Patriot Town Council holds regular meeting


Patriot Town Council held the town business meeting Tuesday, February 5th, at the town hall with all members present. The pledge to the flag and prayer were given after the meeting was called to order.

A few residents were present to ask the town council to reconsider the public use policy of the town hall for fundraisers and family gatherings. After much discussion, all parties agreed that changes needed to be made. Council will revisit the policy and have the lawyer advise them on it.

A proposal was submitted by Harry McMurray to cut down a tree on the corner of Second and Main streets. The proposal also included trimming some trees on First and Plum streets. Council was advised to table this work until ownership approval was attained or the trees were determined to be in the street right of way of First Street. The dead limbs are hanging over the street. Motion was made to table.

Roy Boling gave an update on the riverbank stabilization funding search process concerning the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers funds. There are stipulations in almost all funding sources and it requires a lot of sorting and coordinating to put a plan together. The Patriot/Posey Park & Recreation Board is working on the project. Council requested a breakdown in the design proposal that was presented by V S Engineers and asked Roy to have Sanjay Patel attend the next town business meeting for a question and answer session.

George Miller advised council that Jonas Memorials came down and took the war memorial back to put the finishing touches on it. Further, he informed council that Verdin Bell would be contacted to adjust the ringer on the school bell.

Council member Danielle Hutchinson presented her findings concerning a new cell phone plan. Council approved the new plan which included more phones and minutes for less money.

In old business, council accepted two bids to lay vinyl tile in the office and awarded the work to Carpet World. Council also approved for Office Shop to supply four workstations for the office.

Council approved the purchase of a reconditioned 15 Kw generator from Oshkosh Equipment Service to be used at the town hall during extended power outages.

In new business, council approved Linda Fisk and Bobbi Bruns to attend a State Board of Accounts sponsored workshop for newly elected clerks in Bedford, Indiana on February 21st.

Cindy Kerr informed members that the user agreement and rules and regulations documents will be available for approval at the next utility business meeting.

Danielle Hutchinson asked if council had any interest in sponsoring CPR courses for all employees? After some discussion, she was instructed to confirm the interest, then get all details from our local EMS instructors and report at the next meeting. She was also told to check into purchasing an AED.

Council moved to approve all monthly bills.

With no further business before the council, the meeting was adjourned. The next town business meeting is Tuesday, March 4th. The public is welcome to attend.