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  This week’s Patriot history highlights the traveling roller skating rink that was in Patriot from about 1964-1967. It was owned by Clarence Leatherbury and family who lived on Main Street in Patriot at the time. The rink was set up behind their house in the lot that is across the street from the Firehouse now. Clarence purchased the skating rink down around Paoli in Orange County. It consisted of a large tent over a hardwood floor that was rectangular in shape 20 feet wide and 40 feet long. Clarence operated it along with his wife Pearl, and children, Doug, Lola, John, Joe, Rodney and Colin.

  The rink had music, and they also sold snack items. Clarence also operated it for a time in Madison and Lawrenceburg. Most nights found it at capacity with children, teenagers and adults enjoying skating, which was very popular in that time period. I remember my grandfather taking me, and I can still remember the song that was playing, “These Boots Were Made for Walkin” by Nancy Sinatra. Good memories of days gone by…. If you would like to see other businesses from the past highlighted, please contact me.

  Halloween will be here before we know it. I remember when I was a kid hearing the adults talking about how much fun they used to have on Halloween, dressing up, playing pranks and other activities.

  Sad to hear of the death of Shannon Gilpin Jones on Monday. Shannon lived on North Branch with her parents Frank and Betty Gilpin and her brother and sisters when she was a kid. We all rode Sam Reese’s school bus together. Prayers for all of her family.

  The Patriot Baptist Church has two special services coming up. On October 23rd their annual Homecoming Service will be held at 11 a.m., with a luncheon following at the Patriot Town Hall. The community is invited to attend. On November 13th the annual Veteran and Patriot Service will be held at 11 a.m. Jack Wickes, Indianapolis attorney and Vietnam Veteran will be the guest speaker. Tyler Mullins, bluegrass musician from Gallatin County Kentucky will provide special music. Lunch will follow the service at the Patriot Town Hall.

  Rosa Jones and the Switzerland County High School Marching Band performed in marching competitions at Simon Kenton High School in Independence, Kentucky on Saturday. Patrick Jones pulled the band trailer to Simon Kenton. The band placed 4th out of 9 schools, earning their highest score ever! The Percussion placed in second place!

  I was thinking the other day of how much we looked forward to the huckster coming by on Meades Ridge when I was a young boy. For those who are asking, “what was a huckster”? It was an old school bus that came into the countryside as a “traveling store”, with canned goods, staple products like corn meal, flour, coffee and sugar, eggs, milk, small tools, candy and soft drinks. It would come once a week and we would sit out in my grandparents’ front yard in the summers waiting for the sound of the huckster!

  Ginny Romans Kelly was the driver of the huckster, and we always enjoyed visiting with her. That was back in the days when people didn’t go to the store as often as today’s times. My mother remembered when they would meet the huckster to “trade” farm items for groceries. My Grandmother, Thelma Cook always referred to going to the store to buy groceries as “going to do the trading”.

  The Aurora Farmers Fair was held this week. Going to the Farmer’s Fair was always one of the highlights of Autumn. We always enjoyed the Parade, especially seeing Peggy, the Flying Horse, popping wheelies. Peggy the Flying Horse was built by the Taylor Brothers who were based in Guilford, and was a parade attraction all over the tri-state, and the country. You can still see Peggy the Flying Horse now on display in a glass case in Lawrenceburg by the American Legion on Second Street. Great memories for sure!

  It was great to visit with Donald and Lulu Belle Thomas and Jack and Joan Armstrong last week!

  Jill Hutcherson returned after a nice “surprise” visit with her sister Judy Miovich from South Bend, in Frisco, Texas. Judy was going to Texas to babysit her grandchildren and Kim and Judy’s son decided it would be a great idea to fly Jill down to surprise her sister! A surprise it was! They had a great time taking the grandkids to sports practices and also some good food. While there she also visited with David Hart, a hunting friend of Bruce’s.

  The Switzerland County Girls’ Varsity Cross Country Team placed second in the ORVC meet held at Hanover College on Saturday. Amber Detmer placed 13th and Aruzhan placed 24th.

  Congratulations to the Switzerland County Middle School Football team for their last second win against Trimble County! Patriot/Posey players include: Jachoby McKay, Leo Oatman, Zander Clifton, Chance Harris, Corbin Craig and Levi Day. If I left out anyone, please let me know, and I will add next week!

  Another upcoming event at Patriot Baptist Church includes a Gideon speaker on October 16th. The community is invited to the service, which starts at 11 a.m.

Notes from Barrie

  Hello to all of you terrific citizens of the Town of Patriot and Posey Township!

  Delberta Scudder (PHS Class of 1965) has returned from the hospital and is staying with her daughter Amy as she is recovering from recent ailments. Best wishes to you Delberta!

  Saundra Kay Graves Peters (PHS Class of 1961) is in the Waters Care Center in Rising Sun. I will share updates when I speak to her “young’uns)

  I spoke with Reta Minks Sprecher (PHS Class of 1963), she informed me that they are doing well after dealing with Hurricane Ian in Florida. Her mother, Pearl Rider Minks and her friend Helga are spending this rough period at Reta’s. Best wishes to all!

  Marilyn Kinman Devers (PHS Class of 1963) is looking forward to her granddaughter Alex’s wedding on October 15th in Vevay. See you there folks!

  I (Barrie) will be back home on the weekend of the 15th and am anxious to speak with everyone about the Patriot Column that Mike and I are doing. Constructive criticism and all ideas welcome! Feel free to reach out to me at (818) 335-8270!

  You can reach me with news items (Mike) at (812) 290-3088 or

  Until next week, remember to “try a little kindness and shine your light for everyone to see”!