Patriot Town Council prepares for start of improvement project


The Patriot Town Council held its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, May 16th, and the main topic of discussion involved the beginning of the 2005 Improvement Project.

Jim McNulty of Strand informed the council that the town needs to close the State Revolving Fund loan so that construction can begin in the improvement project. The State Revolving Fund has been given authorization to award the contracts for the project pending the closing of the loan. Strand requested that the town council authorize sending out the notice of awards and contracts for the project.

A “Notice to Proceed” will be prepared when the contracts are executed and all required documents are received from the contractors and the loan has been closed.

It is Jim McNulty’s understanding that the town’s Bond Council is waiting on a consent letter from Rural Development before the loan can be closed. The town council needs to do all it can to get the loan closed quickly to avoid construction delays and potential cost increases.

Last month Jim McNulty prepared disbursement requests for engineering fees, and suggested that a similar request be prepared for the electrical utility so that these costs can be preapproved for loan closing. He encouraged the town council to proceed with submitting the disbursement requests now, if it had not already been done.

He was told that the requests have already been submitted.

Jim McNulty discussed a possible process to address adding new services on selected roads once the improvement project is started. Strand continues to perform minor work toward easement and permits for the project.

Councilman Darrell Kasson moved to send the notice of awards and contracts, with councilwoman Kathy Workman seconding the motion.


In other business discussed by the Patriot Town Council:

— Utility superintendent Sherry Ogden reported that the Patriot wells have pumped 24,493,000 gallons; and the Florence well has pumped 7,245,200 gallons in the last month. The field crew has repaired 16 problems during the month.

— Sherry Ogden reported that either a lightning strike or a single phase occurred at the Quercus Grove pump during the last storm and damaged the pump. A loaner pump has been installed while the damaged pump is being repaired. All pumps at the Patriot Hill booster station are back online.

— One grinder pump at the State Road 156 lift station had to be replaced.

— Council member Kathy Workman reported that some flowers have been purchased for the town; and that more will be on the way soon.

— Council president Jim Caudill suggested that the town have a community yard sale, possibly at the boat ramp. The idea was discussed, but it was decided to hold the event in town rather than at the boat ramp.

The Patriot Town-Wide Yard Sale will be held Friday through Sunday, June 23rd-25th. Those wanting to participate should sign up at the Patriot Town Hall by Friday, June 16th. The town council will work to find a group to sell refreshments and provide some special music at Saturday afternoon.

— The docks will be put in the river this Sunday, May 28th.

— The Masonic lodge asked about some assistance in constructing restrooms in its building. Jim Caudill will get a quote and present it at the next meeting.

— The council rescinded last month’s motion to purchase a Eclipse 8 weather siren. In its place, Darrell Kasson made a motion to purchase a solid state siren with no moving parts from J&N Electronics. The council approved this motion.

— The council discussed the upcoming Fourth of July Freedom Celebration. The council will again sponsor a contest for the tee-shirt logo and design. Anyone wishing to submit an entry must have it in by 7 p.m. on Tuesday, June 6th. Entries may be submitted at town hall. The winner will be announced following the deadline.

The Freedom Celebration will begin with a parade through town, and then servicemen from the community presently serving both here and overseas will be recognized and honored. There will be a pitch-in dinner at the park, with fried chicken, hot dogs, and drinks provided. Those attending should bring a covered dish.

There will be activities for children and prizes awarded throughout the celebration. Anyone wanting to participate, or who wants to enter a float or entry in the parade should call 594-9413.

— The next meeting of the Patriot Town Council will be held on Tuesday, June 20th, at 7 p.m. The public is invited to attend.


Editor’s Note: Vevay Newspapers thanks George Miller for his dedication in providing information about Patriot Town Council meetings.