Patriot News 9-1-16


Things seemed pretty quiet around Patriot this past week. All of the activity moved to Vevay for the Swiss Wine Festival. Kathryn Turner and Rhonda Turner enjoyed watching the Clydesdales but probably not as much as they did the Little Miss and Mister Swiss Contest, where the children of Levi and Lacie Smith fared very well: Alyna Smith won the Little Miss Swiss and her brother Will was first runner up for Little Mister Swiss. Along with sister Clayre, the children participated as Little Swiss Polka Dancers. Their costumes I understand were all made by their great-grandmother Helen Hounshell.

Happy 48th Anniversary to Betty and Carl Hutchinson!

Seventy-seven years ago on August 25, 1939, The Wizard of Oz was released. That alone is mind-boggling but here are some other curious facts that I found that you may not be aware of concerning the movie. The film had four directors: the first one was fired after two weeks; the second and third both quit to work on Gone with the Wind. The first Tin Man had a severe allergic reaction to the aluminum powder makeup, was hospitalized and had to be replaced. The Cowardly Lion’s costume weighed over 100 pounds. Over 100 dogs were auditioned for the part of Toto. Judy Garland wore a blonde wig for the first two weeks because they envisioned Dorothy as fair headed. The Wicked Witch (Margaret Hamilton) was burned during the filming and was off for six weeks with injuries to her face and hands. The song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” was scratched from the film three times and added only as an afterthought. The entire movie was shot inside of the movie studio with the only two exceptions of the clouds shown during the credits at the beginning and end of the film.

Returning from Columbus Indiana, JoAnne Hon’s granddaughter, Carrie Clark with her children Krew and Meila, and niece Aubree spent time at the farm Sunday visiting and seeing the animals.

Speaking of animals, I should be cat-less by the time you read this. I had to surrender the Momma Cat, Ms. Liberty, back to the Switzerland County Animal Shelter late last week. Even at a mere six pounds, she was getting a little too rough on my four pound, 16 year old Japanese Chin – Princess Ming Su. Very Special Agents Gibbs and DiNozzo have accepted a different assignment so with their toy mice, balls and favorite strings packed they are off on their next mission. They will remain together which is important: especially when they are midget cats. I have always considered them to be small but it was only after my niece became concerned about her kitten that I realized that the kittens are much smaller than they should be. They are now 10-11 weeks old and DiNozzo is only 1.4 pounds and the runt Gibbs is barely a pound. Of course when you are being incognito on a stake out, being black and being tiny can definitely be to your advantage! So as much as I will miss them, I bid them farewell and wish them successful missions! My couch, however, couldn’t be happier!

The Red HOT Hatters are headed for the Beef ‘N Boards Dinner Theater in Indianapolis to see the Broadway musical comedy “MENOPAUSE”! We will be attending a Wednesday afternoon matinee which will necessitate leaving here around 8:30 a.m. The doors open there at 11 a.m. The buffet begins at 11:30 a.m. and the curtain goes up at 1 p.m. This musical features songs from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and is hysterical! Men enjoy this play as much – or more – than women do. So if you are interested is participating, please contact me at (812) 594-2281 for specifics. We will need to take a group of at least 20 with us to be eligible to qualify for the group rate so you need not be a Red HOT Hatter to join in on the fun. No specific date has been chosen at this time. The more, the merrier and the cheaper!

The Red HOT Hatters are still collecting stuff for our Yard Sale. As soon as we decide upon the particulars, I will be sure and share. As always, all monies raised will go to the Antoinette “Toni” Kniola Memorial Fund. Anyone wishing to make a donation to Toni’s Fund may do so at anytime by stopping by the Community Foundation Office or to contribute items for the sale contact me at (812) 594-2281.

The next Patriot Town Board meeting because of Labor Day is not scheduled for Monday, September 5th at 6 p.m. at the Patriot Town Hall but instead, will be on Tuesday, September 6th. Same time, same place. The Town is in need of businesses wishing to place bids for numerous tasks ranging from tree removal, concrete repair and special projects to replacement of the roof on Town Hall. Any business interested should contact the Town Clerk Linda Fisk for additional information at (812) 594-2243. Vendors must have liability insurance to be eligible for the bid.

Gardy Smith did another bang up good job fixing my lawnmower again. Seems there was water in the gas! Hmmm! Since the container was closed and the gas was purchased at a ‘prominent, local establishment’, it looks like the gas was watered down when I bought it. Not a good thing.

A very good thing is the fact that I live next door to some super neighbors! Who, by the way, have long ago asked not to be listed by name in the paper. So to that wonderful couple that live next door and own a riding lawnmower that he used to cut the grass on my riverbank, I am forever grateful!

To that Unknown Person who keeps hiding the stuff around my house: I found my car keys! How very clever of you to put them inside the pocket of a jacket I left in the attic this past spring! This week when I put the last of the Christmas decorations up – yes, I know it’s almost September! – I found the jacket and the keys. So be advised: It is only a matter of time before I find my green shorts. Maybe not in time to wear the shorts again this year, but there’s always next year.

At our last Red HOT Hatter luncheon, which was a pitch-in at the home of Gary and Joyce Johnson, Mary Christiani made a exquisite squash casserole that did not taste like squash! Here’s the recipe and I guarantee it’s delicious!



4 Squash (Yellow neck and/or Zucchini)

1 Onion

1 Carrot

1 Box or ½ Bag – Cornbread Stuffing Mix

1 Can – Creamed Chicken Soup

8 Oz. Sour Cream

Cut the squash and onion as if making mashed potatoes. Put into pot. Cover with water and cook about 15 minutes till tender. Drain off almost all of the water and mash slightly. Grate the carrot in a separate bowl. Add the carrot, one box or ½ bag of stuffing mix, with creamed chicken soup and sour cream.

OPTIONAL: One tube of pork sausage, sautéed separately can be added to the mixture.

Mix everything together and bake 45-50 minutes at 350 degrees.


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