Patriot Town Council hears plans for using Harris Park


The Patriot Town the council held its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, May 7th, with all members present.

The council heard a report from park board President Roy Boling on the uses of Harris Park. The park board hopes to establish some organized softball activity; and the field is being rejuvenated by volunteers, and the hope by some is that this is the beginning of some much needed recreation and entertainment. The town the council increased the park budget to $26,500 to cover the costs of park functions, maintenance, flowers, flags and a donation of $ 15,000 to the United Fund of Switzerland County.

Roy Boling asked the council about the status of Foxtail Lane. Fred Marsh from Strand is looking into what can be done with it and will report to the council on his findings and recommendations.

The council discussed the maintenance of the road and the original road construction when the annexation occurred. Progress is being made and will take some time to resolve the issues but the council is working on it.

Patriot Volunteer Fire Department assistant Fire Chief Will Hutchinson presented a proposal to the council to construct a building to house a back-up EMS squad for the area.

The total cost of the building is $31,200.53, and the Patriot Volunteer Fire Department will pay the monthly operating costs. Hilltop Basic Resources has agreed to donate the needed fill material to elevate the sight to the required grade; and the County Commissioners have agreed to haul the material.

Council President Cindy Kerr felt this was a win-win situation for the community and town and moved to finance the complete project. Jim Caudill seconded the motion. Danielle Hutchinson abstained due to a conflict of interest.


In other business discussed by the Patriot Town Council:

– Matt Lieland asked the council about cleaning up areas after leak repairs and new meter installations. Cindy Kerr will contact superintendent Sherry Ogden to see what needs to be done and report back at the next meeting.

– George Miller asked the council to consider a part-time employee for the summer to plant and maintain the flower beds around town and in the parks. The council agreed that there is a need but it would only be a part-time situation. Danielle Hutchinson motioned to hire Kathy Turner for the position and Jim Caudill seconded it.

– Danielle Hutchinson asked the council if it would support the Switzerland County Health Department in an effort to conduct health screenings for residents in the town hall.

She has put up fliers in an effort to measure the interest in the area and will report back at the next town meeting. The council wanted to know what kind of costs there would be for it and the level of interest of the people.

– George Miller reported to the council on the status of the bell in the Memorial Park. He is trying to set up a meeting with Verdin to get the bugs worked out. He also asked the council to consider purchasing a few large boulders for the park and to place bronze plates on the sidewalk edge denoting the origin of each flag.

There is also a need for two concrete slabs for marble benches that are being donated. The council told George Miller to get some numbers together and report back at the next meeting.

– Deputy Dave Davenport of the Switzerland County Sheriff’s Department was present to return the two flags that were taken from the Memorial Park. He and Deputy Mike Dawson were very diligent in their efforts to solve the case with the cooperation of many residents who take pride in what this park stands for.

Patriot Town the council and others wish to say thanks to both deputies and to the community who got involved. It is the council’s hope that this won’t happen again.

– Cindy Kerr will contact Strand engineers to get their opinion of the use of the generator that was purchased as a back-up generator for the town hall. Further, a concrete pad will be needed to mount the generator.

The council asked Matt Lieland to look into the concrete work that needs done and estimate what it is going to cost.

– Danielle Hutchinson made a motion to adopt the new employee handbook and Jim Caudill seconded the motion. Cindy Kerr will email a copy to Clerk Linda Fisk, and she will provide a copy to all employees and then set up an employee meeting to go over the book and answer any questions that might arise.

– Riverfront property owner Rick Studer was present with questions regarding the riverfront project. Presently the project is in the design phase and won’t be done until late fall. He wants to be kept in the loop of information and progression of the project. He also reminded the council that the engineers are working for the town, and not vice versa.

– The council asked George Miller to see to getting the pontoons cleaned off before the boat dock is put back in the water for the season.

– Danielle Hutchinson asked if a portion of the shelter house wall at the Harris Park could be painted along with restrooms and then have some kind of design painted on it. The council agreed that this could be done.

– Next meeting is June 3rd, 2008. The public is invited to attend.