Patriot News 7-14-16


The 2016 Fourth of July Festivities in Patriot albeit rather soggy have come and gone nonetheless. Obviously the weather affected the number and kinds of participants in the Parade but all in all, the weather cooperated well enough for the Parade to conclude without any signs of an ark or the sudden appearance of animals in pairs.

As far as I am concerned, it is the presence of our veterans that make it a Fourth of July Parade. Rightly so, it was the color guard from the Vevay American Legion Post #185 and the Vevay VFW Post #5396 that led off the parade and without their participation, the flag ceremony at the Memorial Park would be meaningless. On top of everything, it was so good to see Troy Stafford back in uniform! Thank you again, gentlemen, for all you do!

And speaking of jobs well-done: Emily Oatman, age 8, did a fantastic job singing and performing “Amazing Grace” on her guitar during the Memorial Park ceremonies.

My friend June Lack was treated to a belated birthday dinner at Mo’s on Saturday, July 2nd by Anthony and Mary Christiani and me. Our portions were huge, food excellent and service top of the line. Celebrating a total of 81 years, June is still fairly active and is a very important part of our Most Sorrowful Mother of God church family.

Later on that evening thanks to self-proclaimed River Rats Barb Anderson and Roger Hilligoss in Rising Sun, I was able to receive notification of the upcoming arrival of the Queen of the Mississippi through Patriot in time to alert five different families. Its arrival at dusk complete with lights and the setting sun really made for a beautiful photograph but you just had to be there! Family and friends of Kirk and Kathy Kuhn on a dock beside the family and friends of Jack Leonard on his dock, all joined in on a beautiful rendition of “Proud Mary” as the riverboat passed through Patriot. So fun!

Speaking of Roger Hilligoss who is the American Legion Post #59 Commander in Rising Sun, he was also installed July 9th in Indianapolis as the Ninth District Commander – Congrats!

I was ecstatic this evening as I listened to a message on my recorder from my dear friend John Campbell. John and I struck up a friendship while I wrote this article a few years ago. As a young man, John lived in Patriot but unfortunately moved away but not without leaving at least a piece of his heart here in Patriot. I found out that Mr. Campbell and my dear friend Dorothy Burley had remained friends through the years and we have on occasion been able to share some very enjoyable phone conversations. I am afraid he has been ill so I will add him to our prayer list at church. So happy to hear from him and I can’t wait to call him back!

The Patriot Baptist Church will be holding its Annual Veterans service and picnic this Sunday, July 17th. Church service begins at 11 a.m. with a pitch-in afterwards. Believe me, those folks know their covered dishes! All veterans are invited to participate.

Every Wednesday at 6 p.m., the Patriot Baptist Church holds a Bible Study and all are welcome.

A week does not go by since the Cook’s Kitchen opened in May that I don’t get at least one call for the restaurant. It’s simple! To our Patriot area code and extension (812-594) simply add C-O-O-K making the restaurant phone (812) 594-COOK. It’s so good to have it open again and it is very important to our community and the other businesses in Patriot to keep it that way.

The Red HOT Hatters have been invited by Red Hatter Joyce Johnson to her home on Sunday, July 31st for a late brunch at 2 p.m. Everyone is asked to bring their favorite dish. RSVP will be necessary to Kay Cook by July 27th: (812) 594-2281 or (317) 443-8857. In addition, we are all encouraged to bring a gift for exchange valued at $10 or more and of course, a friend!

I’ve been running up to Indy every Sunday that I can to help my friend Judy utilize her swimming pool. She is downsizing and has her home up for sale so of course we have to use it now so she doesn’t waste the chemicals. (Sounds like a good excuse, right?) Anyway in addition to some prime time in the sun, we reminisce about the good old days (we are both retired law enforcement) and then simply to be nice of course, I agree to help her eat all of the delicious dishes that she loves to make: fried chicken, chicken and noodles, a roast, potato salad, corn on the cob, bread pudding, cake etc. Of course I am only doing this out of love based on our decades’ long friendship. (Yeah, sure – I don’t even believe that!)

So this week, after Judy first shared this with me at dinner she later agreed to share her mother’s favorite Pea Salad recipe so that we could all enjoy it. So here goes:

Louise’s Pea Salad

1 Can of Peas (drained)

2 Hard Boiled Eggs – chopped

2 Raw Carrots – sliced

1 Medium Onion – chopped

2-3 Stalks of Celery – sliced

Sweet Pickle Relish to taste – approximately 1 T.

Miracle Whip to taste – approximately 1 T.

Stir all ingredients together and serve chilled.

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