Patriot News 9-8-16


So what do you give to someone on their 100th birthday? Well, according to Mary Alice Scudder – some of everything! I had a super conversation with her on Monday and she provided me with a L-O-N-G list of the wonderful gifts that she received in honor of her birthday on August 20th. Approximately 50 people attended the party her daughter Margaret Rowlett and husband Garry held for her. Her neighbors Tina and Dean Henry had still even a second party. Her granddaughter Sherry Rowlett from West Virginia then visited with her from Wednesday to Sunday. All in all, it sounds as though the best gifts you can give someone on their 100th birthday are love and beautiful memories – and Mary Alice received both.

The Red HOT Hatters met at the Shell’s Ice Cream Parlor and Restaurant on Monday and always we invaded the back room, but surprise! – our party was crashed by a rather interesting looking gentleman wearing someone’s read hat that very strongly resembled Mike Danner. Others in attendance were: Claudia Dawson, Sandy Dawson, Lois McKay, Mary Christiani, June Lack, Eileen Wiesmann, Cheryl McMillan, Charlene Goff, Lisa Fisher, Joyce Johnson, Dottie Keeton and a new member Mika King. When Mika first called me about coming to the meetings, she sounded so young that I even brought her a pink hat for the Under 50 group distinction. Welcome Mika! We love you already!

We have in reserve a total of 20 tickets for the September 21st matinee showing of ‘Menopause’ at the Beef N’ Boards Dinner Theater in Indianapolis so if anyone would like to go, please call me ASAP at (812) 594-2281. The special group pricing is $33 which includes the grand buffet and the live musical comedy. Men enjoy this as much as the women do – or more – and we do have men already signed up to attend so gentlemen, please do not be shy!

The October meeting of the Red HOT Hatters will be on Monday, October 10th at the home of Red Hatter Lisa Fisher. Like the one we had at the home of Joyce Johnson, this will again be a pitch-in so everyone is to bring their favorite dish.

The November meeting has not as yet been decided but the Red HOT Hatters already have reservations for their “Christmas at the Mansion”! This will be our third annual luncheon and will begin at 11 a.m. on Monday, December 12th. Michele promises that this one will be better than ever!

Our long awaited Yard Sale was begun this week in Indianapolis. I carted quite a bit of our stuff up to my friend Judy’s house and took advantage of her crowd and her advertising. She will be having a second sale within the next month so I will most probably repeat the process so we can still collect more ‘stuff. As always, all monies raised will go to the Antoinette “Toni” Kniola Memorial Fund. Anyone wishing to make a donation to Toni’s Fund may do so at anytime by stopping by the Community Foundation Office or to contribute items for the sale contact me at (812) 594-2281.

Part of my Tuesday was spent with Jarrad Holbrook, the Director of the Southeast Field Office of Indiana Landmarks, who came to Patriot at my request to examine what his left of the M.E. Church on 3rd Street. Now unfortunately deteriorated beyond repair, there are still some interesting features of historical value. I am looking forward to working with him and some of his contacts on this project. It is indeed so sad to see such a previously beautiful church be in such bad shape. It should be a lesson to us all on the need to preserve our past.

Last week I forgot to include perhaps the most amusing aspect of the Swiss Wine Festival’s Little Mister contest. Kathryn Turner and Lisa Fisher both now have told me about candidate Will Smith’s response to the question “What do you want to be?” The son of Levi and Lacie Smith rather loudly responded, “Work at McDonald’s!” How precious!

Thank goodness for locally owned businesses! This week the Town of Patriot Town Hall was in need of the expertise of two different local craftsmen: Richard Hale and Eric Thien. Both responded almost immediately and both provided excellent service at reasonable prices. Richard came when called because one of the two air conditioning units died. Eric responded when summoned about an oven that sparked recently when turned on.

Wednesday I attended the funeral mass for Mary Alice Gaudin at the Most Sorrowful Mother of God Catholic Church. Although I was never honored to meet her, everyone in our church so loved and respected her. My condolences to the family and especially my friend Joann Gaudin, her daughter-in-law.

This week’s recipe is another tried and true from my friend Sharon Levell:

“Coke Salad”

By Patriot’s Aunt Bea

2 Pkgs. – Cherry JELLO

2 Cups – Hot Water

1 Cup – Coca Cola

1 Can – Bing Cherries

1 Cup – Juice from the can of Cherries

3 oz. – Creamed Cheese

3/4 Cup – Chopped Pecans

Dissolve the Jello in the Hot Water.

Stir in the remaining ingredients.

Pour into a 9″ x 13″ pan.

Refrigerate. Cut into squares.

Serve and enjoy!


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