Ramona Voris: Switzerland County’s first baby of 1940 celebrates 80 years


 On January 2nd, 1940, Dwight and Florence Moreillon of East Enterprise became the parents of Ramona — their baby daughter.

  As the couple welcomed their new daughter to the world, they also found out that they had won a contest — Ramona was the first baby born in Switzerland County that year.

  Now, 80 years later, Ramona Moreillon Voris, who lives in Madison with her husband, Ray, celebrates her 80th birthday.

  “I was born on one, two, forty,” Ramona said. “Because the one that would have moved out of Switzerland County right prior to, and so mom had me the second day. It would have been a Hart boy, Betty and Harold Hart’s boy, but they moved out. I ended up in the newspaper. My name was wrong — it was spelled like ‘Romania’ or something. And the doctor who delivered me was older and with the new year he didn’t write the correct date down. He put that I was born on January 2nd, 1939, he forgot to change the year. I had to go back to Vevay and get my birth certificate changed when I was 14.”

  Although she was born in East Enterprise, Ramona’s family moved to Madison when Ramona was a little girl; and she’s lived there ever since.

“We moved to downtown Madison and then moved up on the hill,” she said.

  Ramona came from a big family, with an older brother and six younger sisters. Four of her siblings are still living.

  Even coming from the big family, Ramona’s birth was a cause for celebration, in the family and the county.

  “There was a big article in the newspaper,” she said. “I got a bank account of $12. I believe they got groceries. I’ve still got the little baby bed crib they gave me when I was born. I’ve still got it up in the attic. There were little booties, they were all the way up over my knees. There was a sheet with a piece of pink at the top, I still have it somewhere. There was a big deal.”

  Dwight Moreillon worked on cars when the family lived in East Enterprise, After moving to Madison, he built houses, and was the head electrician for Hanover College until he retired.

  Ramona and Ray met and were married in 1958, the same year Ramona graduated from high school; and the newlyweds spent time moving all over while Ray served in the military.

  “I lived in North Carolina and I lived in Virginia when he was in the Marines. He got out in 1964. I had our first child while he was in the service, and we had our other daughter when we got back here.”

  The couple has two daughters: Shelley and Melissa. The couple also has three grandchildren, but Ramona is still waiting on her first great-grandchild, although she did get her hopes up, but the Christmas announcement was for a puppy, not a baby.

  “I told them, you don’t have a lot of time when I’m 80 years old,” Ramona laughed. They better get with it!”