Patriot Town Council discusses road, water improvements


The Patriot Town Council held its monthly meeting on February 21st with President Jim Caudill, board members Darrell Kasson and Kathy Workman along with Pam Hutchinson Clerk/Treasurer, present.

The meeting was called to order and followed with “Pledge to the Flag”. Residents in the annex had asked the council to address the road surface conditions, Council had approved Strand Associates to evaluate the roads and give an assessment.

Fred Marsh from Strand visited the area and reported his findings. However, after reviewing the petition for voluntary annexation, Council felt that council attorney John Watson should also review the petition and advise them. John Watson was not present, so the matter was tabled.

Jim McNulty of Strand Associates was present to update council on the upcoming water improvement project.

Bid advertisement is underway and bids will be accepted until March 6th when they will be opened and read at 1 p.m. at the Patriot town Hall. Bids will be awarded at a later date after review. Jim McNulty did advise that the State Revolving Loan committee requested the 2005 utility report (which was supplied to them) and should not affect the loan closing process. Strand Associates expects numerous bidders.


In other business:

— There seems to be some issues with some customers requesting rereads on their meters.

Patriot Town council would like to clarify the present meter reading procedure. Approximately 1,500 meters are read each month; and the remaining 1,500 meters are estimated. The following month, the previously estimated meters are read and the meters previously read are estimated. The month that meters are estimated, there is an “E” by the usage amount. The estimation is based on the previous reading.

Anyone who wishes to send or call in their own reading and date read as long as it is read at the same time each month. There are codes on the back of the bill that are used by the utility. Approximately 100 meters are read monthly in the Town of Patriot for sewer as well as water usage.

— Utility Superintendent Sherry Ogden reported 26,629,200 gallons were pumped from the Patriot wells and 8,953,300 gallons were pumped from the Florence well for a total 35,582,500 gallons of water. Field workers fixed five leaks in the system and finished up a few more small projects not completed.

— Reynolds turned in a quote for annual pump and well testing and repacking at $400 to $500 per well and it was approved by Council. Kevin Plyman has been running service calls with Gene Brady to learn more about the routes.

— Sherry Ogden also reported a blower motor on the sewer plant is needing replaced and is working with Wastewater Solutions for a replacement. Gary Davis has been working with Sherry to learn the sewer plant operations and testing to manage the system in her absence.

— The next regular meeting of the Patriot Town Council will be at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, March 21st and is open to the public.