Patriot News


  As this week has come to a close, we look on our televisions, at social media, and the Internet to see a land divided. It’s something that in years past has become a new normal.

  Then we turn off our televisions, and computers and wander outside to see the beauty that is Patriot. The joys of living in a small town in Southeast Indiana is that even though we have our differences we can all come together as a community to stand by one another in times of joy and sorrow. Walking down the street and having someone yell, ‘How are you?’ Checking on our neighbors to make sure the heat hasn’t gotten to them; or when the power flickers showing compassion to those who might be frightened.

  As a community we stand together without judgment of our views — no matter what they are. It’s a nice feeling to know you’re safe to be who you are without the feeling of fear. Community support is a wonderful thing, and here is Patriot we know how to help and support  our neighbors.

  Neighbors helping neighbors — it’s a grand idea, and we definitely have it down here in town. As the 4th of July celebration is just a few days away, if you see someone in town having trouble getting ready, offer to lend a hand.  We all have moments when we need some help. If a yard needs a mowed — offer to help. If you notice someone putting up decorations — ask if they need assistance with the hard parts.

  As people start arriving on Saturday, Main Street will become very busy and congested; so if you are able to walk, please do so. Try not to bring extra cars onto the main road because we need space for all those coming in from  out of town.  I know we will be putting one of our cars in our back yard to give extra space. If you have to be out in a car on the 2nd of July please watch out for all the people on golf carts, ATV’s and such.

  The town board has worked hard to give us the normalcy we all crave and have become accustomed to for the 4th of July. If you see Elizabeth, Tony, Theresa, Linda, and the water company employees out and about it won’t take a minute to say thank you for all their hard work. Their jobs come with a lot of hard parts, but making the Patriot 4th of July celebration a family friendly event is one of the highlights of the year and we should  recognize their hard work.

  Hard work is something that will definitely be happening at the boat ramp on July 2nd. The parade line up and firework crews will be working diligently to give us all the wonderful experience we know and love. Please follow the rules and don’t park at the boat ramp from Midnight on July 2nd to Midnight on July 3rd. We ask this not only for the safety of the workers but for the safety of the people of Patriot.

  Mike Jones has been working hard since last 4th of July to give recognition to all the soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice for not only their nation, but for their families, friends and the town they called home. The unveiling of the fallen soldiers memorial will take place after the parade, and it is a grand monument for sure.

  It’s almost here, the party of the year. Make sure to stop by to get a town tee shirt that will be for sale; visit one or more of the food trucks,; any booths that might be set up; and visit one or both stores in town.

  Come back for the live music in the evening, all in preparation for the fireworks show to celebrate our independence in the only incorporated town in the United States named Patriot.

  Have a great week everyone and remember to turn off the TV and enjoy the beauty that is Patriot. Happy 4th of July everyone! Stay safe!