Patriot Town Council hears about stabilizing riverbank


The Patriot Town Council held its regular monthly meeting on October 17th with all members, the clerk and deputy clerk present.

Council president led the Pledge of Allegiance.

The previous month’s minutes were approved by all members.

Kent Boulware of Strand Engineers was introduced to present a proposal to conduct a preliminary engineering report on the riverbank stabilization project. The proposal addresses the stabilizing of the remaining 2,400 feet of the bank in the town proper. Beyond using rip rap to stabilize the bank, some of the ideas include a river walk with lighting, martin boxes, and flags along Front Street. additionally a memorial to Dr. Elwood Mead, boat dock with an H/A ramp for boater access. After some discussion Darrell Kasson made a motion to adopt the proposal at a cost of $27,000. Kathy Workman seconded the motion with all members voting in favor of the motion.

George Miller presented paperwork on large concrete blocks used to construct retaining walls instead of poured concrete walls. Further he requested permission to seek footer bids for the retaining wall at the Patriot Memorial Park on Third Street. Darrell made a motion to seek bids and Kathy seconded. All were in favor.

Fire Chief George Miller informed the town council that J and N Electronics installed the new tornado siren. After a few weeks of testing and interfering activation tones all the bugs have been worked out. The siren can be activated by the communications center in Vevay and by certain fire department radios. When activated it will sound continuously for three minutes when tornado warnings are issued. The radio has battery back-up power and is tested on each Monday around 10 a.m.

Rumpke has not returned any phone calls in regard to the 2nd and Front Street culvert header. Deputy clerk Linda Fisk was told to call Rumpke again and request that they fix the header.

Council was informed of the accumulated motor vehicle and highway funds that need to be obligated to a project.

Patriot annex residents were again in attendance to see if any progress had been made on the annex roads.

Council asked George Miller to see if county highway road specs could be obtained to use as a reference if council decided to take over the annex roads. For years it has been questionable about who is responsible for the annex roads.

Clerk Pamela Hutchinson has volunteered to be the contact person for the town history project. Pam Hutchinson will attempt to utilize areas in the town hall to display donated historical pictures and other historical items. If anyone would like to donate pictures or items please call 594-2243. Locking display cases will be purchased and mounted on the walls to secure all items.

An updated town fire contract was signed by the council with the Patriot Volunteer Fire Department that provides an ISO Class six protection level.

Council member Kathy Workman requested council to send a letter to Rod Dickerson to secure the old Shell station building.

Utility superintendent Sherry Ogden reported fixing 23 leaks and the Patriot Wells have pumped 21,822,300 gallons of water, while Florence well pumped 9,994,600 gallons of water.

The 2005 improvement project is off to a good start. She ordered a new meter for the Belterra pit at a cost of $4,817.50, which includes installation, setup programming, calibration, certification and all hardware.

The red S-10 motor has been replaced and is running well and both of the S-10 pickup trucks have new tires.

Council discussed the new water taps that were paid for before the connection ban was applied and IDEM stopped all new service connections.

Jim McNulty stated that the water system improvement project is under construction for each of the three contracts. Water main installation has begun for Contract $1 and the new main has been connected at Florence as construction proceeds up Log Lick Road. Fred Marsh continues to work to get additional easements to help with construction.

For Contract #2 covering the tank construction, the contractor has cleared the McCreary Ridge site and geotechnical investigations have been completed. Construction will begin once foundation drawings are prepared by the contractor and submitted for review.

Contract #3 covering the two new wells has been significant activity with the completion of a test well in Patriot and installation of a production well casing in Florence. the contractor has recommended a change at Patriot well field from a gravel pack well to a tubular well to reduce the chances of pumping sand. This will involve a change order that is to be prepared. The contractor is also requesting a change order to increase the project cost for copper wire that has seen an increase of over 500 percent over the last four months. This request will be considered, along with other change order items.

Council agreed that S.R. 156 main replacement east of Patriot well field to Evan’s Hill Road can probably begin in the spring of 20007.

Utility superintendent Sherry Ogden submitted a maintenance proposal from River City Controls for the grinder pumps in the sewer lift stations. The proposal was to install new rings and cutters and, oil inspection, pump power, and control cards for wear, float inspection and all electrical connection at a cost of $520. Darrell motioned with a second from Kathy and all were in favor. Sherry Ogden further reported that the sewer plant is running well but she is a little behind on testing. Motion to adjourn the meeting was seconded. All were in favor.