Patriot News 7-28-16


Join the Church Challenge! Marilyn of Cook’s Kitchen in Patriot is offering one dollar off per meal for everyone bringing in a current church bulletin! It’s an excellent destination after church services or anytime.

Reverend Stephen Ward announced that this Sunday, July 31st, will be a busy one at Concord Church. Regular services will begin at 10:30 a.m., followed by the normal Fifth Sunday pitch-in dinner and at 1:30 p.m., Benjamin Ballew will be there in concert. The Concord Church is located approximately 3 miles downriver from the intersection of State Roads 156 and 250 in Downtown Patriot – and off of State Road 156 at 196 Concord Rd. It’s the white church so easily seen from 156 amidst the farmland of North Bend Farms. And the food at Concord is always good!

I received a super note and recipe from Mary Alice Scudder who will turn 100 years young on August 20th. I first met her five years ago as a young’un of 95 when Garnet Keith held a surprise birthday party for Mary Alice. It was August 12th, 2011 and in attendance for the festivities and pitch-in with Garnet and Mary Alice were Dorothy Burley, Gretchen Knox, Hazel Knaus and Daisy Sherfy. Family members of Garnet’s there included Dianna (Jodi) Winslow, Nick and Dionne Reynolds. A Very Happy Hundred to you, Mary Alice Scudder and thank you so much for the recipe and your kind words!

Last week I made mention of Baton Rouge Officer Montrell Jackson who had expressed his worries and heartache over the hostile environment in his community less than 24 hours before he was gunned down and killed. The 10 year veteran of the police department and father of a brand new baby boy was also a member of the black community.

On July 19th, Kansas City Kansas Police Captain Robert “Dave” Melton was also killed as he responded to a run on ‘shots fired’. In May, his department lost a young detective and subsequent to that the Department had researched and compiled proper procedures to follow in the cases of on-duty deaths. The man in charge of that project was Captain Melton and it was with his funeral that the procedures would first be followed.

Please pray for our law enforcement community: “Help the police officers of our day who strive to stem the rebellion against God and evil that are rampant on all sides. Keep them faithful to their God as well as to their country and their fellow human beings.”

Thursday got a call from Pat Tierney who had misplaced a recipe that I had included in one of my articles. Fun talking with her!

Also Thursday I ran into Lora James another Dearborn County Hospital employee who I miss working with and as always, she beamed talking about her son Kobi who is a sophomore at South Dearborn High School this year.

Saw and spoke with Glenda Sullivan Saturday evening at Dollar General. Still on a cane, she was doing quite well and the smile made all the difference!

Anyone interested in being included in the Patriot “Hue and Cry” announcing riverboats’ arriving, may contact me Kay E. Cook either on Facebook or at my home phone number of (812) 594-2281 to receive a notification by phone, or text my cell at (317) 443-8857.

I don’t like hot weather, but when I saw this on the marquee of a church in Osgood, I really had a good laugh: “So you think THIS is hot!”

The Red HOT Hatters have been invited by Red Hatter Joyce Johnson to her home on Sunday, July 31st for a late brunch at 2 p.m. Everyone is asked to bring their favorite dish. RSVP will be necessary to Kay Cook by July 27th: (812) 594-2281 or (317) 443-8857. In addition, we are all encouraged to bring a gift for exchange valued at $10 or more and of course, a friend! New members are always welcome! There are only three requirements to be a member: 1) You must come to eat with us, 2) Meet new friends and 3) Have fun!

Here’s the recipe Mary Alice Scudder sent to share:


Line a 9 inch pie plate with an unbaked pie crust and fill with fresh sliced peaches.

Cream one cup sugar with 1/3 cup Margarine and add 1/3 Cup Flour, one beaten egg, and ½ t. of Vanilla.

Spread mixture over the sliced peaches and back at 300 degrees for one hour.

Have mixture ready to pour over the peaches, so the peaches don’t loose their color.

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