Patriot News 8-11-16


It’s time to begin our own Crime Watch in Patriot! I have spoken to two different residents this past week and both were complaining about the juveniles running rampant and unsupervised in Patriot. Out at all times of the day and night, it is apparent that we need to begin watching these young people ourselves and attempt to monitor any and all interaction they may have with our properties and our belongings. I personally need to replace several burned out bulbs in and about my property: light deters crime, that’s a fact. Locked doors on buildings and vehicles need to become common practice. We all need to be more observant and if we see something suspicious, notify the Switzerland County Sheriff’s Office at (812) 427-3636. Attempt to get a good description of the individual or individuals involved including approximate age, height, weight, hair color and clothing.

Happy Birthday blessings this month to: Red HOT Hatters Jean Rose on August 11th and Laura Riga on August 18th, my dear friend Anthony Christiani on August 16th, and Mary Alice Scudder who turns 100 on the 20th!

The Red HOT Hatters have planned their luncheon for Monday, August 29th at 11 a.m. at Shell’s Restaurant in Vevay. Everyone is welcome! Bring a friend and a $5-10 valued gift for exchange if you wish. We are also collecting items for a Yard Sale to be held on a Saturday in September. I received a phone call the other day from Tourism who officially notified me that they are not having a County Wide Sale on September 10th. As soon as we decide upon the particulars, I will be sure and share. As always, all monies raised will go to the Antoinette “Toni” Kniola Memorial Fund. Anyone wishing to make a donation to Toni’s Fund may do so at anytime by stopping by the Community Foundation Office or to contribute items for the sale contact me at (812) 594-2281.

Our Red HOT Hatters’ brunch held on Sunday, July 31st at the home of Joyce and Gary Johnson was beyond nice! The food was exquisite – especially the pork loin that Gary fixed up. The rest was a combination of everyone’s favorite pitch-ins. As always, we had a great time. Thank you again Joyce and Gary for having us!

Monday was the Patriot Town Board Meeting. The Town of Patriot is in need of businesses wishing to place bids for numerous tasks ranging from tree removal, concrete repair and special projects to replacement of the roof on Town Hall. Any business interested should contact the Town Clerk Linda Fisk for additional information at (812) 594-2243. Vendors must have liability insurance to be eligible for the bid. The next Town Board meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 5th at 6 p.m. at the Patriot Town Hall.

So very sad to hear that Red HOT Hatter Claudia Dawson lost her Mom Tuesday. Claudia and Tom are super people and I am so sorry for their loss.

Wednesday, I treated my sister Jan to a birthday lunch at Patron’s. Afterwards she asked to stop at the ‘Fabric Shop’ also known as the Cardinal Quilts and Fabric Shop and owned by Helen Hounshell (Another Red HOT Hatter!). My sister was totally astounded at the selection of fabric that Helen has on hand. I met Laverne Bailey who was busy working on a quilt piece in a star pattern that will be gorgeous when completed. As far as my sister is concerned, Helen’s shop puts JOANN FABRICS to shame. My Mother was a commercial seamstress and although I struggled through 10 years of Clothing in 4-H, my best was a Reserve Champion green plaid woolen suit which unfortunately I had outgrown before the County Dress Revue. It is, however, still occupying a place of honor in my closet! My sister as the mother of two daughters has sewn for them their whole lives and continues to do so now for her great-granddaughter Lilly.

Helen told me that her daughter Greta Busch, a 1980 graduate of Switzerland County High School, was home to visit. She is the mother of four, an x-ray technician at the Mountainview, Missouri Hospital and it’s her first time home in three years. Greta was spending the day with sister Lisa Fisher and Lisa’s daughter Natasha McMillin.

Helen gave us a complete tour including the two computerized quilting machines and of course we met ‘Marvin’ – the canary!

Helen even shared her recipe for Hot Fudge Ice Cream Topping or even Icing:

Helen’s Hot Fudge Topping or Icing

1 cup Sugar

2 Heaping Teaspoons of Cocoa

½ Stick of Oleo or Butter

1/3 Cup of Milk

Microwave for 2 minutes. Stir and cook two more minutes then add 1 Teaspoon of Vanilla. Ready to eat!

Thursday afternoon I got a call from P & G requesting my presence at the Cook’s Restaurant. P = Patty Chase and G = Glenda Sullivan. Of course, I had to appear! When I arrived, Patty and Glenda were already seated with Fred and Sondra Stave so I pulled up a chair on the end. And we commenced to talking. And talking – and talking! We had a super visit and of course, solved all of the problems of Patriot, Switzerland County and of course the World!

And I have a witness! Sondra Stave thought I was sunburnt but Patty Chase knew! I was ‘glowing’! Ladies after all don’t sweat, but boy do I ‘glow’ bright red in this heat!

I am currently fostering a small black Momma Cat that I have named Ms. Liberty and her three young’uns; Star, Spangle and Banner for the Switzerland County Animal Shelter. Star and Bangle are almost completely black males and Spangle is an adorable little gray female tiger. Spangle aka ‘Tigger’ is currently on a ‘test drive’ with my niece Leighann but prior to relinquishing custody I called the Rising Sun Vet Clinic to have her checked for Feline Leukemia. Little did I realize that the very nice and highly knowledgeable receptionist on the other end of the phone was Cathy Curry! Tigger got her test and accompanied me on my travels from the car dealership, to the grocery and even to a yard sale – most of the time hidden securely in my oversized purse. The yard sale was at the orchard outside Rising Sun where I met Corey Potts, the pastor of a church in Lawrenceburg, and also ran into Violet Kelly from East Enterprise. Probably the best yard sale I have been to this year at least.

Had to laugh at an article in Facebook: supposedly ‘they’ have done a study and if you 1) curse, 2) stay up late and 3) have a messy work area, then you are more apt to be a genius than those who don’t. Well, I am most definitely nocturnal and heaven only knows, my work area is a mess but I have never been one to curse. I feel like cursing a lot – if that counts!

Saturday I was so busy with the cats, that I was late getting ready for church. It was a good thing, though, because I was home to get a phone call from Sharon Levell. Her granddaughter went from near-death to home! Awesome! Anyway, she was afraid she hadn’t gotten a recipe to me for this week. God love her! She was worried about the recipe while her granddaughter was so ill. She is such a super nice lady!

If you have anything for me to include in this article, please send it to me. Information can be received any day of the week but normally my deadline is Sunday at noon for that week’s issue of the paper. Any news received later will appear in the following week’s article. If you need something in on a particular date be sure and give it to me early. Thank you for sending me what you do every week – I couldn’t do this without you!

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