Patriot News 7-12-12


I hope everyone had a great 4th of July holiday and that you survived the heat. We finally got some much needed rain. The Patriot 4th of July parade was awesome just like it always has been. There were a lot of entries this year. We also had a nice crowd watching the parade and braving the heat. I hope everyone enjoyed it and the Memorial Service, and community picnic. Thanks to everyone who participated and those who came and enjoyed the holiday in our great town.

Pat Jones and Ray Westerkamm attended the Quaker State 400 on Saturday, June 30th.

Ivan and Dollie Green ate out Sunday the 30th and Monday July 1st with Mary Lynn Reese in honor of her 65th birthday. Hazel Huffner of Rising Sun, Billy Green of Vevay, and Dollie Green spent Thursday in Vevay eating at Shell’s and visiting with each other. Sunday, July 8th, was the Green family reunion. Those in attendance were Ivan and Dollie Green, Reesea and Bailey Jackson, Breanna Hughes, Andrew Green, and Charla, Drew and Allie Azbell of Indianapolis. The Azbells will be spending the week in Cincinnati for the AAU basketball tournament which Sam will be playing in.

Missy Jones prepared a meal in celebration of Leah Jones’ 78th birthday on the afternoon of Sunday, July 1st . Those attending were Leah Jones, Pat Jones, Missy Jones, Rosa Jones, Mason Jones, Mark Jones, Brittney Jones, Mike and Marlene Jones.

Happy birthday to Emerson Schroer, who turned 13 on July 9th.  

Recipe from Aunt Bea:

“Best Fruit Dessert”

1 small box of vanilla pudding (not instant)

1 small box of tapioca pudding (not instant)

Save juice on following drained fruit:

1 large can of crushed pineapple

1 can mandarin oranges

1/2 jar Maraschino cherries

When ready to serve, add 2 thin sliced bananas.

Add enough water to fruit juice to make 3 cups. Add to pudding.

Cook until thick; cool; add fruit to pudding. Cover, put in refrigerater overnight.

Don’t forget to add the bananas right before you serve.