Property tax rates won’t be ready until May


Normally ready sometime in February, Switzerland County Auditor Rachel Bladen and County Treasurer Stacey Penick have been informed that new rates for the county won’t be ready until May – hopefully.

With all of the changes going on at the Indiana Statehouse, new rates and how those rates will be calculated have been slow to come to the counties.

“Once the rates are received and calculating is complete, we will be working as hard as possible so we can get the tax statements mailed out,” Stacey Penick said.

With the delay at the state level, county officials are looking at a possible date of July 10th as a due date for the spring installment of taxes. The fall installment should not be affected, and will be due on November 10th.

Stacey Penick and Rachel Bladen both said that people are encouraged to pay in advance what they paid last year in the spring installment; or people can wait to see what the exact figure will be.

“We want to thank each resident for being patient and understanding, as this situation is quite stressful for all of us,” Rachel Bladen said.

Anyone having any questions may contact the auditor’s office at 427-4470; or the treasurer’s office at 427-4465.