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  Remember the Christmas Programs at Patriot Elementary School? Big crowds, I think everyone in town went!

  My first grade Christmas Program was a memorable one. I cannot remember what they looked like, but we made these funny little hats to wear. My dad had to take my brother Mark out of the gym because he could not stop laughing at how funny I looked in my hat. I think I have had a thing about hats since!

  I was thinking of another Patriot/Posey resident from my childhood, his name was Kelly Ryle. He lived on Meades Ridge and was good friends with my grandfather. He was a small guy in stature, and very rarely ever left his farm. I don’t remember him ever driving or owning a vehicle. Neighbors and his family in Rising Sun would bring him what groceries he needed, He raised a garden and a small tobacco crop. Once a year in July, my grandfather would pick him up and take him to their house to watch the Major League Baseball All Star Game. That was his yearly outing. He told me that when he was a young man, he went to work for the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) during the Depression. He said he lived in a camp near Seymour where they worked planting trees and doing conservation projects.

  When World War II started, he was drafted, and was a paratrooper, and jumped at Normandy during the D-Day invasion of Europe. I figured many years later that he probably suffered from PTSD and that was the reason he lived as somewhat of a hermit. One year I worked for him and another neighbor Arnold Gould, all day putting in hay. At the end of the day, I went to Arnold to see about getting paid. He told me that “Kelly was in charge of making payment,” so I went to Kelly’s door. He came to the door and said he would be right back to pay me. He returned with an ice cold 6-ounce Coca-Cola. I could see he thought the Coke was the grandest payment he could give me! I was somewhat disappointed, but boy did that cold Coke taste good! Kelly died in 1973 and is buried at Eastview Cemetery in Patriot. He was truly a great representative of America’s Greatest Generation!

  The Patriot Community Christmas Dinner was a big hit again this year! Lots of good food and fellowship. Santa and Mrs. Claus were the special guests, and did not disappoint! The children were excited to tell them their Christmas wishes!

  My mother-in-law, Connie Adams’ Celebration of Life was Saturday in LaGrange, Kentucky at the Heady and Radcliffe Funeral Home. A large crowd attended to pay their last respects to Connie. She touched so many lives throughout her life.

  Sympathy to the family of Leah Devers Dunaway who passed away this week. Leah was a 1955 graduate of Patriot High School.

  Aruzhan attended and sang the National Anthem at the Swim Meet on Saturday at the YMCA in Vevay.

  The Switzerland County High School Band and Choral Christmas Concert was held at the Belterra Center Stage last week. There was a huge crowd, and the performance was excellent!

  Remember when we used to eagerly await the Christmas catalogs, to see the new toys and gifts? I remember the JC Penney, Alden’s and Sears and Roebuck catalogs.

  The Patriot Baptist Church’s annual “Jesus Birthday Party” and program was well attended Sunday night. There was special music, Christmas Carols, and food and fellowship following the service. A good time was had by all! Special music was performed by Jaleigh Felts, Whitney Acree and Aruzhan. 

 Barrie’s News bits 

   “Hope …is a thing that perches in your soul, and sings a tune that never stops”. (u)

  So sorry to the Robert (Bobby) Koons family and of course, Mary Florence Patterson, for omitting them from the Koons family news bit piece. How could I forget? Bobby was a super basketball player for the PHS Trojans, and Mary Florence was a great cheerleader, and very cute too! I was a terrific fan of them, and loved cheering for them! Go Trojans!

  I received a lovely greeting card from Gail Bramier Mountz this week. Gail is so pleased with the Patriot Posey News Column. Gail was a classmate, and is a very good friend! She graduated from PHS in 1963.

  Bobbie (Bond) Patrick informed me that her brother, Craigie, was to have open heart surgery on Friday, December 16th. Will keep you informed as I hear more. (Side note from Mike… Craigie came through the surgery fine and hopes to be home soon)!

  I attended Janet Erlene Cook Boggs” Celebration of Life last week. Janet and I spent a lifetime of mutual admiration and friendship over the years. Larry, her husband, and I as well. I always admired the way they raised their sons. They are terrific guys and I think the world of them and their families. I shall never forget Janet saying to me almost daily, that “I really needed to start behaving myself”! “I will need to when I get out of school, and go out into the world”. You were right Janet, as always.

  I want to thank Alice Evans Craig for the lovely dozen roses she took to Janet from our class while she was in the hospital, and to the other members of our class who went to the hospital and attended the visitation and services. Thanks to all of you. Please do not forget to attend the Patriot Alumni this year to further our respect for Janet. We will all miss her.

  Pamela Fisk Hutchinson is doing well, and enjoying her life at the facility where she lives. She enjoys the games, the rehabilitation, and the folks there. Please say hello to her when you can.

  I spoke with Saundra Graves Peters this past week. She is doing much better. I marvel at the way she and her husband Eddie take care of one another. Love you guys! 

 Mike’s Closing 

   That’s all this week. We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! May your days be filled with love, joy, hope and peace!

  Please contact me with holiday news at (812) 290-3088, or; or Barrie at (828) 335-8270 or

  Until next week, in the words of the Glen Campbell song, remember to “show a little kindness, and shine your light for everyone you meet”.