Patriot Town Council hears about water main projects


The Patriot Town Council came together for its monthly utility meeting on Monday, March 17th, at the town hall. All members were present.

Strand representative Bruce Rape informed the town council that Strand Engineering continues to perform minimal activities related to the 2006 Improvement Project. Bruce Rape reported that C&HM Contractors will be doing cleanup activities as soon as weather permits.

Strand will be submitting additional information to SRF for the State Road 156 water main replacement amendment to the PER. The hope is to finalize activities for the current SRF project in April so that remaining funds can be identified for the State Road 156 amendment.

Bruce Rape further informed the council that the George Kountoupes Painting Company has provided the required insurance documents. Council then signed the contracts to paint the East Enterprise and Pleasant storage tanks and “Notices to Proceed” were also signed.


In other business discussed by the Patriot Town Council:

– The Patriot Town Council reminds all customers that a cut-off valve is required within five feet of the customers’ side of the meter, which is to be used by the customer to turn the water off.

– Field supervisor Gary Davis reported that Florence wells pumped 25,300,000 gallons of water and Patriot wells pumped 4,741,100 gallons of water for the month.

– Field employees started having safety meetings every week and have joined a website that provides testing, topics for discussion, handout sheets and all the forms we need for permits that are necessary for us to have when entering confined spaces. They are also setting up a 10-hour OSHA class which will get everyone safety certified.

– All the pipes that are inside the buildings and the interior themselves have been painted and are a great improvement. As soon as the weather permits, the exteriors of the buildings will be painted. Further, town workers have started painting the operation/maintenance hydrants, and expect to have them all completed by the end of summer.

There are approximately 100 operation/maintenance hydrants throughout the system.

– River City Controls will be putting up a tower to improve communications between the Florence well and McCreary’s Ridge booster station, which should be completed by the end of the week.

– DNR annual withdrawal forms have been completed.

– Council approved the paying of the monthly bills.

– Member Danielle Hutchinson reported that the CPR classes will be on March 28th at 10 a.m.

– Johnson Controls Inc. will hold the automatic meter reader project kick-off meeting on March 19th.

– The next utility business meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 15th at the town hall. The public is invited to attend.