Pattersons are honored by home builder for 200th home


Sarah Beth Niabarger is getting a new home on Lake Geneva Road near Center Square. She should be in her new home shortly after the holidays – and not only is she moving into a brand new home, but she’s also moving into a piece of history.

Roy Lee and Sharon Patterson of Associate Builders sold the home to Sarah Beth Niabarger, and it’s the 200th home that the couple has sold for the Heckaman Home Company of Nappanee, Indiana.

“It’s quite an achievement,” said Jeff Tanner of Heckaman Homes. “We are very proud of the Pattersons’ accomplishment and their dedication to our company.”

Originally scheduled to be delivered last week, rainy weather postponed the arrival of the home until Tuesday, when a giant crane carefully lifted the sections of the modular home off of trailers and onto the foundation.

On hand to present a special plaque of recognition to Roy Lee and Sharon Patterson were John Mahnken, president of Heckaman Homes; and an Larry Lant, vice president of marketing for the company.

The Pattersons have been selling the homes for the past 15 years, and Roy Lee Patterson said that the couple’s first home is still around – they just don’t know where it is.

“The first home we put it, Belterra got,” Roy Lee Patterson said with a laugh. “It had to be moved when Belterra was built, and after the owner bought it back, they sold it and it was taken somewhere else.”