Patriot News 2-28-13


Dollie Green went to Indianapolis on Friday, February 15th, to stay with her grandchildren and Dungy dog at the Azbells while Fred and Charla Azbell enjoyed a seven day Caribbean cruise to the U.S. Virgin Islands. They went with a group of friends the Clarks and the Bauns. Dollie got to attend Alli and Sam Azbell’s basketball games. Sam had a tournament on Saturday and won all three games and will have the championship game next Friday, March 1st. Dollie returned home on Sunday, February 24th. On Sunday evening Levi, Kaylee, and Elijah Green of Madison stopped by the Greens for a visit.

Prayers and sympathy for the Dickerson family for the passing of Judy Dickerson on Saturday, February 23rd. Judy and her husband, Bill, were lifelong Patriot residents and Judy will be sadly missed.

The Posey Pioneers had its first 4-H meeting on Saturday the 23rd. 4-H enrollment is due by April 1st and it’s a great organization for children to be involved in.

 Recipe from Aunt Bea:

 Barbecue Glazed Meatballs

1 1/2 cups of grape jelly

1 cup barbecue sauce

1 bag (14 oz.) Armour original meatballs

Combine jelly and barbecue sauce in a large saucepan

Cook until jelly melts

Add meatballs

Heat over medium/low heat for 15 minutes

Or until meatballs are hot and glazed

Stir occasionally

Serve in slow cooker set on low.