Patriot and Posey Township News 3-8-18

So glad this past week is over. Enough of the rain, the flood waters and the mud! The crocus and the daffodils in my yard remind me that spring is coming and I need only be patient.


  So glad this past week is over. Enough of the rain, the flood waters and the mud! The crocus and the daffodils in my yard remind me that spring is coming and I need only be patient.

  Patience, however, has never been one of my strong points.

  Leave it to me to injure myself fighting the effects of the flood, even though my property and I were spared. Sunday I drove around town and documented the extent of the flood. Monday I exited the rear of my home only to be confronted with a rather serious stream of water coming from the alley, through my carport and straight down my sidewalk towards my back door. Apparently the basement of the neighboring church had flooded and someone was doing their best to pump it dry. Gravity, however, was sending the water across the alley and into my yard where the standing water beside the carport neared 5 inches in depth. I scurried to try and re-route at least some of the water down the alley only to injure my already bum shoulder and arm doing so. Alas, no permanent damage was done and after a week of rest, my shoulder is ‘almost’ back to what is becoming its normal: puny.

  Then three days were spent caring for a sick pooch who although improving, is still not well. Friday, I resumed my normal routine by traveling to Cincinnati for lunch with my friend John N. Campbell. As always, the conversation was enjoyable and the food delicious. Saturday with the help of the Jeff-Craig Volunteer Fire Department, I was able to get into my sister’s flooded summer home outside Vevay. Chris See gave me a ride in. There, Cody McNeely, J.J. Sullivan and several others were hard at work trying to clear the roadway. That evening I traveled to Clermont, just southwest of Indianapolis, for the retirement party of a police friend of mine. Sunday Sandy and Wayne Dawson stopped by after church for a short visit and definitely brightened my day.

  Prayers of comfort for the families of Travis Griffith and Dotte Houze Swift, the mother of Peggy Smith. Prayers of healing for Mary Ellen Witt, Irvin Fette, Fritz Korn, John Campbell, Jake Rader, Pam Hutchinson, Colton Schirmer, Erin Schmitt, Wayne Dawson, Bill Levell, Leona Ware, and Red HOT Hatter June Lack.

  Our next Red HOT Hatters meeting will be Thursday, March 15th, starting with lunch at the Mexican restaurant El Nopal in the Butler Outlet Mall in Carrollton, Kentucky and a shopping excursion to Bonworth’s. Lunch will be at 11 a.m. and shopping will follow. What could be more fun that spending a day having lunch and shopping with friends!

  The Switzerland County Republicans will hold their 2018 Lincoln Day Dinner at Belterra Casino Resort and Spa on Saturday, March 24th. Tickets will be $50 per person, $90 per couple and $450 for a table of 8. For information about advertising and purchasing tickets contact Lisa Fisher at (812) 584-2097; or by email

  Easter Mass at the Most Sorrowful Mother of God Catholic Church will be at 10 a.m. on Sunday, April 1st. Father Joseph Moriarty, Rector at Bishop Simon Brute College Seminary in Indianapolis will preside. Each Friday through March 23rd, the ‘Stations of the Cross’ will immediately follow the 5:30 p.m. rosary. Good Friday will be observed at 1 p.m. on Friday, March 30th. There will be no Saturday mass on March 31st in Vevay.

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