Primary election here in Switzerland County set for May 2nd, clerk says watch for changes


Switzerland County voters will go to the polls on Tuesday, May 2nd, for this year’s primary election; and although there isn’t a gubernatorial or presidential election this year, Switzerland County clerk Ginger Peters says that voters need to be aware of some changes in the election process.

The biggest change involves all of Indiana, and says that anyone coming to the polls to vote on May 2nd must show a photo ID before they can vote. It’s something that has been a matter of controversy all over the state since it was passed, and Ginger Peters says that it is important that voters have such an ID on election day in order to speed up the voting process.

Those voters who are voting absentee in the county clerk’s office must also show a photo ID before voting; but those voting absentee by mail or who are using the traveling board to vote do not need to show an ID.

“We’ve had three or four people in the office so far to vote, and we’ve asked them for their photo ID,” Ginger Peters said. “So far we’ve had no complaints, but people need to be aware of this change. I don’t know if it will be a problem on election day or not.”

Ginger Peters said that those wanting to vote by absentee ballot in the county clerk’s office may do so until noon on Monday, May 1st. The clerk’s office is open for voting on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 8 a.m. until noon; and again from 1-3:30 p.m.

Voters may also come to the clerk’s office to vote on Saturday, April 22nd; and Saturday, April 29th; from 8 a.m. until noon.

For those wanting to vote by absentee ballot by mail, the clerk’s office must receive the application for a ballot by midnight on Monday, April 24th, to give the clerk’s office time to mail out the ballot, and have it returned before election day.

As for the traveling board, applications that are mailed or FAXed to the clerk’s office must be received by noon on Monday, April 24th; and those applications that are hand delivered to the clerk’s office must be there by noon on Monday, May 1st.


There have also been some changes in polling places around the county, so voters need to be aware of where they need to go to vote on election day.

Voters in the Craig I precinct, which used to vote at the Riverview Baptist Church; will now vote at the 4-H Community Building, along with voters in Jefferson I and Jefferson II precincts.

Ginger Peters said that letters have been sent to voters in Craig I precinct telling them of the change in location.

The East Enterprise firehouse will also be a busy place on election day, as voters in Cotton I, Cotton II, and Jefferson III precincts will all vote there.

The Moorefield firehouse will also be the voting location for voters in Pleasant I, Pleasant II, and Craig II precincts.

Voters living in the Posey I precinct will vote at the Patriot town hall; while Posey II voters will cast their ballots at the Posey Township firehouse.

York Township voters will vote at the Florence station of the East Enterprise Volunteer Fire Department.

When going to the polls on election day, Ginger Peters said that voters who have moved and didn’t get their address change into the clerk’s office in time need to go to the polling place in the precinct where they formerly lived, and they will be able to change their address at that polling place on election day.

As will all primary elections, voters will have to declare whether they want a Democrat or Republican ballot prior to voting.

Anyone having any questions should contact the Switzerland County Clerk’s office at 427-3175.