith who retired last spring.


  Private Martha D. Wilburn, daughter of Mrs. Linnea M. Smith of route 1, Patriot, was awarded the American Spirit Honor Medal at the end of basic training at Ft. McClellan, Alabama. The award is made to the trainee who best demonstrates honor, loyalty, and high example to her fellow soldiers during basic training.

  Ann Pommerehn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James E. Pommerehn of route 1, Vevay, has been selected by Indiana State University for membership in Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges.


  The county infirmary, closed by order of the commissioners, is empty now, with patients having been transferred to Jefferson County and other care. Disposal of property and land will follow soon.


  A baby daughter was born Friday at King’s Daughters’ Hospital in Madison to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Olds of Vevay. The little girl weighed 7 pounds, 3 1/2 ounces and has been named Deatra Lynn.

  The 50th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Ula Krall of near Center Square was celebrated Christmas Eve with a family dinner which included their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


  The formal opening of Vevay’s new school gymnasium will be here on January 10th. Following a program of talks and music, a basketball game will be played between Patriot and Vevay.

  The intense cold, stretching throughout the Ohio Valley and reaching a low of zero in many places Wednesday morning, has frozen the river at several points here. The cold wave was accompanied by a heavy snow.


  A little daughter, Fay Lanham Prill, was born last week to Mr. and Mrs. Roy Prill (nee Mary Jane Lanham) of Warsaw. The little girl has the distinction of using the cradle of Edward Eggleston which was purchased at the Eggleston sale, more than 80 years ago for her great-grandfather, Edward H. Tilley.

  Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Heritage of Markland celebrated their Golden Wedding anniversary Saturday.


  The newly organized Edwin C. Danner Post of the American Legion has secured a room over the Sieglitz Jewelry Store, formerly occupied by the Sammy Pen Club for a clubroom.


  For the first time in 20 years the county is under the control of the Republican Party. Dr. Scott Culbertson is Auditor; Frank Riley is Treasurer; H. S. Pickett is Sheriff; Henry W. Beckman is Recorder; Red L. Haskell is Coroner; Roy McKay is Surveyor; John V. Archer and Dennis Miller are County Commissioners; George B. Hall is county attorney, and Dr. J. P. Ward, health officer. Democratic officers are Clarence Drakes, Clerk; E. E. Scudder, County Superintendent of Schools; W. C. Armstrong, Assessor; and David Allen, Commissioner.

  In Vevay a Republican administration was installed for the first time with A. V. Danner as mayor, Republican councilmen are Charles W. Kincaid, James M. Scott, K. L. Hastings; Councilmen at large, W. T. Sullivan, Hugh E. Cole; City Marshal, T. D. Anderson, Night policeman, Chris Bear; City attorney, James S. Wright, Superintendent of light plant, George W. Johnston. Democrats are Chester Kiesel, city clerk; Dr. L. H. Bear, City treasurer; W. L. Schoonover, fire chief; R. H. Weaver, assistant at light plant; F. M. Griffith, William Tait, O. S. Johnson, school trustees.


  On Christmas Day, Morton, son of Henry J. Banta of Craig Township, picked up a shooting cracker which he supposed had ceased to burn, when it exploded and severely burned his face and eyes. His sight was not believed destroyed, however.

  A special dispatch from Madison to the Cincinnati Post says that Glen Culbertson, son of James Culbertson of Moorefield and a nephew, James M. Scott of Vevay has received an offer from the King of Siam to become head of a school in that country at a handsome salary. Professor Culbertson is a graduate of Hanover College and at present is in charge of a college in Colorado.

  James C. Kincaid will open a meat store Saturday in the room formerly occupied by John W. Kincaid.


  Carrollton, Kentucky has been made a money order station.

  Markets: onions, $1 per bushel; butter, 25 cents pound; eggs, 25 cents dozen; potatoes, 40 cents bushel; hay, $12 per ton; chickens, $2 per ton; corn, 60 cents per bushel.