Patriot News


  Sitting on my porch listening to the live music coming from the four way stop in town, I have to say this is what small town America is all about.

  The annual Patriot 4th of July celebration was a huge success. I have to admit when the thunderstorm came raging through at 6:30 Saturday morning I was a little concerned if we would be able to pull it off. Then as I was walking down the main road seeing everything being set up, I knew for sure it was going to be a glorious day — and we did have a perfect day for the Patriot 4h of July celebration.

  A perfect day, I wonder how many people in town prayed for that, I know I was one. The line up at the boat ramp was orderly and done very well. We should all take time to thank the Patriot/Posey Fire Department for its outstanding work in getting everyone settled into their place in line, which was not an easy task as we had a wonderful turnout of all types of vehicles.

  The parade started out of the boat ramp with this year’s Grand Marshal’s Connie and David Fisk along with family member Barrie Watters. As the procession of cars, trucks, off road vehicles and people walking for their various organizations came through town it was nice to see all the people out and about waving not only their hands, but also the American Flag. Each car was greeted by Joey Rider giving a little detail about each person or group. The procession then looped around town and it was time to  head to the Memorial Park.

  We gathered together at the Memorial Park for the unveiling of the fallen soldiers memorial, and after a few words from Mike Jones, family members of some of the lost gave testimonies. These were heartfelt and heartwarming. It helped to remind all of us  as to why we celebrate on this grand holiday.

  Then Mike spoke a few more words and members of the VFW lifted the tarp on the monument and it was beautiful.

  If you happen to see Mike in town, stop and tell him thank you for all the work he put into this, all to be done by the 4th of July celebration. Once dismissed people headed for the food truck and there was plenty to choose from. As in years past the town became less busy, a few stranglers here and there.

  People started to gather again, first at the four way stop to listen to some live music which I went to for a bit and then I saw people heading towards the boat ramp to get ready for the fireworks. At 10 p.m. the sky was lit up with all the colors imaginable, not only from the boat ramp but from all over town. It was definitely a beautiful night for fireworks.

  A large group also participated in the side by side benefit ride, and a photo of the group is included here. Winners of the prizes for the side by side included: Brandon Aufdenkampe, who won the Bourbon Basket provided by Patriot Package Store;  Bev Thomas won the meat package donated by Roeschlein Meat Packaging; and Dean Thomas won the pizza package donated by the Patriot General Store.

  As this week has come to an end, let us all give thanks that we live in a land where we are blessed to celebrate our freedoms, along with giving thanks to all that made this celebration a great day. I would like to say thank you to Vevay Media Group for the opportunity to represent the newspaper in celebrating America’s birthday, along with my parents Terry and Brenda Hopperton for bringing their corvette for me to ride in for the parade.

  We sure know how to throw a birthday party here  in Patriot,  parades, food, side by side rides through the country, live music and fireworks. It cannot get any better in small town America.

  Happy Birthday America,  Love Patriot.