Puppy caught in hidden trap at Markland Park


One day in December, Jimmy Ray of near Vevay, took his eight year old great grandson, Hudson Archer, for a hike at the Markland Park.

Most days, Jimmy brings his big dog, but on that particular day, they brought Hudson’s eight-month old puppy, ‘Purdue Pete’. As they were walking, the day turned terrifying, as ‘Pete’ wandered on the side of the trail and started yelping and screaming. Jimmy and Hudson got to him and realized that ‘Pete’ was caught in a steel trap. ‘Pete’ was jumping and struggling to get free and naturally, Hudson became upset also.

Jimmy tried to open the trap but was unable to due to the fact that ‘Pete’ was jumping and biting him. He said it was heartbreaking to watch the puppy and Hudson both screaming and crying. Finally, Hudson was able to hold ‘Pete’ so his great grandfather could release the puppy’s foot from the trap.

Most traps are baited with a scent, which is probably the reason that ‘Pete’ was attracted to it. The trap was also hidden with brush covering it, so that even a person couldn’t see it. Jimmy returned to the park later and found another steel trap hidden along the trail.

Trapping is legal, but is it right to place traps in a public park where families are there with children?

Hudson and ‘Pete’ were both shaken but are okay; back to running, jumping and playing like any eight-year old boy and an eight-month old puppy should!

– Rosemary Bovard