Patriot News 5-9-13


Billie Green and Dollie Green spent Tuesday, April 23rd, with Hazel Huffner in Rising Sun. They enjoyed lunch at the Hickory House. Galen and Billie Green and Ivan and Dollie Green enjoyed the buffet at Belterra on Wednesday evening, April 24th. Ivan and Dollie Green spent the weekend in Indianapolis at the Azbells. They watched Sam Azbell’s basketball tournament; where his team placed 3rd out of 10 teams. Indiana Hoosier’s Coach Crean was there watching future recruits.

 Carol Ann Armstrong and Earl Evans, from Union, Kentucky, and Robert Earl and Debbie Moore, left April 14th for Florida. They went to Sebring and visited with friends for a few days. After that they headed to Kissimmee where Robert Earl is the coach of the Red’s/Astro’s semi-pro softball league. The softball team placed 7th in a tournament of 38 teams. The team played in the Houston Astro Stadium and the tournament lasted four days. Three players on the team were from Columbus, Indiana. There was a slow pitch softball homerun contest and one player hit a ball over the 410 feet fence. After the softball tournament they headed to Cocoa Beach and Daytona Beach for a few days. They traveled back through Gatlinburg where they stopped for a visit, then back home through Kentucky. They all had a lot of fun and great time. They were gone for two weeks and traveled through many states.

Sharon Levell, who contributes the recipes as Aunt Bea, finally got home from the hospital after a knee replacement on March 25th. A week after the surgery she got an infection which is now better. She got home on May 2nd. Please keep her in your prayers for her continued recovery.