Patriotic barn catches Charlie Daniels attention


“He’s a genuine, down to earth, wholesome, country, Bible believing man.”

That’s what former Ohio County resident Andrea Ward said of meeting country singer Charlie Daniels prior to his performance at the 2017 Swiss Wine Festival in Vevay.

Ward and family members were treated to a meet and greet with Daniels on his tour bus.

But how did it all come about?

A friend of Andrea saw one of the singer’s videos in which he narrated My Beautiful America. Her friend said “that’s your barn.”

Indeed it was the family barn which has an American flag painted on it.

Andrea contacted the singer’s representative on Facebook to find out how they came about their barn. “They Googled flags,” remarked Andrea.

After some discussion, the Morton, Illinois resident was sent four tickets to the show. However, as of the day before the show she hadn’t received the tickets.

No problem. The passes were there for them that night.

Charlie Daniels has been on her “bucket list” of things to do and everything fell into place.

“He’s one of the last legends,” she added.

As for the use of the barn art, Andrea says, “I am honored that they used it. It’s been a unique experience.”

Andrea had several copies of barn signed by the singer along with her sister Heather.

Sandy Ward (Andrea’s mom) said her late husband Daniel would be proud of the enjoyment the barn on South Fork Road has been getting.

“I get a lot of comments about our barn. Nobody knows how many times the barn has been used,” Sandy pondered. “It was even the cover of the Rising Sun Main Street flyer for August. People have taken their senior pictures (by the barn).”

Sandy remembers seeing one person who framed a photo of her barn and was selling it for $125. She jokingly said, “they could donate some of that money so we could fix the roof of the barn.”

Sandy enjoys country music and Christian music. Her favorite song is The Devil Went Down to Georgia which Daniels closed the show with.

She was impressed by how everyone treated them. “He holds up America (in his show and music). “He told the audience I’m a redneck American,” said Sandy of Daniels. I talked to a serviceman who told how he goes out among the troops when he does a show. He’s a true American. “

Overall the family was impressed most about how well they were treated. “It’s like he does it all the time,” said Andrea. “Because he does.