Patriot Town Council hears about museum project


The Patriot Town Council called its August 5th meeting to order after the pledge and prayer. All members were present.

Roy Boling of the Patriot/Posey Park and Recreation Board wished to thank all who were responsible for the successful July 4th Freedom Celebration. He felt everything went well and a good time was had by all.

Roy Boling then introduced Dan Back to report on the museum project.

Dan Back said several families and individuals have contributed numerous items to the development of the museum. Dan Back asked the council to increase the budget $1,000 to pay for new signage for existing pictures and display case dividers.

Donated artifacts will be kept in these window holes as they can be seen from both front and back rooms. Veterans and school history will be in the back room.

Roy Boling also reported that softball activity has dropped off, possibly from the heat.


In other business discussed by the Patriot Town Council:

– The paving of Foxtail Lane was brought up and discussed. The council is waiting on a report from the engineers.

– Dan Back, town representative for Southeastern Indiana Regional Planning Commission asked if a representative could attend the next meeting. The council felt it would be beneficial and approved.

– Fred Stave, representing the steering committee for Area Planning, asked the council if it was ready to adopt the proposed new Comprehensive Plan. The council voted all in favor of it. Fred Stave thanked the town council and told it updates would be forthcoming.

– Utility Superintendent Sherry Ogden was present at the meeting to ask the council to allow her to hire two new employees. She said one would be adequate for now but a second would also be needed. The first one doesn’t have his (Class A ) CDL which is a requirement for employees. Council approved to hire the new employee, but he has 120 days to acquire the CDL or be terminated.

– Patriot Fire Chief George Miller and Assistant Chief Will Hutchinson were present to ask the council to approve a $600 increase on the fire contract to help cover increased insurance costs. There were no contract increases in 2007.

Jim Caudill made a motion to approve the increase with a second from Janett Boling. Danielle Hutchinson abstained. Janett made a request to the fire department to study the costs and coverages before she could approve any more increases.

– Council approved to add the previous chain of command to the employee handbook.

– Will Hutchinson updated the council on the EMS add-on to the firehouse which is being wired up. There will also be a dedication ceremony when completed.

– Council approved to purchase a small chainsaw for tree trimming.

– The meeting was adjourned. The Patriot Town Council’s next meeting is this Tuesday, August 19th at the town hall. The public is invited.