Patriot News-additional 04/01/2021


  Vevay Media Group would like to welcome Sarah Hoffman as our new Patriot Community Correspondent.

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  Welcome Sarah!


  Small town life what is it all about.

  Since moving to the beautiful town of Patriot in 2012 I have had that question answered over a thousand times. While taking a walk around Main street and down by the river,  I was reminded what small town life is all about. Neighbors helping neighbors, on this beautiful Saturday afternoon the sun is shining, people are out working in their yards, getting into the spring season.  Young adults hanging out with friends down by the river, people sitting on their porches resting from the busy work week,  It is a joyous feeling living in a small river town.

  This morning the town of Patriot held its annual Easter egg hunt for the children in the area, as I watched on as little ones ran to find eggs filled with goodies, it took me back to an age of innocence, before learning that everything isn’t always what it looks like and sometimes the grass really isn’t greener on the other side.  As we begin Holy week we as a community should remember that helping one another is always a good thing, and being a good neighbor isn’t that hard.

  In the past year things have certainly been different, and I hope that one day things will become somewhat normal again. As Easter Sunday approaches many of the churches in the area will be hosting services in person and online, if you feel you are able to attend, get out and enjoy, stay safe while doing so. Families in town and in the area in general are starting to celebrate life again.

  Since this is my first article for the Vevay newspaper I am not up to date on all the happenings in Patriot. Happy birthday and anniversary to everyone celebrating this week, and love and prayers to all those who are experiencing sickness or loss.

  If anyone would like to have an anniversary or birthday mentioned in the Patriot news please feel free to email me at  Have a wonderful week, and I hope and pray that the people of Patriot all come to know the answer to the question: Small town life, what is it all about?

  Small towns where everyone you drive by waves, even if you don’t know them…” Author unknown