Patriot News 7-7-16


I wanted to do a special article on the Fourth of July, so I began asking people I encountered to tell me what they thought of when I mentioned July 4th. The answers were for the most part either ‘Freedom’ or ‘Independence’ although one lady said ‘Soldiers’ which I thought admirable. No one had to remind her who fought for our freedom.

I have been able to travel quite a bit in my lifetime and for me, the best way to define ‘Freedom’ is in what I have seen in other countries where that concept is not the same as ours.

In Haiti, for instance, the national religion is Voodoo. Catholicism is the official religion but not the most widely practiced by choice. While working in a clinic outside Gran Guave, I watched as a new mother brought in her twins for treatment. Her son was obviously her pride and joy and was healthy, happy and robust. Her little daughter however was just the opposite: ashen, dehydrated and listless. Voodoo beliefs dictate that in the case of twins, since there is only one soul between the two children, one must die. Her daughter, of course, was considered of little value to the family. In her case, her freedom to choose which religion she followed was damning her daughter to a slow, painful death from starvation.

In the Soviet Union about 25 years ago, young couples wanting to get married had to wait years for their own residences. Housing there is so poor, the cities so crowded that entire families live in the same apartment for years on end. The stores were also government owned and run. Americans want to be unique in every way: the different, the better. Can you imagine going to a store to buy a flower vase and there being only one color and style? How would you feel knowing that perhaps every household in your country has a vase exactly like yours? Freedom to choose? Not likely.

I remember being in Riga, the capital of Latvia, and this I was told was the first time since the war that Easter could be publicly celebrated. The mood was festive and everywhere you saw Easter decorations in the windows: the same cutout rabbit in the choice of yellow or blue. The community gathered in the park and lines formed for what seemed like miles but not for tilt-a-whirls, merry go rounds or Ferris wheels. No the only source of entertainment was a huge wooden swing mounted between two very tall trees and powered by two men stationed at opposite sides. One pushed, then the other. But amazingly, people were ecstatic to get to ride it. They chose to be happy with what they had, how many Americans do that?

Newly married couples visit war memorials there with their families. On the happiest day of their young lives, they choose to take the time out of their celebrations to honor their war dead. At the site of the memorial for the Salaspils Concentration Camp that housed men, women and children, we were told that once the Soviets liberated the camp, they killed 500 of their own: those deemed too ill to be allowed to live. For them even freedom meant death.

Take time to reflect on what Freedoms we have here in the United States of America. Learn to appreciate what you have and remember that the Freedom we enjoy was bought with the blood of our forefathers and is forever protected by our courageous young men and women in uniform. Pray for them and most importantly, pray for the Good U.S. of A. – she needs it!

The Patriot Baptist Church will be holding its Annual Veterans’ Service and Picnic on Sunday, July 17th. Church service begins at 11 a.m. with a pitch-in afterwards. Believe me, those folks know their covered dishes! All veterans are invited to participate.

Every Wednesday at 6 p.m., the Patriot Baptist Church holds a Bible Study and all are welcome.

It happened again. If you mention Vevay or Switzerland County to anyone in southern Indiana, the first question you get is: “So do you know Patty Chase?” And the next question is: “And how is Glenda Sullivan doing?” This time the question was posed by the Versailles Postmaster Carolyn Hankins. Seems Carolyn’s sister Levada Bladen took her to a Shoe Factory Reunion and of course who were the two stars of the show but Patty and Glenda! Carolyn told me her grandmother Doris Smith wrote the Fairview article for the Vevay newspaper for years and that she still enjoys reading it.

Last Monday, Janice Meadors visited with daughter Megan Meadors, a surgery nurse at Children’s Hospital. She came bearing gifts, of course, and Megan was as always the happy recipient of some much needed accessories for her apartment in Erlanger. Well at least, Janice thought they were needed!

Gearing up for the coming wedding of Aly Minks and Walter Barnes, Janice Meadors attended a bridal shower at the Rising Sun Church of Christ last Saturday.

Cook’s Kitchen continues to impress and if you have not as yet been there, there’s no time like today! Marilyn loves to read Cookbooks and loves to try new things but her baked goods and pulled pork are still my favorites! She has replaced most of her original staff and the service is better than ever. (I promise!) Breakfast is served all day long. All food is homemade and fresh! Please come and support our favorite local restaurant! It’s so good to have it open again and it is very important to our community and the other businesses in Patriot to keep it open! Ya’ll come! Ya hear? The restaurant will be open the Fourth of July. She also does carryouts and catering. Call Marilyn at (812) 594-COOK.

CORRECTION: Because of the Fourth of July holiday, the July Town Board meeting will be Tuesday, July 12th at 6 p.m.

The Red HOT Hatters have been invited by Red Hatter Joyce Johnson to her home on Sunday, July 31st for a late brunch at 2 p.m. Everyone is asked to bring their favorite dish. RSVP will be necessary to Kay Cook by July 27th: (812) 594-2281 or (317) 443-8857. In addition, we are all encouraged to bring a gift for exchange valued at $10 or more and of course, a friend!

Here’s just one of my friend Sharon Levell’s recipes:

“7-Layer Taco Dip”

By Patriot’s Aunt Bea

1 lb. Sausage

16 oz. Refried beans

1 pkg. Taco seasoning mix

2 cups Shredded Mexican cheese blend

16 oz. Sour cream

1 medium Diced Tomato

6 oz. Sliced Black olives

1 bunch Chopped Green onions

11 oz. Salsa

Tortilla chips

Cook and crumble sausage till brown. Stir in beans and taco seasoning mix. Spread sausage mix into 7×11 serving dish. Top with sour cream, then salsa. Sprinkle olives, tomato and onion on top. Cover with cheese. Serve immediately with chips.


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