Recount in auditor’s race starts today at courthouse


Switzerland County Judge Greg Coy officially established a recount in the race for Switzerland County Auditor for today (Thursday). The recount will be held in the Commissioners/Council meeting room in the basement of the Switzerland County Courthouse, and will begin at 9 a.m.

In the General Election held on November 2nd, Republican Gayle Rayles defeated Democrat incumbent Rachel Schuler, but only by a margin of seven votes: 1,530 to 1,523.

In a hearing held in Switzerland County Court on Wednesday, December 1st, Judge Coy sat the parameters for the recount, including the appointment of the three-person commission that will actually conduct the recount.

By state statute, each political party gets to have a representative on the recount commission; and the third person must be someone familiar with the voting equipment that the county uses.

The Republican member of the commission is John Keeton; while Jim Wingate will represent the Democrats. The third person is Kyle Conrad from GBS Systems, which is the company that sold Switzerland County its election equipment.

The recount is subject to Indiana’s Open Door Law, which means that the public has the right to attend the recount and observe the process, but cannot participate in the recount or comment on the proceedings.

The recount request asks the county to recount six of the county’s 12 precincts: Craig I, Craig II, Pleasant I, Pleasant II, Posey II, and York.

In Craig I, Gayle Rayles defeated Rachel Schuler 72-55; in Craig II, Gayle Rayles defeated Rachel Schuler 84-70; in Pleasant I, Gayle Rayles defeated Rachel Schuler 67-45; in Pleasant II, Gayle Rayles defeated Rachel Schuler 155-127; in Posey II, Gayle Rayles defeated Rachel Schuler 148-118; and in York, Gayle Rayles defeated Rachel Schuler 187-114.

State election law says that the recount must be completed and certified no later than December 20th; and Judge Coy believes that the recount should take about half of the day today.