Patriot Town Council announces approval of $5.5 million loan


The Patriot Town Council met on July 18th for its regular monthly meeting. Council president Jim Caudill, member Darrell Kasson, clerk Pam Hutchinson and utility superintendent Sherry Ogden were present.

– Clerk Pam Hutchinson reported to council and others present that the $5.5 million loan from SRF had been approved, and a pre-closing meeting date in Indianapolis was later set, which will be attended by the clerk and council president on July 25th. The official loan closing date of August 4th has also been set. Strand can now send Notices of Award to all successful bidders.

– Sherry Ogden reported that the Patriot wells have pumped 26,993,900 gallons; and the Florence well has pumped 7,290,700 gallons.

The field crews have repaired 22 leaks.

– Reynolds have finished repairing and putting back in-service on July 18th a well that went out the week of the 4th of July at a cost of $7,888.63. A motion to pay the bill was made by Darrell Kasson and seconded by Jim Caudill.

– A booster pump problem at Quercus Grove has been fixed. The electrician suggested phase protection be installed at all pump sites to help reduce damage. The cost per pump is approximately $200 each, and Patriot Water would need six or seven. Darrell Kasson made motion and Jim Caudill seconded.

– The red S-10 service truck still needs a new or used engine.


– In town business, John and Shirley Scileppi of Front Street were on the agenda to address the riverbank in front of their house. Council asked George Miller to proceed with the project and he said he would, but at a different capacity. The process was halted due to illness in December 2004. It is a large project in which grant money will be sought to finance it with a 10-20 percent local match needed.

– Council asked contractors Tom Turner and Matt Lieland for proposals to repair a culvert header at 2nd and Front Streets.

– A final report was given on the July 4th “Freedom Celebration”.

Overall the day was a great success. there are still tee-shirts for sale at the town hall at $10 each, with all sizes available.

– Town worker Jim Smith informed council that the finish mower needs replaced. Prices will be sought for a six-foot finish mower.

– Darrell Kasson made a motion to give Lifetime Resources a $1,000 donation toward its programs. Jim Caudill seconded.

– Council agreed to sponsor a hole at Vineyard Golf Course for the upcoming Lions’ “Scramble for Sight” on September 9th.

– Council will seek bids on a re-bar reinforced sidewalk on 3rd street.

– At the previous executive session, no action resulted.

– Utility Superintendent Sherry Ogden reported that IDEM cites the Town Sewer plant monthly for lack of back-up power supply. Sherry Ogden said Hidden Valley has one to sell because of a change of plans at its utility. Council told her to check into it further.

– The next meeting will be August 15th, at Patriot Town Hall, 7 p.m. The public is invited to attend.