Patriot Town Council hears report on county animal shelter


The Patriot Town Council met on Tuesday, April 1st, for its regular monthly town business meeting. All members were present. The meeting was called to order by Cindy Kerr and opened with the Pledge to the Flag and prayer.

Terry Scudder was present from the Switzerland County Animal Shelter. He reported on the success of the shelter and its future mission to integrate with the existing programs in the county. Residents of the county should read the county ordinance regarding animal control.

Terry Scudder explained the complaint process, owner establishment and responsibilities of the animal owners.

The shelter has an adoption program, as well as a spay/neuter program.

Patriot/Posey Park and Recreation Board gave an update on the riverfront stabilization project.

The council requested that the board expand its duties in the parks to include some activities. After much discussion on many aspects, all agreed that in time, the results would be very positive. The council approved an annual budget of $11,500 to carry out those duties.

Switzerland County EMS director Randy See presented a plan to locate a back-up ambulance in the town of Patriot.

A budget proposal was submitted to the council for the initial costs for housing. The town council supports the proposal, but told Randy See to return with more specific totals after bids are opened.

The matter was then tabled until a later date.


In other business discussed by the Patriot Town Council:

– Switzerland County United Fund board member Jill Hutchinson ask for funding from council to help the many county organizations that United Fund is involved with. In the past, the Patriot Town Council has given a $5,000 donation each year; but also realized that it hadn’t contributed in the last two years.

The council agreed to make a $ 15,000 donation to bring it up to the past level of support.

– The CPR class was considered a success, as it resulted in the training and certification of six water company employees. The council also agreed to purchase one-way valves for those employees.

– A proposal was submitted to codify the town’s ordinances and provide a basic state code book. The proposal includes 10 bound copies of the final product for $1,400. The council approved the purchase.

– The town council discussed the next step in the process of officially adopting Foxtail Lane.

Strand engineers will be consulted before anything else is done. Strand recommended to clean the ditches which has helped significantly with erosion. The road needs to meet the county road specs as a minimum before adopting them.

– Patriot Town Council would like to remind everyone to have their addresses posted on their houses so emergency personnel can locate them quickly if need be.

– Council signed a resolution to raze the old gas station.

– Switzerland County Sheriff’s deputy Dave Davenport was present to inform the council he would be at its service and looked forward to working with the members.

– All monthly bills were approved and the meeting was adjourned. The next town business meeting will be May 6th, at 7 p.m. at the town hall.

The public is invited to attend.